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To be Free


(A Little Nightmares 2 Mono x reader story) "I didn't think I would be saved, I thought I would be kept like a pet until I died. Guess you proved me wrong" You, the reader, was born with the features of a wolf but had the appearance of a human. Well, mostly human aside from the Wolf ears, tail, sharp teeth and nails as well as an acute sense of smell and incredible hearing. Plus you could also see in the dark, that's neat too. But who knew that being born a half wolf human person would lead to so many strange situations?

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

The cool gust of air caused the trees to dance along with the wind as a small female hurriedly makes her way through a dark and dingy forest. Small and soft footsteps could be heard tapping along the firm muddy ground as the female picks up the pace of her jogging, trying her best to lose the persistent enemy that chased her. She just had to get spotted didn't she? Now she's stuck running away from a large strange person with a sack over it's head holding a freaking shotgun.

Soft pants left her lips as she kept her quick pace, her stamina slowly depleting. She could feel her heart thumping wildly in her chest as she came across a small clearing. The girl frantically looked left and right for a hiding spot and was lucky enough to fine one, a hollowed out log camouflaged by a few bushes. Quickly, the girl scrambled inside the log, her ears twitching and straining for any sounds that could tell her how close her chaser was.

She didn't hear anything at first, which allowed her to catch her breath and calm down a little bit. But her sense of peace didn't last long, before she knew it, the heavy clunky footsteps of her chaser soon made its way into the same clearing she was in. She could hear it's wheezy breathing as the enemy continued to scout the area with its lantern styled flashlight. For comfort, the terrified female reached and took ahold of her soft and fluffy tail, the fur sticking to her clammy, sweaty hands.

She tried to steady her breathing so that she couldn't be heard, but it was quite hard when the poor girl was practical hyperventilating due to the intense stress she was feeling. After what felt like hours of waiting, the creature continued on walking and away from her hiding spot too. But she knew that the creature won't stop searching until it found her, so she knew she couldn't stay in the log forever.

After making sure that the creature was gone for good, the half human girl crawled out from inside the log and started carefully sneaking around a different direction her chaser went in. Of course she didn't go back the way she came, that would be pointless, plus she was already extremely lost to begin with so going back wouldn't help. She was in a completely new area after all, full of new smells she wasn't used to and far from anything recognizable. A sigh left the girl, she supposed that her sense of smell wouldn't be much help to find her way back, mostly because she recently got a cold and couldn't smell as well as she usually could.

Her sense of direction wasn't the greatest unfortunately, nothing too crazy bad but it wasn't good either. Nevertheless, she continued to push forward, the girl had bigger problems at the moment anyways. Just as she was feeling safe, safe enough to get lost in thought, the shotgun psycho made its reappearance. The small female barely was able to hide behind a large stump just as the light of a flashlight pointed in her general direction.

A few more wheezes and grunts came from the creature as the Hunter slowly approached the area where the girl was hiding. Her breath got caught in her throat when the larger being came in her view, it's back turned towards her. The girl tried to quietly sneak away, but oh so conveniently she ended up stepping on a stick that made an particularly loud snapping sound. And suddenly, the flashlight was pointed at her and the airy gasp of the large being was made as it was quickly alerted to her presence.

A soft curse left the girl's lips as she started to sprint away, the creature attempting to shoot at her only for their attacks to hit conveniently placed obstacles that saved her. The girl booked it as fast as she could go, but surprise, she also, not-so-conveniently tripped over a large rock that jutted out of the ground and was kept firmly in place even after her small form tripped over it. She fell to the ground with a soft 'oomph', quickly using her hands to somewhat break her fall.

Her head quickly snapped back to look at her chaser only to find that it already caught up to her. And before she knew it, everything went black and the girl was no longer conscious.

Small A/N: hello! This is my first story here and for anyone that's reading this, thank you for reading first of all, and I feel the need to say that yes, the reader is part wolf. Why do I like half animal people? I've got no idea, I just thought I had a cool idea to do with this... this. I had a cool idea to do with the "part wolf" part. Oh and the character at the top, it's an oc that I'm basing the reader off. Of course you will look however you want. But I at least wanted the outfit to stay.
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