The Devils Daughter The Chaotic God and Assassin

Chapter three:

I woke up in the morning wrapped in silk black and red sheets. I was in my room. Wait how did I get here? I got up and went too my desk and sat in my throne. Their was a matte black envelope on my table with a green wax seal it had Loki's personal sigil on it. I opened the letter and two pills fell out and the letter.

Dear y/n,
You had quite a lot too drink last night. The pills are paracetamol. I thought you might have a headache. Your karaoke performance last night was amazing. Breakfast is ready I forced Wanda too make pancakes. Come down when you are ready. It confused me. Dancing with you was amazing my darling.

All yours,
-L X

It wasn't until I looked down that I realised I wasn't wearing my dress I was wearing one of Loki's midgardian t-shirts and he had left a white dress shirt on my bed. I threw in skinny ripped jeans a black bralette and put the shirt on over the top and tied the bottom in a knot. I dry swallowed my pills. I put on my fluffy slippers and made my way down stairs.
'Morning everyone.' I said happily.
HOW ARE YOU FEELING?' I shouted next too stark.
'Y/N please stop it hurts.' Tony whined.
'Is he gonna whine all day?' I ask and everyone laughs rolls their eyes and laugh. I conjure up a healing tea and some paracetamol. I passed it too stark who drank all of it and had the pills too.
'Better?' I ask
'Better.' He confirmed
'What we doing today?' I look around and take take a swallow of tea.
'Your training with me love.' Loki raised his eyebrows and smirked as I choked slightly on my tea. Wanda and Nat looked at each other and laughed. 'I like your shirt by the way.' He mentioned while looking me up and down.
'Thanks i found it in my room.' I smiled and giggled slightly. Stark rolled his eyes at this and nearly threw up.
'Well it looks better on you then it ever could on anyone else darling. Meet you in the training room in 10 minutes. Don't be late.' He told me.
I blushed slightly. Grabbed a water from the fridge and decided too wait 15 minutes before going to the training room.
'Your late babygirl.' He growled.
'Why? What you gonna do about it?' I protested as I walked towards him. I leaned against a wall. Rolling my eyes at him.
'Go and stand over their.' He demanded.
'Make me.' I retorted. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me over their.
'Don't move.' He snarled. I didn't. I wanted too but I didn't. 'So you do understand instructions.' He laughed. He showed me some asgardian spells that I hadn't heard of before. Then training was over. I decided too go too the library and read. I wanted too know what kind of books Tony had here. I summoned a cup of calming tea and I walked around the book cases. Then I saw it. The book that had made me interested in reading Wuthering Heights. I had left my copy in hell as it was an original. I missed reading and re-reading it. I picked up the copy smiling at the memory's. I walked towards the sofas that were set around a fire place. Then I looked up from my tea and realised Loki was in their.
'Sorry I didn't realise anyone was in here I can come back later.' I said nervously.
'No it's okay love come sit.' He patted the sofa next to him. I looked at the book he was reading then I realised it was the Grimore I gave too him. He seemed like he was enjoying it. I sat down next too him and he put his arm around me and pulled me closer. He smelt like mint, chocolate and books.

'Enjoying the book.' I asked him with a smile.

'Yes very much so.' he smiled at me he looked as though he wanted too tell me something.

'Are you alright Lohk you seem stressed?' he looked almost surprised at the nickname I had given him. Then he sighed and I thought this was the end of the road with him for me.

'I've received some news. I must return too Asgard..... tomorrow.' he sighed again. ' I want you too come with me, I think you'd like it their.' he looked at me with wide eyes hoping that id agree.

'Odins not exactly my biggest fan but I haven't been to Asgard in years. I would love too go with you Lohk.' his eyes shimmered.

'Great ill go tell Thor.' I smiled as I watched him run out of the library. I hope Odin doesn't still have a bounty out for me it would just make the trip all the more interesting I suppose. I walked to my room and started too pack thn their was a knock at my door.

'Its open.' I shouted

'Hey y/n we just ordered Chinese food and I need a favour?'

'Sure what do you need parker.' I asked him. I finished packing and we walked downstairs and entered the kitchen.

'I'm writing an essay on jack the ripper and I was wondering if you had seen him hell?' he asked and this grabbed everyone's attention.

'Well I never met them in hell but I was in England while they were killing......'

i sat on the couch and everyone gathered around.

You were in England?' stark asked me

yeah me and my dad both have the accent my Love. I giggled at this.

'First things first SHE was a bitch.'


'Jack the ripper was a woman?'

'That's fucking awesome.' Nat said eyes wide staring at me waiting for me too carry on.

I laughed at everyone's shock and surprise.

'Not just any woman....' I stood up to go to the fridge and grab a beer. 'This women.' Everyone looked shocked Loki started laughing.

'I had a funny turn and killed women who had affairs. None of whom were prozzy's. Oh wait you guys don't call them that. what is it? Oh sex workers.' I looked around everyone looked shocked or scared apart from Loki who was still laughing. The door bell rang.
'Oooooo food I'll go grab it.'I said with wide eyes.
I walked out of the room and heard Bucky say 'that's one crazy motherfucker.'
Then Loki piped up 'she might be a crazy mother fucker but she's my crazy motherfucker. Hands of tin man.'
Bucky responded with 'well at least I'm not the wicked witch of the west.'I walked to the door paid the man grabbed the food and walked back.
'Your right your Bucky not I am.' Everyone exchanged strange glances. I put the food on the counter and said 'it was my nickname in hell I even had my own flying monkeys. I miss those bitches.' I sighed.
'I'm so glad your going to Asgard with us tomorrow.' Thor laughed. Tony gave me a look. 'I spoke to fury he said it's fine.'
'Can I just ask how long it is before Odin gets rid of bounty's now-a-days?' Thor and Loki looked at each other then at me.
'I'm kinda a wanted women. As Odin put it. Dead or Alive.' I gave an arkwad smile.
'You have a bounty on your head and you didn't tell me?'
'I'm sorry Lohk.'
'It's okay love. I'm sure we can sort it out.' Loki said looking at Thor.
Everyone ate then we watched a movie. The exorcist. Me and Loki sat on the sofa together.
I whispered to him 'watch this.' He nodded. I whispered a chant. Then starks head turned 360 degrees. Everyone looked at him. Everyone was panicking. Then I muttered some more words. Then he projectile vomited everywhere. I started giggling and Loki started chuckling I stopped possessing him.
I stood up and walked over to stark. 'Toni what's wrong?' I asked faking being worried.
'I'm fine sit down and finish the movie.'
I went back to my seat but Loki had changed the sofa into a love seat and I didn't want to sit on the floor so a I sat Loki's lap and he held me until I fell asleep. When I was half asleep. I heard Wanda say 'she's dreaming about you Loki. I started dreaming about what happened in the training room.
Wanda was horrified you could hear it in her voice. 'Loki what happened in the training room?' She asked him with a smug smile and raised her eyebrows.
'Peter time for you to go bed the adults are gonna have a chat.' Tony said while trying to read the room.
He said goodnight too everyone and left.
'Tony do me a favour and pull up the cctv from the training room from earlier.' He did this and made everyone watch it. I was still half asleep on Loki. I woke up too the sound of my own voice.
'That's not my sex tape from the 70s is it?' I asked not really realising what I said. As I was still drifting in and out off conciseness when I said this everyone looked at me shocked especially Bruce who looked like he was going to cry.
Tony asked Jarvis to find the tape. She found it apparently it was trending a few years ago. He played it on the large tv I sat up and ate some popcorn.
'How many people are their?' Nat asked me she seemed slightly turned on which made me laugh '13 including me. This one was a pretty relaxed one.' Loki grabbed a blanket and pulled it over us. I couldn't of been closer too him if I tried. I pulled some pretty extreme stunts in the tape. Which made him hard I could feel his boner sticking into me slightly. He whispered into my ear 'we will have to try that sometime dearie.' With a smirk.
'Like I said this is pretty relaxed I can do more than this love.' I winked at him.
After the tape had finished I went to bed. I had a long day ahead of me.

I walked into my room poured myself a nightcap and changed into Loki's t-shirt which I had now claimed to be mine. I sat at my desk and started writing in my journal. Once I had finished that I made sure I put my journal inside my bag I didn't know how long we were going to be in Asgard for. I also checked that I had my Polaroid camera and extra film. I finished my drink, climbed into bed and fell asleep.

Things are starting too heat up. Please vote and comment and stuff. The plot will thicken soon enough.

~Rhea 🥀✌🏻
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