To be Free

Chapter 4

Your POV

After a whole month and a half has passed, I was also losing hope on that dream I kept having. There's no way in hell that those people existed, and if they did, they probably far away from this place; unknowingly leaving me to rot in here. I could only sigh bitterly at the thought, though in a way, it's not their fault that I'm here. They probably don't even know of my existence, so how could they possibly come here and find me.

With that thought, it only makes me wish that I was more careful and then I wouldn't have gotten caught in the first place. A few particularly loud thumps upstairs tells me the Hunter has returned from where ever he goes through out the day, probably out in the forest hunting whatever he can find. Though surprisingly, the Hunter doesn't immediately go onto his little "work shop" area like he usually does after going out.

Instead, I could hear his footsteps coming down the stairs and soon, he was in the room with me. In his hands, was held a small female. She appeared to be knocked out considering she hang limp in the Hunter's large hands. He set the female down on the dusty old rug before proceeding to make a barely workable door. It turns out, there was a door near by, it just had a massive hole in it. So I guess to keep the now both of us in here, the Hunter patched up the hole in the door and placed it back where it should be.

Once the poorly fixed door was in place, the Hunter made sure to lock the door, somehow, before leaving me with the new person. Now that I look at her, she looks a lot like the feminine person in my dream, though in the dream she was awake and playing that music box. I waited patiently in my cage, waiting for the other female to wake up, hopefully she wouldn't freak out too much. I'd rather not draw the Hunter's attention back here again.

Soon enough, the girl woke up. She looked around the room, confused until her gaze met mine through the bars of my cage. She tilted her head in even more confusion. I just lift my hand and gave a small wave. The unknown girl cautiously waved back. "Uh... hi? I'm (y/n)" i introduced awkwardly. Wow it has been a long time since I've had to introduce myself to anyone. "Hello... I'm Six" the girl, now known to me as Six replies. She's a cautious one, but I suppose that's a good thing in this world.

"Um... why are you in a cage?" She asked me, her hands moved to play with the sleeves of her shirt. "I think... I'm like a pet to that Hunter guy, you know, the one that captured us" I explained awkwardly. 'Yeah my people skills are pretty much gone' I think to myself. "Ah I see..." Six trails off, I guess she didn't know how to keep the conversation going. I mean I don't know how either but I'm just observing here.

"So... how long have you been here?" She asks, I guess to keep from things being too quiet. "Hmm from my calculations... about a month and a half" I answer while glancing at my small tally marks by the cage. "A month and a half?!" She exclaimed in shock. I nod in response. "Yeah, unfortunately" I confirm softly. "Then... how long will I be here for?" She asks me again. I shrug. "I'm not sure. Hopefully we wouldn't be here for much longer. I just... have to get out of this cage long enough to figure a way out of here" I murmur.

Six nods her head, letting the information sink in. "I see.." she mutters. A thought came to me, if Six is real, then... that means that paper bag boy must be real too! He could arrive soon and save us both! Hurray, my hope has been restored! More or less. "Hey, six, if you're bored. You could play that music box in the corner over there. At least it's something to do" I suggest to her. Six, in return, looks to where I pointed before giving a small nod. She walked over to the music box with the strange eye drawn on it, grabbed it and dragged it back to the middle of the room.

The small girl took a hold of the handle of the box's crank and spun it slowly around. A soft, calming tune soon rings out from the music box. The melody rather soothing and familiar. Ah right, that song was playing in my dream too. I guess now all we can do is wait.
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