To be Free

Chapter 6

Your POV

After introducing ourselves, Mono lead Six and I up the stairs and out of the basement. We ran down a hallway and turned a corner to go passed a door to enter the dining room. The smell of old and rotting food enters my nose, causing me to scrunch my nose up at the nasty stench. I tend to forget how... gross the Hunter left his place. I don't think cleaning was ever on his 'to-do list'. The three of us climbed up some cabinets and shelves; I try not look at the taxidermy people sitting at the table in the process, to get into a small vent where we dropped into the next room.

The door in front of us had a lock and the only place from here where we could look for the key was up in the attic. Though there was only one way to get the ladder to drop that leads up to the attic. We'd have to pull that lever, and I'm pretty sure none of us can pull it down enough to fully drop the ladder on our own. Looks like teamwork is the only way to continue on from here. I decided to call out to my companions. "Hey! I might be able to boost one of you up to that lever, anyone want to do it?" I asked.

Mono immediately took the offer. "I'll do it, if it's not enough, one of you guys could grab onto me to weigh it down further" Mono volunteers, adding in the last bit. Six and I nod in agreement before I move to cup my hands underneath the lever, waiting for Mono to use my hands as a boost. The male steps over and placed his hands on my shoulder to keep himself steady while stepping on my hands, i quickly lifted him up as he jumps off my hands which game him enough boost to grab a hold of the lever. Though as he suspected, his weight wasn't enough alone, so I jump up and grab his ankles, our weight combined being enough to completely pull the lever down and dropping the ladder.

The two of us drop down and the three of us proceeded to climb up the ladder into the dusty attic. Once in the attic, I could see boxes of what looks to be masks shoved into a corner, but that was the only thing worth mentioning, everything else was rather mundane. The three of us walked further into the attic, quickly noticing an old suitcase that we'd need to use to get over that dresser. Mono and Six went ahead and pushed the suitcase over to the dresser together before climbing over it and the dresser, and into the next part of the attic. I quickly follow after them, jumping from the dresser down text to the two.

What we noticed then was the key we needed hanging high up on a hook. The best way to get it would be to have one person lift that oddly suspicious bag using a crank and another person would climb onto the bag and use it to get the key. Of course not everything was all that easy since the crank we needed wasn't near by. "Hmm I guess we keep heading forward, perhaps the crank is over there" Mono hummed out. "I can go, I can see well in the dark so I think it'd be for the best" I say, raising a hand to volunteer to go.

Both my friends nodded to my words, agreeing that I should go. Mono walk over to another dresser and cupped his hands. "Here, I'll give you a boost" he whisper calls over at me. I nod, before using Mono's hands as a step and jump up onto the dresser with his help. I give him a thumbs up before using the ramp of a wood plank to get down smoothly. After crouching under a low shelf, i enter a dimly lit room that held a taxidermy doll of an older lady sitting in a chair. The doll itself creeped me out, but what made me feel worse was that the doll held the crank I needed.

I slowly reach out and grabbed a hold of the item, and tugged harshly, though the doll had a tight grip. I had to pull harder, but that ended up pulling the doll's arm off in the process, the now light weight causing me to fall over with the doll's arm on top of me. I quickly scoot back away from it while kicking it away. A shudder shoots up and down my spine, yeah that's uncomfortable. I ignore the feeling and moved to pick up the now freed crank. I walked back the way I came in, crank in my arms.

After climbing back up the wooden plank ramp, I see Mono and Six waiting near by. "Hey! I got it!" I call out to them in a soft voice. The two grin up at me. "Hey you did it" Mono calls back. I smile in return before dropping the crank on the ground, allowing Six to pick up the crank and snap it back in place to where it belonged. Mono moved towards the body bag, because that's what it was, as Six lifted it up using the crank. This allowed Mono to climb the bag while Six lifted it higher.

The male then leapt off the bag and grabbed the key, making it fall to the ground. Once Mono landed on the ground, he moved to pick up the key and placed it in his jacket's pocket. "Okay now we can get out of this dusty place" Six hummed out as I walk over to meet up with the two. After that, we all climbed down the the ladder and head towards the door, Mono being ever so kind to unlock the door and held it open for Six and I. We were now outside, and the Hunter's shed loomed in front of us.

"Prepare for a super intense moment in there" I murmured to my friends who took my warning rather seriously. The three of us stepped inside the shed, but had to move a large crate to use it to get into the window. Once jumping through the window and landing a pile of animal pelts to soften the sound of our fall, the sound of something ripping came from the next room over. The sound alone making us uncomfortable.

We slowly crouched and crept through the room and behind the Hunter who was in the current process of getting a new animal pelt. Our hearts beating rapidly and the sound pounded in my ears. We eventually made it to a trap door on the other side of the room, though it took all three of us to get it open. Once open, we all fell through and down a pile of animal remains, the erupt squeaky sound of the trap door opening signalled to the Hunter of our presence, and because of that, all hell broke loose.
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