Twilight ( Tom Riddle Era )


A young girl at the age of 18, decides that she wants to try shifting. Now that she has learned the shifting method, she finds herself in the tom riddle era and she finds she can't escape from his persuasive ways. “ Who Are You ?” I Asks. The young male let out a laugh and glares at me. “ I should ask you the same female, you appeared out of nowhere ”. I let out a scoff and turn away and walk off. I did not have time for foolish games.

Drama / Romance
Aaliyah Gibson
Age Rating:


“ Sasha are you sure this will work ?” I ask. She nods.

“ yes, Tamara people do this all the time, the only thing you have to do is follow the directions ”. Tasha my friend said.

“ what I mess up, have anyone ever got stuck or mess upon it?” I ask.

“ I guess not? I don't know, I know people have tried it and succeed or almost get close but never stuck between the way, maybe you will be the first-ever?” Sasha said laughing.

“ Sasha, am serious what if I mess up?” I said looking down at my hands and feet.

Sasha stops laughing and looks at me with a serious expression.

“ you never know, if you never try ” was her reply and she left me alone.


I ended up googling the methods and such. So basically you had to be almost asleep and in a way kinda half-wake or something?

I think I got what the Google answers were saying.

But now I have one thought left.

Can I actually shift to Hogwarts?

Only time could tell.
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