The Devils Daughter The Chaotic God and Assassin


When Fury takes the devils daughter locks her in a cell at SHIELD. She manages to cut a deal with him. If she helps the avengers. Then she can be free. Well free ish. Her humour is dry. Her sass level is high. When she meets the god of chaos and mischief has she met her match or is she still the worst of the worst? She sees people from her past opens some wounds.

Action / Romance
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Chapter one:

'Can I have the dog collar off now?' I snarl at Nick Fury. The power cancelling collar was really heavy and way tighter than it needed to be.
'Yes once you've introduced yourself' Fury glared at me and I rolled my eyes.
'Hi I'm y/n I made a contract with this guy who's basically Satan.'I said as I faked smiled at Fury. 'I have to join your little team so i can stay out of one of his cells. I don't like people they annoy me.... Have you told them about what happened last time I worked with a team?'
Fury shook his head.
'Oh this is gonna be fun.' I laughed as I jumped onto the couch.
'Have we met before?' Tony asked me.
'No almost but don't worry you'll be going to a better place not the firey one' I cackled.
'Wait?....what happened to the last team you worked with?' A very pretty lady with auburn hair around the age of 30 asked with a confused look.
'Let's just say they had a quick cremation.....' I said with furrowed brows. The lady raised her eyebrows looking almost impressed.
'Anyway I'm Natasha but you can call me Nat'
That's Stark but you know him. That's Clint, Peter, Wanda, Bucky, Steve, that's Dr Banner, Thor and Loki. Loki's not really part of the team. He sits and reads a lot.'
'Wait a minute did you say Dr Banner as in The Dr Bruce Banner?'
'Yeah that's me.' Someone said nervously behind me as I turned around.
'Oh my Satan. I worship you and your work. Your entirely brilliant. I would love to go through some of your theory's with you sometime.' I said way more excited than I should of been
A thin tall man with raven coloured hair who I assumed to be Loki sat chuckling at me.
'Yeah that would be nice.' He still seemed nervous.
'Ma'am did you just say oh my Satan' Steve said through confusion
'Yeah I did. Y/L/N isn't my actual last name it's Morningstar. It's an alias. I said with an awkward smile.
Fury took the collar of me and I stretched my neck. It was nice to feel power again.
'Peter take Y/N to her room.' Stark ordered.
'O-ok Mr Stark' he said and we left the lounge.
Peter walked around the huge building.
'What's your power?'I asked him. He looked really young 15 maybe 16 why would you put an innocent in harms way like that. He's nothing more than a child.
'I'm Spider-Man.' He looked at me and smiled.
'No way that's so cool. I've seen like all of your videos.' I said smiling back at him.
'Y/N?.....can I ask you something?' He asked me almost nervously.
'Of course shoot?'I let out a small laugh.
'What are your powers and is your last name really Morningstar?' He caught my eyeline and he quickly looked away.
'Yea my last name is Morningstar. I can manipulate and control fire. I can possess people and I make contracts. This isn't my true form it's a glamour. I'm also a witch.'
'You can possess people??? That's AWESOME.'
I looked surprised and he looked excited.
'You think so?'I asked confused people are normally afraid of me and don't want to be associated with me.
'Yeah totally. Anyway this is your room.'
It was white and had a double bed, a wardrobe and a dressing table. I walked back out and closed the door and drew a sigil on it in charcoal.
'Umm y/n mr stark won't like that.' He murmured nervously.
'It's ok it'll fade in a minute' I responded with a giggle
Once the sigil had faded. I re-entered my room it was more to my taste. It was red with black silk curtains. A four post bed with matching black drapes, Red sheets, a matching vanity, walk in wardrobe and a large black fireplace not that I get cold. I literally can't feel it Dad has one in his office.My room also now has a drinks trolley with a beautiful decanter set that looked identical too the one my father kept in his office with some of his prize brandy. He's gonna be so pissed when he realises I've put apple juice in his decanter. Their was also an en-suite bathroom, a bookcase filled with books that id bought with me from hell and the queens throne seated behind the desk near stained glass gothic horror style windows. Once my mother passed my father allowed me to sit on her throne I always bring it with me. It gives me a sense of home. Peters mouth opened with shock.

'Come in sit down. I don't bite.'He sat on my bed next to me. 'Drink?' I offer
'Y/N I'm 15 that's illegal.' He looked at me with furrowed brows.
I laughed I usually stayed in England during my time on earth. Underaged binge drinking was the thing their. Most people could handle a litre of vodka by the time they're 12.

'I won't tell if if you don't.' I winked at him and he nodded. I made sure his was a small one and mine was a large. I was going to need it if I was spending time with the avengers. Peter sipped his brandy and started coughing.
'Hey take it easy spidey don't go killing yourself your the only friend I have here.' I smiled at him and he smiled back.
Once we had both finished our drinks we decided to go back down stairs I grabbed a bottle of whisky and a box of cigars and took them down stairs they were a peace offering.
'So Cap and Bucky how much do you miss the good old days?'
They both responded with 'so much'. Which made me smile.
'I have a peace offering for you from the year 1940.'
They both looked confused. Then shocked and surprised when I pulled out two vintage cigars.
'They're both for you.' I told them. They took them and went outside to smoke. They couldn't thank you enough.
'Toni I caught wind that you like a good whisky Is that true?'
Who doesn't like like whisky?' He looked at me and scoffed.
'Well then I guess you'll like this.' I handed him a bottle of whisky he looked confused. Which made me laugh. It's from my dads private collection I thought if it's good enough for literally Satan. It should be good for you.
'Thank you y/n that's really kind.'
I passed presents out too everyone. A bottle of vodka from my Fathers collection for Nat. Some old relics for Bruce I knew he'd be interested in them. Some mead from hell for Thor. I bottle of red wine from Fathers collection for Pepper. Some arrows for Clint. And a ruby necklace that matched Wandas hair.
I looked at Loki and said 'My Father hates you so he told be to give you this.' As I handed him a bible 'But I'm not that mean. So here is his one of his very own Grimore.' He looked at me in shock and smiled.
'Thank you.' He said
'What's a Grimore?' Toni asked as he was very tipsy now.
'It's a book of personalised magic spells. With someone's Grimore you can get too know them without even having too look at them.' I explained.
Loki added 'it's also the easiest way too kill a witch. Why would you give me this?' He asked with furrowed brows.
'I thought the God of chaos and mischief might get bored and what better to give him than Satan's literal spell book.' I laughed. 'I'm gonna call it a night. Who am I training with?''
'You'll be doing cardio with me. Magic and powers with Loki and Wanda and your combat training with Nat. We are going for a run 6 AM sharp do not be late.' Steve told me sternly.
'Eye-Eye captain' I giggled and winked at him.

I walked to my room threw on an oversized shirt and got under the silk sheets. I hadn't slept in a proper bed in a few months. I threw my hair into a messy bun and as my head hit the pillow I was as good as dead.
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