The Devils Daughter The Chaotic God and Assassin

Chapter Five:

Thor crept into Loki's room and looked through my luggage. Me and Loki were cuddled up together still asleep. Thor found my Polaroid camera and took a photo of us. This caused me and Loki to wake up. He summoned his daggers and I made a fire ball. Ready to throw at whoever had woken us from our slumber. Thor snapped another picture of us looking angry. He waved the photos around put the camera and the pictures on the bed and ran away before we could say anything.
'Morning love.' Loki said to me with his raspy morning voice. We both laid back down I rested my head on his chest and played with his hair and responded with 'Morning darling.' I looked at him and smiled. I snuggled into the crook of his neck and he kissed my hair. I wanted too stay like this forever with him but I knew he'd need too be somewhere doing some royal business.
'I haven't got too do anything today. Would you like too meet Thor's friends?' I looked up at his eyes.
'I would love too.' I gave him a quick peck and rummaged through my luggage looking for something too wear. In the end I went with a Loki's white blouse a black bralette, skinny black ripped jeans, black Chelsea boots, my bracelet, my locket and finally my iconic leather jacket.
Loki used magic to put on his armour. He looks so hot like that. I thought.
'Thank you y/n.' He said I snapped out of my thoughts blushing a crimson red remembering that he can read minds.
We walked down the hall to see Thor. He had a lounge area which was shared with Loki. We were still pretty annoyed at him for what he did. So me and Loki put blue hair die in his shampoo.
'Morning Thor.' I said to him clicking my tongue.
'Ahhh Lady Rhea. Wonderful too see you not in a huddle with my brother.' Me and Loki glared at him. A lady coughed. She had fair skin long dark hair and she was beautiful.
'Oh my Satan Sif is that you?' I asked pulling her into a tight hug too the point she could barely breath.
'Auntie Y/N????!!!!!! Mother was so worried.' She said as I let go and she grabbed my hands tightly as though I would vanish again.
'I can't believe it's you. Your so beautiful and so womanly. You were six or seven when I last saw you. I can't believe you remember me?' I told her with tears in my eyes.
'Hold up a minute did Sif just say Auntie?' Thor asked confused.
'Do you want too tell them or should I?' I giggle not looking away from her eyes. 'You look just like her.' I look at her in disbelief.
'You can do the honours.'
'When I was on the run from Odin. Sifs mother took me in and showed me kindness. She risked her life too me. I told her one day I would return. Not matter how dangerous. I would see Sif as a lady.' I pulled her into another hug and kissed her hair. I let go of her and admired her. 'She made me realise everyone deserves love no matter how fucked up they are.' I walked back over too Loki and said 'maybe that a lesson you need to learn Lohk.' I smiled at him and he gave me a sad smile back.
'Yeah Lohk?' Sif said mocking us slightly. 'How long have you two been courting then?'
After an arkwad moment of silence. Loki said 'we haven't had the chat yet......' I smiled. Just before anything could get anymore arkwad. Three men burst through the doors Loki looked annoyed by their presence before they even said anything. I walked over too Loki and stood slightly in front but too his right. I took his hand behind my back and caressed it gently. He soothed from this.

'Lady y/n these are some more of my friends. They are the warrior three. That's Hogun, Volstagg and Fandral.' Hogun and Volstagg nodded at me. Fandral walked up to me took the hand that wasn't behind my back and kissed it. Loki snarled and gripped my hand tighter. I realised Loki was getting pretty heated from this.
'Anyway me and Loki best be off we promised Frigga we'd go see her right LoLo?' I said to him attempting too cool off the situation.
'Right darling.' He smiled at me great fully let go off my hand and we left.
'Thank you for that my dear. I really needed out of their.'
'Of course my love.'I leant up too him and kissed his nose.
'Would you like too go on a walk?' He asked me
I agreed and we started walking. He held his arm out and I took it. We walked for a while until in a comfortable silence until we reached a beautiful garden it was about 7pm the sun was starting too set and he lit candles with his magic. He had made us food with blankets and books. It was amazing the waterfall cascading over the rocks.
We sat down on the blanket and we ate we drank and we read books. It was wonderful.
'Y/N I need too tell you something....' he said nervously.
'What is it Loki?' He seemed nervous this scared me I really liked him but was I ready to commit too one person.
'I-I um well I.......' he stumbled over his words like a teenager in love.
'Loki breathe just breathe. I caressed his cheek and he purred slightly.
'I-I-I miss Midgard.' I smiled at him slightly disappointed slightly relieved that I wouldnt have too say those 3 dreaded words back. I played with my bracelet slightly.
'I miss Midgard too. If we miss it so much maybe we should cut our trip short. I really don't feel like bumping into Odin again.' I smiled at him warmly.
'I agree we should leave tomorrow we can always come back.' He said. I nodded.
'I should say goodbyes though.' He agreed and we walked back. I got changed got in bed and he did the same.
'Goodnight y/n.'
'Goodnight Loki.'
I woke up in the morning and got into the shower what the fuck happened last night? I panicked about literally three words why couldn't I say them? Why couldn't he say them? Does he even like me? Does he want me? I sat down in the shower with the cool water running over me my eyes filling up with tears. I don't know how long I sat like that it felt like an eternity but an eternity didn't feel long enough. I stopped crying got out of the shower and splashed cool water on my face. I undid my glamour spell it was difficult too stay in my human form all the time it was exhausting. I heard the door from the room to the hallway close I assumed that Loki had gone too get breakfast or gone too see Thor.

I wrapped a towel around my body my skin bright red my eyes completely black. Horns poking through my now completely black hair. I walked out of the bathroom into the room and sighed and closed my eyes.
'Y/N? Is that you?' Loki whispered he sounded horrified. My eyes snapped open. He was in shock I put my glamour back on and I burst into tears. I used a spell to get dressed and then ran out of the room. I needed too see Frigga. I needed her right now. I needed my best friend. I ran down the corridors.

I ran into the throne room where she was with Odin and I fell too my knees crying. It broke her heart too see me like this. I didn't care that Odin would see me weak. I had only just moved on I only just stopped wearing the bracelet all the time. I only wore it sometimes. Now it was ruined. He was the best thing I never had.

Frigga rushed too my side and ushered me out I was stilling a crying mess. She took me too her room and sat me down on a bed. She made me a brandy tea and I drank it. We laid on her bed and cuddled until I couldn't cry anymore. When I had finally calmed down.
'Y/N what happened?' Frigga asked with concern in her voice.
I managed too croak out 'H-He saw me M-My T-True Form.' More tears silently this time ran down my cheek.
'Y/N love you know Loki is a frost giant right?'
I looked at her in shock
'Loki's a frost giant?' I asked her nervously.
Yes. He's ashamed of his true form too. Maybe it's something you can bond over.'
I stopped crying and she wiped the tears from my cheeks.
'Y/N you are perfect even after your funny turns. You are amazing and if he can't see that it's his loss but you really need to talk too him about this.' I nodded and sniffled.
'Me and Loki are going back to Midgard today. He misses his friends their.' She nodded.
'Goodbye but only for now.' She hugged me once again and I said my goodbye and left.

A/N sorry it's short didn't want too make it longer and ruin it.
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