To be Free

Chapter 5

Your POV

It's been a few weeks since Six was brought here, which puts me at a full 2 months since I woke up in this cage. The two of us by now, have created a mutual bond of respect, neither one of us has complete trust in the other quite yet but what we have is pretty good considering the situation we're both in. As usual, the Hunter would come down into the basement, give a piece of food to Six and then me, gives me a pat on the head before leaving us alone.

I find it kind of embarrassing that Six ended up seeing the Hunter patting me on the head like you would do to a dog, and Six herself thought it was amusing, but considering how the Hunter sees me as a pet anyways, I suppose it's normal that I would be patted on the head much like a pet. Still, I never expected anyone else would be able to see such actions but here we are.

"When you said to me that you were like a pet, you really weren't kidding huh?" Six grins as she continued to tease me, which only makes my face flush further into a dark red colour. "W-well I wasn't lying" I huffed in embarrassment, completely flustered. "Yeah I now know you were lying" Six laughs out. Despite the embarrassment, it was nice to hear Six laugh, she's normally silent though I suppose she wasn't much of a talker to begin with. I'm guessing it's because she was most likely alone before this, much like I was. A lone wolf. Erm, no pun intended.

Currently, Six was once again playing the music box, not that I mind, it's been the only thing keeping us both at peace. Other than the sound of the gentle song, I couldn't hear any movements from upstairs by the Hunter so I'm guessing he was in that area he goes to that's not really attached to the main part of the house. His shed? Yeah I think it's a shed, it's on the other side of the out house. Yes I know where that is and I've been there, it's the only place the Hunter lets me use the bathroom. Still, I'm surprised he doesn't make me go in the grass or something, but I'm not complaining or anything.

Anyways, I've never seen anything past the shed area, all I knew was that it was unknown territory for me. Perhaps one day soon, I'll get to see what's over there, and maybe Six will be with me for company. It sounds like a rather nice time, better than being stuck in here. I gently shook my head to get rid of the thought, I better not get my hopes up too much right now, it'd only make me feel worse if something goes wrong.

I look down at the piece of chalk I had and proceeded to draw a little again, just to keep me busy as I listened to the soothing sounds of the music box that Six played. Honestly, despite how often Six plays the music box, I don't think I'll ever get sick of the melody that rings out through the room. It really puts me in a safe little place for a while, and I'm positive that she feels the same way, considering how fond of the little contraption she is.

A small, inaudible sigh left my lips, a content sigh. Because even in a world full of horrors, you can still find places where you'll feel at ease, and you can certainly make good memories if you find good friends to share with, well in my case, just one friend. If she even consider us friends, I'd like to think we are though. It just makes me feel less alone in this cage if I have a friend in the same room.

I pause my drawings to lean back against the cage and allow my eyes to close. Just listening to the music that play is enough to soothe me into a light sleep. Not enough to be fully unconscious but enough to completely relaxed and ready to fall into a deeper sleep. Hm, I think... I'll just rest my eyes a bit, they're starting to feel heavy now.

I suddenly woke up with a jolt, being startled awake by a loud sound of something metal hitting wood. The music from the music box no longer playing, it now lays on its side a bit of ways from the centre of the room. Another banging sound rings from the direction of the door, was something breaking down the door? I look over at Six to find her under the table, trying to hide from whoever of whatever it is outside of the room.

One final bang, and a loud cracking sound came; The sounds of broken wood falling against the wooden floor rings out, and then silence. I refused to look up at who or what was probably now in the room with us as I heard soft and light footsteps walk further into the room. The steps pause, and I feel a gaze on me. I flinch lightly from feeling such an intense gaze before hesitantly looking up to see a boy. The very same boy from in my dreams, the boy wearing a paper bag over his head.

I couldn't believe that he was actually here, or maybe I was still sleeping? I didn't know what to believe at the moment. Then a whisper comes from the boy, a soft "hey! Psst" comes from under the paper bag. I look over at Six as she cautiously crawls closer to the boy, said boy held out his hand towards her. My friend? Slowly reaches out her hand, looking as if she was going to place hers in his, before she suddenly got up, pushed passed him, and ran out the door.

I could feel my heart drop slightly at that, were we really not as close as we thought? I guess the whole idea of being friends with Six was one sided on my part, I could only look down at my feet in disappointment at the realization. A male voice gently spoke up from in front of me. "Hey, are you okay?" I look up slightly to see the male from earlier crouching in front of the cage I sat in.

I nod slowly, not really having any confidence in my voice to speak clearly. And despite not being able to see the expression on his face, I could just feel that he was frowning. "Are... you sure? You... you're crying" he murmurs softly, like he was unsure how to approach me. I carefully brought a hand up to touch my face, and sure enough, my cheeks were wet from my tears I didn't know was falling. I quickly wiped my face and eyes before clearing my throat. "I'm fine I guess" I mutter out a response, still feeling a bit bitter.

A soft hum came from the boy. "I see... um.. is there a key around? I wish to get you out of that cage. It uh, doesn't look all that comfy" he asks me. I shrug lazily, not sure what to tell him, other than a soft "I don't know. I never see it get placed anywhere". The male nods before standing up. "Well, I'm going to go look for it, just wait a little longer, I'll be back okay?" He questioned, sounding completely genuine in his words. I could only nod in a response, a silent "okay". He nods in response before turning and quickly leaving the room, his long jacket flowing slightly behind him.

I waited in silence as I listened to the sound of a pair of light footsteps walking around upstairs and soon outside the room. A distant cling of metal could be heard dropping onto the floor. The male soon returned, but with Six following in after him. "Um, sorry for leaving like that. I was rushing to see if I could find a key to that cage you're in. But uh... I needed his help to get it" Six awkwardly apologizes to me, though awkwardness aside, I was glad she came back for me.

"Hey, apology accepted, though I admit I was upset because I thought you were gonna leave without me" I reply while bashfully rubbing at the back of my head with a shy smile on my lips. Six smiles socket in return. "Nah I couldn't do that to you, considering the fact that you were good company to have" she hums back. After the small conversation, now happy that Six mentioned that she enjoyed my company, I turn to the male as he used the key to unlock my cage and opened the gate. He steps back to allow me to crawl out of my metal prison, which I do so eagerly.

My saviour held his hand out to me, as I was still on the floor. I gently reached up and took a hold of his hand, him helping me up. After I stood up with the male's help, I grin at him. "Thanks for getting me out of that thing" I thank him gratefully, then looking over at Six. "and thank you for not leaving. I was really hoping we could leave this dump together"
I say to her. Six scratches at the back of her head shyly, not used to being thanked I suppose. "You're welcome. Um, I wanted us to leave together too" she murmurs softly, though I still heard what she said.

"I suppose we should at least introduce ourselves, I mean, you did just free us both from this crusty dusty room" I speak up with a light chuckle. My soft laugh seemingly contagious enough to make the male laugh softly too. "I'm (y/n)" I greet properly. Six spoke next. "... I'm Six" she mutters, mostly likely she doesn't trust the boy yet, which is understandable considering he technically is a stranger. I could practically hear the grin on the paper bag wearing boy as he spoke after us.

"It's nice to meet you both. My name's Mono"
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