To be Free

Chapter 7

Your POV

As soon as Mono, Six and I fell through the trap door and slid down the pile of animal entrails, the Hunter bursted out the door behind us. The three of us quickly scramble up to our feet and made a break for it, the Hunter trying to shoot at us but missing in the process. We all quickly ran over to hide behind a box, our breathes heavy and our hearts pounding in our chests, the beating sound loud in our ears.

The box shattered to splinters from the Hunter shooting at it, and using the time the large being took to reload his gun, we sprinted to hide behind the next closet box for cover. That too was soon destroyed by a bullet. There was only one box left for us to use as cover, as we moved to just hide behind the crate, panic behind to rise even more. It looked like there wasn't any more places to hide, and if that's the case then we're all done for before we even get far. Then the box we hid behind once again shatters, the three of us having no choice but to sprint forward.

Luckily, there wasn't a dead end as I originally thought, there was a bit of a "cave" of sorts dug into the side of the hill, a perfect place to hide. We all quickly jumped down and crawled into the indent of the hill, the overhang of dirt and grass casted a dark shadow to hide us from view. My ears twitched at the sound of the Hunter's footsteps being practically right above us. I placed a hand over my mouth in an attempt to quiet my heavy, anxiety-filled breathing. I soon felt a hand grasp my own as a way to comfort me, I look over and saw that it was Mono giving my hand a gentle squeeze. I have his hand a small squeeze in return, the warmth of his hand putting me at ease for a bit.

The Hunter's strange raspy, wheezy breathing was even more uncomfortable, more than it used to be considering the current situation. Soon, the Hunter continued moving forward, away from our hiding spot and so that his back was towards us. Mono was the first to move, creeping forward to peek over the slight edge to see our chaser a little ways ahead of us, surrounded by tall grass. The paper bag wearing male turned towards Six and I and held out his hand. "It'd be best to hold hands to stay close to one another as we sneak by him" Mono whispered out his reasonings.

Six and I shared a look, both agreeing that staying close was the best idea, before I moved to take Mono's hand and Six grabbing a hold of my other hand. The three of us crouched down and snook our way into the tall grass, continuing to hold hands and stay close to the ground as we kept a decent amount of distance from the Hunter but as well as moving forward. Though our movements caused a near by crow to get startled and fly away, instantly triggering the Hunter to shine his flashlight in our direction.

We instantly froze in our spots, it was easy to tell that the grass easily hid our bodies, but if we continued to move, the moving grass will definitely be seen by the Hunter. And neither one of us wanted to get shot, which doesn't exactly sound all that fun. The Hunter stared for a few moments longer before continuing walking ahead, Which allowed us to continue moving as well. Every time the light of the flash light gets too close in our direction, we paused our movements before moving again. This felt like a very intense game of hide and seek that I'm positive that neither of us signed up for.

Eventually, the amount of tall grass we had to hide in ran out. The next spot for us to hide being a hole in the ground, probably a fox den of some kind judging by the side of the hole. Hopefully it wasn't a dead end which it may not be but you never know. The three of us allowed the Hunter to make one last pass of his light over us before we quickly and quietly crouched to the hole as soon as the light was shone away from us. Mono, being the ever so brave leader of our little trio lead us into the hole just as the Hunter's light shone on our backs. The creature letting out a wheezy sound as he definitely saw us but we were already in the hole by then.

As a precaution, we all moved away from the hole's opening, which was a good idea too since the Hunter shoved the end of his gun into the hole and pulled the trigger. Luckily no one was in the line of fire. And with a frustrated grunt, The Hunter moved away and left the hole alone. And luckily for us, the hole wasn't a dead end as it was a decently long tunnel, a faint light shining at the other end. Though neither one of us made a move to keep going quite yet, deciding it was best to catch our breaths first.

"I know for a fact that the Hunter is still out there looking for us. So we shouldn't get too comfortable yet, he won't stop looking for us until he either catches us, or we find a way to stop him" I spoke softly to my companions. The two of them letting out hums of acknowledgment of my warning. "Then we'll just at have to keep moving until we can find away to stop him. I'm not taking any chances in letting him to continue wandering around until he's spotted us again" Six spoke up, Mono and I agreeing with her words.

I admire her and Mono's bravery and strength, which makes me feel a little subpar to the two of them. I was so much weaker than them in the self confidence/bravery department. But I will not allow myself to be deadweight to them, I will make sure I pull my own weight and not slow them down. I felt some determination in my new goal, I will not allow myself to let them down, not now not ever. Once the three of us calmed down more or less, Mono lead us forward and soon we were above ground once more. I allowed myself to take in a long breath of more or less fresh air. At least it no longer smells like rotting meat, and hopefully it stays that way.

We moved forward until we were stopped by a large, ravine like hole. And judging by how spaced out the other side was, neither of us could just jump across. At least there seemed to be a type of bridge that would let us cross but one of us would have to pull that handle thing to lift the piece of bridge up so that the other two can make it over. Though Mono didn't seem to hesitate in being the one to lift the bridge up for Six and I. Once the bridge was up, the two of us ran and used the extra ledge to jump over the ravine and make it to the other side. The sound of Mono letting go of the handle and the bridge falling down again rang out behind us.

Six walked forward a bit to inspect the next area of our journey as I turned back to Mono. In which he let out a soft call, but loud enough for us to hear, to get our attention. I walked forward until I was just at the edge of the rather long and deadly drop. I gripped onto the little bit of railing that used to be a fully intact bride and held out my other hand for Mono to take. "Hey! Just run and jump, I'll catch you!" I called back to him.

Mono nods in response before backing up a bit and taking a running start. He then leapt as far as he could and quickly grabbed a hold of my outstretched hand. I quickly gripped onto his hand and caught him from falling. I used my other hand to grab onto his so I could pull him up to safety. Though I fell back a bit once he was safely on the other side with us. "Thanks (y/n)" Mono breathes out, glad that I was able to catch him like I promised. I grin and nod. "Of course, you're welcome" I reply happily.

I could feel Mono's smile at my direction before the three of us continued on our way. We got to a small drop but Six gave us a soft hush before pointing in the direction that the Hunter once again appeared in our area. A small groan left my lips, this was going to be a long night it seems.
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