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Bonnie and Kol have been dating but no-one knew, not even Caroline. Caroline and Klaus are lonely with no-one to talk to. But little did they know that Bonnie and Kol were planning on getting them together. Bonnie and Caroline go to New Orleans because Bonnie says she wants to visit her witch friend, Davina. Caroline runs into Klaus and they get to talking and figure out that Bonnie and Kol are dating. Elijah and Hayley are married. Rebekah and Marcel are also married (But Marcel isn't in it. You only see Rebekah a few times.) I do not own the characters. (Sorry for the bad description.)

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Getting ready to go to New Orleans

Bonnie and Kol's texts

K: Hey, Darling

B: Hey, babe

K: How r u?

B: Good. U?

K: I’m wonderful

B: That’s good. Now, what do you want?

K: Klaus is miserable and lonely

B: So, is Caroline

K: So, let’s get Caroline and Klaus together

B: That’s a great idea

K: All you have to do is tell Caroline that you’re coming to New Orleans to visit one of your witch friends.

B: Ok. Don’t tell Klaus about this.

K: I won't

B: I’ll message you when we’re on the plane

K: Ok. Bye, darling. See ya soon

B: Bye, handsome 😘

[End of conversation]

Bonnie and Caroline Conversation

Bonnie’s POV:

B- Hey, Car. I’m going to New Orleans to visit one of my witch friends and I was wondering if you want to come with me.

C- Yeah, sure. I have nothing to do here anyway.

B- Ok. Go pack your suitcases but don’t pack too much stuff.

C- Ok. And stop being bossy. I’m the one that’s supposed to be bossing you around.

B- Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.

*Caroline and I go to our rooms and start packing. I have 1 suitcase and Caroline has 3.*

B- Ok. Let’s go to the airport.

C- Ok.

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