The Devils Daughter The Chaotic God and Assassin

Chapter two:

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP my alarm Screeched at me. It was 5:30. So I got up threw on a sports bra, some yoga pants and some converse. I run down stairs and grab a water from the fridge.
'Morning y/n.' Steve chirped up behind me. 'Morning Steve you ready?' I asked raising my eyebrows.
'Always kid.' He laughed lightly.
'You know I'm well over 1000 years old right?' I asked him with a smug smile.
'Yeah Y/N you look great what moisturiser do you use?' We both laughed
'Come on then. Run' I said

~1 hour and a half later~
We got back to the tower and I had a shower. I hadn't ran that far in years. I washed my hair. And let the steamy water run over me. I don't really belong here. He's gonna want me back soon. He loves me. But I can't stay here not without risk of messing up the realms and that seems like a lot of work to fix. I got out of the shower and put on a pair of jeans and a t shirt I let my hair air dry.

I went down stairs to see if Peter was any where and I found him he was in the living room. I crept up behind him put my hands over his eyes.
'Guess who?' I said in a soft innocent voice.
'Y/N I know it's you I can smell your perfume.' He said as he was laughing
'Wanna watch a movie?' I asked him.
'Sure want you wanna watch?' He responded.
'What about Star Wars?' I laughed.
'Yes I love Star Wars.' He smiled like an excited puppy.
'Me too.' I responded
He put on the movie and we sat and watched. Once the movie had finished.
'I've got some training I'll see you about spidey.' I smiled waved and walked away. That's when it dawned on me he wasn't catching feelings for me was he. I needed to brother zone him fast.

I met Loki in the gym.
'Sorry I'm late I couldn't peel the spider off of me.' We both laughed. Their was something about him but I couldn't quite figure out what. Whatever it was, it was pulling me closer towards him.
'Y/N push the power like your trying too break someone's nose. Use the heel of your hand and push up.' He said with a sigh.
After 10 minutes I still wasn't doing it right.
'You need to relax. No ones going too hurt you love. Come on I'll show you.'
He stood behind me and put one hand on the left side of my waist. This made my stomach go fluttery and I felt slightly nauseous I brushed it off and carried on. I put my right arm out in front of me.
'Y/N breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth.' He said slowly and calmly.
I did this a few times. Too make sure my mind was clear.
'Good girl.' He whispered into my ear. The butterfly's that were in my stomach turned into hungry dragons all I wanted was for him too rip my clothes off and take me. But I decided too Carry on and try too stay focused. His right hand travelled up the right side of my back and across my shoulder. My arm still held out in-front of me. He travelled down it with his cool finger tips. This made the hairs all over my body stand up. He reached my hand and intertwined our fingertips. I whimpered slightly. He chuckled at my reaction.
'Baby girl push it feel the fire in your hand and surging through your body. Then push it. Push it out.' He whispered into my ear I did exactly that with his arms guiding me. After that we decided that I had used a lot of power and that would be the end of today's session. We went to the lounge and saw stark Steve and Nat chatting.
'Y/N!!!! We are having a party too welcome you. You best be their. You too reindeer games.' Tony chuckled.
'Ill be their it best be the party of the millennium.' I laugh at him.
'Nat will you help me pick something out too wear?' I asked her.
'Of course Y/N. Come on let's go. We should grab Wanda.' She replied.
'Yeah I'll grab some booze you grab Wanda.' We nodded and went our separate ways. I left my bedroom door open so they could just walk in. Nat had explained too Wanda about the party.

She pulled a yellow dress. I didn't know how I felt about yellow but once I saw it on her she looked amazing.
'So Wanda how's things going with vision?' I asked with a smile while raising my eyebrows. I was pinning Wanda's hair into an updo.
'I-I don't know w-what you mean?' She responded. I laughed.
'Oh honey yeah you do I've seen the way you look at him and.....the way he looks at you.'
Nat started laughing. Once I had finished curling Wanda's hair I went to my drinks trolley and poured everyone a brandy.
They both looked at me strangely
'what it's from my Fathers collection. See that large chair over their?'
'You mean the extremely dramatic one?' Nat asked while trying not to laugh.
'Yeah it's the queens throne in hell.'I laughed. 'Nat?......How's Bruce had he asked you out yet?' I asked. she looked at me blankly. You do know that he clearly likes you right? And you clearly like him too.'
'Okay Y/N let's talk about your training earlier with Loki.' Nat asked trying to get some payback. I flushed red. Unable to say anything.
'Don't remember?.....let's jog your memory.' The small scene played and replayed and replayed on the tablet.
I manage to get my words out. 'Yeah maybe I like him so?' Trying to hide how flustered I am.

I did my own hair and my make-up with magic because we were running out of time. Nat wore a long black dress with a slit in one leg. I picked out a short emerald green silk dress, black Stilettos with a gold snake on the back as well as matching emerald and gold jewellery. I had black and gold Smokey eyeshadow and my hair had beach waves with a single braid pinned through it. We left after taking some Polaroid pictures of each other as well as some group shots.

We walked down the staircase side by side laughing and giggling. I was looking around the room while walking on the stairs. I wasn't looking for anyone particular was I? My eyes caught someone else's. They were sapphire blue and they glistened. He was wearing a black suit with a green scarf. We looked into each other's eyes from across the room. I felt my cheeks glow red and I looked down. I don't know why he makes me feel this way he just does.

When we got to the bottom of the stairs. We went in our different directions. Nat went to talk to Steve. Wanda went to see Vision and I went too the bar. I was gonna need a drink too get through this. I decided too have a sex on the beach I really didn't feel like getting drunk.

I sat down on a bar stool and watched people dance. Nat was dancing with Bruce I've never seen her look so genuinely happy. I started too think about when I would feel happy again.
'Hey y/n. What's up?' Spider asked me.
'Not much. wanna drink?' I ask him. I think he likes me because I treat him like an adult.
'Yeah sure.' He said to me.
'Bartender' I said as I snapped my fingers. I could feel someone watching me from the other side of the room so I decided to go for the extreme. 'We will have two double vodkas and original monsters please.'
The bartender scoffed 'ma'am he's clearly under aged I wont serve him.'
I looked into his eyes. And they turned completely black. 'Are you sure he's underaged cuz he's 21.' I asked.
'I'll get you those drinks.' He gulped a scuttled away.
'What was that?' Peter asked as I changed my eyes back to their normal colour.
'That was a party trick it's pretty handy.' I laughed.
'Your the coolest y/n.' I thanked him and he walked off with his drink.
'That was a pretty extreme stunt their Love.' A voice said from behind me. I turned around too see the blue eyes from earlier.
I laughed. 'The extreme always make an impression.' I smirked at him. 'Hey I love this song wanna dance.' I asked as sweet Caroline by Neil diamond came on. Before he responded I took the last swallow of my drink and dragged him to the dance floor.
We started dancing and moving our body's to the beat and yelling 'sweet Caroline bom bom bom. Good times never seem so good. I've been inclined.' I was surprised that he knew the song. Once the song was over. We smiled. Then another song came on heroes by David Bowie. Loki took my hands and wrapped them around his neck and put his on my waste. It a was even more surprised when Loki started whisper singing in my ear. 'I I will be king and you, you will be queen Though nothing will drive them away We can beat them, just for one day We can be heroes, just for one day. I, I can remember Standing, by the wall And the guns, shot above our heads And we kissed, as though nothing could fall. And the shame, was on the other sideOh we can beat them, for ever and ever. Then we could be Heroes, just for one day.'
'Do you really think we can be hero's? The God who committed mass genocide and the girl who drags people to hell.' I let out a light laugh and he smiled at me. He tightened his grip around me and pulled me closer to him. I could feel his breathe on my neck. Which sent shivers down my spine. After that dance we stopped and had some drinks. Then everyone left. Apart from the avengers.

We all sat on couches and Stark said we had to do karaoke. We all sang different songs. Bucky sang Rasputin by Boney M which was hilarious. Steve sang Can't help falling in love by Elvis Presley. Nat and Wanda sang a duet of Toxic by Britney Spears. Toni sang sex on fire by Kings of Leon and he kept looking at Pepper which was quite funny. I sang Daddy Issues by The neighbourhood which made everyone quite arkwad. Loki sang Tennessee Whisky by Chris Stapleton. It was completely beautiful. He managed to look everyone in the eye apart from me. Which I found odd but brushed it off.

I whispered to Peter 'Did that bartender keep serving you?' And he nodded at me in response he was very giggly.
'I think it's time for Spidey too go bed.' I said laughing.
'Whatttttt noOoOoO.' He responded clearly drunk.
'Okay then drink this.' I gave him a mug of tea from where he was sitting and he fell asleep almost immediately. Everyone looked at me weirdly.
'It's herbal tea. It will make him sleep. I used too have it when I was a child.' I picked him up and laid him down on an empty sofa. I summoned a blanket and laid it on him.
'Nothing will wake him for 12 hours. So be as loud as you wish.' I smiled at them as I took my seat.
'Why don't we play truth or dare?' Clint asked.
Everyone agreed and we started.
After about an hour of playing.
'Ok Y/N truth or dare.' Nat asked me while smiling.
'Dare.' I responded immediately.
Wanda jumped in before Nat could say anything. 'Dare you too flirt with Loki.'
'Just what I was thinking.' Nat said with a light laugh.
I walk up to him and lift his chin up so he's looking me in my eyes. Then I said ' Tonight I'm gonna give you all my love in the backseat.'
What happened next I wasn't expecting. Thor got up and walked over to the bar. Loki pulled me towards him so I collapsed in his lap and our eyes met. He smirked at me.
He responded with 'Gonna speed it down and slow it up in the back seat.' I stayed in his lap all night.
'Y/N what are your powers?' Steve asked me.
I can manipulate and control fire. I can demonically possess people, make contracts. I'm also a witch and I always wear a glamour spell. Yes the same type of contracts my dad makes.'
Sometime later while I was sitting on Loki. I fell asleep.

I am British so please excuse the slang. This is my first LokiXReader so please be nice. Please comment, vote and interact. So I know what you think. I will post a chapter as often as possible. I'm not entirely sure on what the plot is yet so feel free too drop ideas in the comments.

-Rhea ✌🏻
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