The Devils Daughter The Chaotic God and Assassin

Chapter Four:

I woke up too a loud banging on my bedroom door. I don't lock my door here. I don't really care enough too. It's not like they haven't all seen me naked before.
I shouted 'its open come in.' Thor and Loki walked in all giggly like children. I sat up in the middle of my bed and patted for them both to sit down. They laid down next to me.
'Does Odin still do executions?' I asked laughing.
'Father used too do executions?' Thor asked with wide eyes filled with concern.
'Oh didn't you know?....... tell me how is Hela?' I asked interested that Odin probably hasn't told them anything.
'Who's Hela?' Thor and Loki both ask looking at each other.
'That's a story for another day.' I said while getting up. I walk too my wardrobe and look for an outfit. 'Tell me boys how is Frigga?' I have them a soft smile and grab two dresses from my built in closet.
'She's very well y/n.' Thor said too me with a huge grin.
'Which dress screams I'm back bitches?Even though you thought I was gone for good.' I laugh as I put both of the dresses against my body.
'The green one Loki.'smirked at you and Thor realised this was his que too leave.
I pulled Loki's shirt off over my head and put on a black lace bra and matching black panties.
'It's a shame darling.' Loki said with a quirked eyebrow and a smirk.
'What's a shame?' I responded. Slightly confused about what he was on about.
'It's a shame that, that underwear is going too get ripped later.' I rolled my eyes at his remark and responded with 'in your dreams.'

I pulled the dress over my head and applied my makeup and did my hair with magic. I walked too my wardrobe and pulled out my old slightly worn leather jacket. It was my comfort blanket. It helped me fake my confidence even when I didn't have any and I had a feeling that I was going too need that today. I slipped on my black stilettos applied another layer of deep plum lipstick and I walked over to my dresser I opened my jewellery box and I pulled out a bracelet which was a cuff. On the outside it looked normal like a normal gold bracelet. on the inside it said 'I love you now and forever -B' I knew exactly where and who I had it from but if someone doesn't want too remember then it's usually best too allow them too be. Otherwise it ends up hurting a lot of people. I also pulled out a gold locket. It had no photos on the inside. I hadn't found anyone who deserved too be in their quite yet. On the back engraved was the letter L. It was a gift from father. I hope he doesn't come to earth again. Something bad always ends up happening when he has a vacation.
'How do I look?' I asked Loki with a smile.
He smiled at me 'like a Princess.'
I felt my cheeks heat up to a crimson red. He stood up and walked over to me. He changed into his armour using a spell and he put a hand on my cheek and caressed it. He pulled me in close our lips millimetres away from each other. I wanted too kiss him so bad but he cleared his throat and pulled away from me.

We met all of the avengers on the roof. Thor, myself and Loki gave everyone hugs. It suddenly dawned on me. These people are my family. If I went too Asgard I might not come back.
'I love you guys.' As I hugged all of them with tears in my eyes.
Y/N you'll be back in a few days what's the big deal?' Bucky asks me. I played with my bracelet nervously.
'Odin has a bounty out for has done for well over 1000 years. I may not return. He wants me dead or alive. I helped Frigga give birth too Thor. Odin thought I was trying too kidnap him. Frigga also nearly died in child birth. He got really mad. I was friends with Hela too which he also didn't like.' I said quickly. 'Anyway best be off.'
Before anyone could react Loki grabbed my waist pulled me close and the bifrost opened and the next thing I knew we were in Asgard. I took a slight tumble once we got their.
'Hiemdall darling how are you? I asked him while straightening out my dress. I pulled him into a hug.
'It good too see you again y/n.' He said to me while hugging me back.
'How's Odin?' I ask him with a guilty look on your face.
'Y/N he doesn't have the bounty out anymore your not a wanted women and I'm sure Frigga would love too see you.' He said with a smile.
'Come on boys we should get going let's ride horse back let the people know I'm back.' Loki laughed. I could tell Thor thought this was a bad idea.

We mounted our horses and travelled across the rainbow bridge. This whole place Smelled like pear drop sweets.
'I want a really dramatic entrance you know.' I told the boys.
'Y/N why don't you go in front of us push the doors open into the throne room and yell I'm back bitches.' Thor said and we all started laughing.
'You know what i will.' We carried on laughing until we got to the doors. We unmounted our horses and gave them too the Gards. No one seemed too remember me. Frigga was probably forced too put a spell on the kingdom to make them forget.
I walked too the double doors outside the throne room and I shoved them open this was my moment and I wasn't going too allow someone too steal it.
'IM BACK BITCHES.' I yell as Odin stood up in anger and Frigga stood up in pure shock.
'Come on in boys.' They had wisely allowed me to have my moment. Thor took my right arm and Loki took my left. I kissed both boys in the cheek closest to me.
'Did you miss me?' I asked sarcastically.
'Y/N! I thought you were dead.' Frigga said still in shock. This was the exact moment I realised that someone had messed with Friggas memory's aswell as the rest of the citizens.
'I assume I'll be in the same room as I used too be. ' I ask.
'Actually that's Loki's room now.' Odin growled.
'Yes and I will be in their. I'll see you in a bit my love.' I kissed on the cheek once more he blushed slightly. I let go of the boys arms. Flipped Odin off and walked too Loki's room. I had a feeling these next few days here were going too be difficult. I looked in my mirror and smirked. I knew I wasn't traditional to Asgard's standards and would play on this. I turned around and drank a cup of tea. I looked down into my tea and noticed red splatters in the liquid. I put my hand too my face and realised my nose was bleeding.
FUCK! SHIT! CRAP! I shouted. This is bad this is really bad. I caught the blood with one of Loki's handkerchiefs. He wants me back. I'm not going back yet I'm only just starting too feel better about myself.
The next minute Loki walked into our room. He grumbled something about hating Odin. Loki turned around and looked at me with concern.
'Love what happened?'
'I'm fine it's just a nosebleed.'by with point I had gone through six handkerchiefs.
'Are you sure?' He asked truly concerned.
'Yeah I'm fine I get them sometimes.' I was lying too him and I hated it but if I told him the truth he'd expect me too go. I really didn't want too go.
After about five more minutes it stopped.
Moments later their was a knock at the door. Loki opened it and invited them in.
'Hello y/n dear.' Frigga said in a calm voice.
'Hello Frigga.' I said with tears in my eyes. I couldn't control it anymore I walked up too her and embraced her in a warm hug. She still smells like honey.
'How are you doing?' She asked me and I scoffed.
'What you mean to ask me is how am I after I sold my soul?' An arkwad minute of silence passed.
Y/N you don't have a soul?' Loki looked at me distroit I knew this would break his heart.
'I sold it twice....well in two parts. I'm doing very well though Frigga.How are you?' I smiled sadly at Loki.
'I'm doing well.' She told me. We had some small talk and then she left in the late evening.

'I'm sorry I didn't tell you about not having a soul.' I looked him in his eyes.
'Why?.....Why did you do it?' He asked me while laying on his bed on his back while massaging his temples.
'When Frigga fell pregnant with Thor she was so excited and so happy.' I laid down next too him. Frigga took me in when no one else would. No one wants too be associated with the girl who's going to be queen of hell one day. She was almost family to me. I would of done anything for her. He was at 30 weeks the babe would have been premature and probably not survived and Frigga was dying too. The first half of my soul I sold was too keep the babe alive and the second too keep Frigga alive. I knew that she would have done the same for me and I couldn't just let her die.' A single tear ran down my cheek. Odin thought I wanted too take Thor away so I could give him too my Father. He put out a bounty because I was scared and I ran as far as possible. Frigga must of been told I died. Hiemdaill helped me escape. I am forever thankful too him for that.' I took a deep breath and sighed.
Loki sat up and looked at me with sad eyes and furrowed eyebrows.
'Y/N you did that for my family?'
'I sat up with tears in a my eyes a showed him a small smile. Their were the family i always wanted. Even your father.' I sighed. 'He only wanted too keep his family safe. '

I started crying more and more until I couldn't breath emotions and memory's started flooding back too me. My massacres, my family, my dad..... Loki started too panic he didn't know what to do. I was in hysterics. I don't blame him for what he did next. I would have done the same. His was raised on tough love and so was I. He slapped across the face really hard. Pulled my chin up and kissed me. His lips were soft and cool. After the harsh slap he was gentle with his lips. I kissed me back. I needed him and nothing was going too be able to stop that. We laid back down and he held me tightly he wouldn't let go and i appreciated this massively. He started singing and rocking me when he realised that I wouldn't be able too sleep very well. He sang our song Heroes by David Bowie. I smiled at him and laid my head on his chest. He changed both of our clothes with magic. He was wearing boxer shorts and I was wearing the shirt that he had given me on Midgard. I knew I was safe with him. We both slept well that night. The best we had slept in a long time.

Omg the first kiss. Masses of plot development. Who is B? Who is the gold bracelet from? Why does Y/N have nosebleeds? Keep reading too find out.
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