To be Free

Chapter 2

Your POV

Waking up in a actual cage set up in a practically empty, dusty room wasn't the best thing to wake up to. Of course it could be a lot worse but in a cage? Really? Though the fact that I'm alive at all is the real shocker here. I would have thought for sure mr gun crazy would have killed me instantly, guess I was wrong there.

I groaned lowly as I began to feel a dull throbbing ache at the side of my head. Carefully lifting a hand, my fingers gently touched a painful bump at the side of my head. Guess I was struck pretty hard to get knocked out. Letting my hand drop back down to my side, I properly looked around the room. All that was in here was an old window, dusty looking table, an old rug in the middle of the room and what seems to be a music box stashed away in the corner of the room. The door was just a doorway and had no actual door.

So... Hunter Dude just shoved me into a cage so I wouldn't wander around or try to escape? 'Great. Just great' I thought sarcastically. I also quickly noticed that there was a hefty lock on the gate of my cage and there wasn't a key around in sight. "And now any hope of escaping is even more lost to me" I grumbled softly. Ugh, my voice sounds so raspy and my throat tingled and felt scratchy from just speaking. Must have been in here, passed out, longer than I initially thought.

My whole body tensed up at the sound of heavy footsteps coming from some sort of stairs. Was it... down? Or up? I could either been in a basement or attic. Taking another look around the room, and being able to see a little bit outside of the room I'm currently in, the ceiling and such were pretty straight and flat, so... I'm guessing basement. In an attic, you'd probably see a slanted ceiling somewhere where the roof would be.

The stranger hunter guy re-made it's appearance to me once again. It's wheezy, raspy breathing making me up comfortable. Looking down at what it held in its hand, it looked like it was holding a chunk of raw meat of sorts. Probably coming from an animal he most likely have killed itself. Hm, now looking at them more, they look more masculine than I thought. Guess I'll be calling them a he/him now, just to make it easier on me. Of course if he could speak he could tell me what he preferred to be called by himself.

The large male almost hobbled closer, pulling a key from his pocket, a key to my cage it seems. Stepping closer to unlock the gate, the male opened the gate to my cage to plop the chunk of raw meat in front of me before closing the gate and locking it once again. Was he... feeding me? Am I a pet to him or something? I confusingly questioned to myself. The Hunter proceeded to stand and stare at me, what felt like his unwavering gaze sent shivers down my spine.

I think he wants to make sure I actually eat what he brought for me. 'I guess I shouldn't make him mad' I thought before hesitantly reaching out and picking up the slightly warm peace of meat and took a small nibble from it. Seemingly pleased to see that I was eating, the Hunter turned around and left the room, seeing that he no longer needed to be there to make sure I ate. I paused my chewing as I listened to make sure the creature was officially gone before resuming my chewing.

Despite the meat being raw, it seems it was more or less fresh and it didn't taste too bad. Then again, it may be the wolf side of me that is allowing me to be able to eat raw meat. I continued to eat, seeing that I was a lot more hungry than I expected. Who knows when I'm going to be fed again right? After eating, I wiped my slightly bloody hands on my thankfully black sweater, cloak thing that I wore. It kind of looks like a poncho but it's got like a sweater-jacket fabric to it so it technically wasn't a poncho. Plus it's a lot warmer then a poncho.

Anyways, I happened to look down and saw a small bowl of what looked to be water in it. Well, I hoped it was water. Taking a hesitant sniff, which was kind of dumb considering my smelling still was funked up, I didn't get any weird scents coming from it. So taking a metaphorical leap of faith, I took a small sip from the clear liquid. Yep, water. I took a few more sips but didn't go crazy, kind of wish to try and preserve it as much as possible.

A sigh left my lips as the feeling of boredom quickly took over me, there was nothing in this cage that would keep me occupied. I guess all I can do for now is just sleep. Which is a weird thing to do since I only recently woke up from an unwanted sleep earlier but what else could I do? Talk to myself? Yeah no I'm not ready to go that crazy yet.

I scooted back further into the cage to curl up in a ball on my side, using my arm as a makeshift pillow and my cloak thing as a blanket. Because it certainly kept me warm like a blanket, making sure to tuck my legs close to my body to help preserve my body heat as well. It took a while, but I soon was able to fall asleep. Not a comfortable one, but sleep nonetheless.
In a Dream

Sounds of a squeaky music box crank being moved and a soft and gentle melody rings out in a small, stuffy room. A blurry silhouette of a small feminine form sat in the dusty room. It was quiet in the room other than the melody coming from the music box. It was all most peaceful like this, the sound of the music box was really calming. And then suddenly, the boarded up door was destroyed and then a clear image of a boy wearing a paper bag over his head steps into the room. He stares directly at me, almost as if he could see right through me, it's surprisingly not all that unnerving.

And then everything went white.

I quickly shoot up from my laying position from in the cage. A soft gasp left my mouth in the process of waking up. 'What kind of dream was that?' I think in confusion. 'And who was that boy?' I felt even more confused. I never experienced a dream like that before, it felt so... real. A lucid dream perhaps? No, I don't think so; I wasn't aware that I was dreaming, at least, not from what I remember. And that boy, despite how he entered the room that looked a lot like the room I'm in now, he didn't seem like he wanted to me bring me harm but wanted to help me.

Oh and there was another person here too, sitting in the centre of the room playing the music box that's currently still in the corner closest to the door. They looked feminine, but I couldn't tell since they were so blurry in my dream. Are they a friend? Are any of the two people in that dream a friend? I didn't know, and I wasn't sure I wanted to know. But I do admit that I was a bit curious, though I also remember being told that curiosity killed the cat. I suppose I would know soon enough.
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