To be Free

Chapter 3

Your POV

Ah another day of being locked up inside of a cold cage and waking up to the same old dusty room. Nothing really happens so I've often just been bored. Though recently, that Hunter guy gave me some sort of toy to keep me occupied so there's that going for my mental health. Though the stuffed doll kind of made me uncomfortable, the small, person shaped toy looking awfully life like.

I wouldn't be surprised if the toy was a taxidermy project the Hunter made. A small shudder ran up and down my spine at the thought. "I'm just gonna..." I murmur softly while stuffing the doll in a corner of the cage where it would be the farthest from me. "Yeah I would rather not have that directly next to me" I sigh out. Recently I also managed to get my hand on a piece of chalk and I tend to use it to mark the days I've been here. Of course I already added a couple of ticks to add the couple of days I've already been here since I woke up.

Something that never leaves my mind is that one dream with the boy in a paper bag hat in it. It's lately been a reoccurring dream, and because it's been so reoccurring, I've started to believe that this dream is telling me that this strange boy, and that mysterious feminine person are real and I might actually meet them one day. However long that would be. I can only hope if those people are real, then they would be the ones to help me out of here.

Since I was so lost in thought, I didn't notice when the Hunter made his way into the room again. The sound of the cage unlocking made me jump and look up at him out of surprise. He was bringing me another "meal" again. This time was a bit different though, because normally he would give me the food and then just lock up the gate again. Of course staying to make sure I ate before leaving. What was different this time, the Hunter reached out a hand to place a small surprisingly gentle pat on the top of my head before closing and locking the cage again.

I could only look at him in confusion while I took a bite out of the food. The large male didn't stay long to watch me eat before he almost waddled away and back up the stairs. "Huh, that was weird" I muttered out, not expecting the sudden head pat. 'I really hope that this guy isn't trying to get me to trust him and then only to eventually shoot me later' I think bitterly. I did NOT want to stay long enough for that to happen.

Even though I was slowly getting used to the Hunter's presence, which was a scary thought, I constantly had this fear in the back of my mind. Telling me "he'll shoot you when you least expect it", which will always make me wary of the one that captured me. I decided that I will escape when I get a good opportunity to. 'Like when that paper bag hat boy arrives' a sudden thought pops into my head. I was surprised that I even thought that, I don't even know for sure that he's actually real.

I let out a soft sigh, shaking my head slightly. 'I think I'm already going delirious here' I thought to myself. "I can't believe it either, it has not even been a week and I'm already going crazy. And now I'm talking to myself again" I speak out to no one, disappointed in the fact I've spoken out loud to myself more than once already. I sit crossed legged in the cage, my elbow rests against my knee and my cheek rests on the palm of my hand.

I tried to think of something to do to keep my brain occupied when an idea came to me. My nails! My nails are long and sharp, perhaps I could use them to pick lock the lock on my cage. The bars are big enough to allow at least my hands and arms through. I have no idea how I didn't think of it, probably because I felt so mentally drained since I've been shoved in this metal contraption.

Carefully sliding my arm through the bars of the cage's gate, I feel my way up to the lock and it's key hole before gently attempting to push my nail into the lock. Luckily, my nail was able to fit in with out any problems. I tried to carefully press and twist around my nail like a criminal would do with a lock pick in movies. Unfortunately, my nails were either a tiny bit to large or not strong enough to open the lock.

I sigh in disappointment as I managed to gently pull my nail out from the lock and slide my arm back into the cage. "Well, there goes my brilliant plan. Guess movies are far more unrealistic than I initially thought. I frown as boredom once again sinks in, my eyes scanning around hoping to find something to entertain me for a little bit. Eventually, I looked at my piece of chalk. I suppose I could draw, at least that's something. I pick up the chalk and begin drawing small doodles on the inside floor of the cage, doodling random things like animals and nature. Eventually the doodles turned into small drawings of the boy wearing a paper bag, carrying the hatchet he used to bust in the room that I was inside of in my dreams.

I don't know why i subconsciously began to draw him, I've never met him before. I guess I'm drawn to him, like how I was in my dream. I really do hope he's real, and that he really does come here to free me from this pet prison. I stare at the simple drawing of the boy, the more I stared, the more I wish I could see him. I suppose the only way to do so for now, is to take a nap in hopes that dream plays out again. I want to feel that safe feeling I got in my dream when I saw that boy, it feels like it's been a while since I've ever truly felt safe.

A/N: Okay, I'm planning on having six arrive in the story in the next chapter. I just wanted to have like a few chapters where the reader is by herself for a while. But yeah I think it needs to move on to the good stuff now XD
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