The Devils Daughter The Chaotic God and Assassin

Chapter Six:

I walked through the corridors breathing heavily. Knowing I would need too explain myself to him. I didn't want too but it needed to be done. I hope he forgives me.

Loki was sitting with Thor, the warrior three and Sif. He looked happy smiling and laughing.
'Hey what's up you guys?' I asked.
'The sky?' Thor asked and I giggled.
'Loki?' I asked while my hands shaked slightly.
'Mhm?' He smiled at me this eased my nerves slightly.
'Can we um you know talk?'I stumbled over my words.
'Of course darling.' He gave me a sad smile and we made our way too our room. We sat down on the edge of the bed.
'I-I'm sorry for running away earlier.' I tried not too catch eyecontact with him.
'Y/N it's fine I get it. Somethings are difficult. So what was that exactly.' He asked me as he took my hand and lifted my chin up so I met his eyes.
'It was my true form my non human form. This is my glamour.' He sighed and closed his eyes. He let go of my chin. I looked down again. He changed into his Jotun form. I looked at him and caressed his cheek.
'Lohk your beautiful.' He smiled sadly at me. I turned into my demon form and he ran his hand through my black hair. We gave each other a sad smile and lent our foreheads together. We must of stayed like that at least for an hour. When we finally separated. I looked at his eyes and saw a sadness in them. They were a beautiful red tone.

Sometime later, turned back into our human forms and made our way too Thor's lounge. We walked in and we got some questionable looks, some winks and a wolf whistle. Me and Loki just rolled our eyes at them. Me and Loki stood in the door way and said our goodbyes.

Thor walked us too the bifrost.
'See you soon thunder boy.' I have him a big hug. He hugged me back tighter.
He responded with 'Sooner than you know fire girl.' I giggled at him. Loki nodded his head at Thor and said 'goodbye brother.' Thor pulled him into a hug too after he let me go. Loki looked extremely uncomfortable but he eased into it.
'Tell my friends I said hello.' He said me and Loki nodded and we stepped into the bifrost. Don't get me wrong I've done this before many times but it never seems to get any easier. I grabbed onto Loki for dear life. Before I knew it we were on the top of the tower. Paparazzi was on the ground trying too take photos of us. Clint and Nat ran up too the roof too see what the sound was.
'Y/N, Loki you're back? But you're early?' Nat said.
'Yeah well Odin wasn't very friendly and Loki missed you.' Nat and Clint looked shocked. I stood on my tippy toes and pinched his cheek and he started too blush. I gave them hugs and insisted that Loki did too.

'Where's everyone?' I asked. 'They're on a mission they should be back soon.' Clint said.
We walked inside and I sat in the medical bay. This was a rough mission without Nat, Clint or Thor. Their was gonna be a fair few injuries. I got out some equipment so I could be prepared. I may not be a nurse or a doctor but I do know how too heal. I also summoned my healing Grimore as well as any ingredients I may need.

I heard the doors burst open and their was a lot of noise I could hear running, panting and crying. I ran out of the doors and I saw arguably one of my worst fears Bucky was hurt. Steve was running carrying him.
'Get him to the medical bay now.' I yelled Steve nodded. This was the worst Bruce was still hulking out. Nat Clint and Loki were no where to be seen. Poor Bucky was unconscious.

'Looks like it's my turn to play doctor.' I bit my lip and opened my Grimore.
'Y/N that's not going to work magic won't work on him.' Steve growled at me.
'I can't think with you breathing down my neck.' I growled at him. 'Your gonna wanna leave. This ain't gonna be pretty.' Steve left and I got too work casting spells. Nothing was working so I made a rash decision that was going to hurt people lots of people.
'Oh fuck I'm sorry Buck buts it's the only way.' I brushed my hand over his face.
I closed my eyes and pulled my heart out of my chest and split it. I put my half back into my chest and tore Bucky's dying heart out and put the other half of my heart into his chest.
I took off my bracelet, put it into his hand and closed it. He will remember now and theirs nothing I can do about it.
I walked out of the medical bay everyone seemed okay. Hulk has turned back into Bruce and they were all sitting on couches. I walked over to them and they immediately looked at me waiting for bucks results. '
He's unconscious but he should wake up soon he won't need much rest he should be fine. You can go visit him if you want.' I nodded at Steve he nodded back and walked to Bucky in the med bay .
'I'm going to bed that was extremely draining for me.' I nodded at everyone walked into my room laid on my bed and crashed out.

I woke up the next morning still in yesterday's clothes. I looked like a mess. Anyone would think I'm doing the walk of shame.I walked downstairs and went too the kitchen.
'Morning all.' I said with a smile.
'Morning y/n.' Wanda said while making pancakes.
'How's Bucky doing?' I asked Steve while a brewed a tea.
'He's doing good. He should wake up soon he took a nap.' Steve smiled at me. 'Actually can I talk to you y/n?' He scratched the back of his neck.
'Of course Steve.' He nodded and we walked out of the kitchen into his room which wasn't far.
'Y/N what were you doing in 1947?' He looked at me suspiciously. Shit he knows. I need to make something up quick.
'I was in hell I think. Why do you ask?' I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. He grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him.
'I only ask because we both know that's not true.' I raised my eyebrows.
'I don't quite know what you mean Steve.' I asked through my gritted teeth. Raising my voice slightly.
'We both know that you worked for HYDRA so don't even try lying.' He whisper yelled at me.
'Alright what's it gonna take for you too forget this information?' I snarled at him. He laughed.
'You have nothing I want. Just thought I'd let you know level the playing field.' I pulled my arm out of his grasp, composed myself and walked out of the room. I sighed and walked back to the kitchen. I grabbed some pancakes and starting eating.
'Wanda? Do you ever feel like you may have done something in the past and now you'll never quite be able to make amends?' I asked her.
'Y/n whatever you have done. Whoever you have hurt. Your a better person now and you have us your strange family to help you with it. If you ever need me you know where my room is.' She pulled me into a great hug.

I avoided everyone all day I hid in my room and I just read books and watched movies and did some paperwork to send to my father. I cleaned and painted my nails. I thought long and hard about the decision I was about too make. Then I decided it was for the best. 'Friday can you set up a meeting with the avengers for 7pm tell them too bring some booze their gonna need it.'
She agreed and set up the meeting. I got dressed and took two bottles out of my case. I looked at the clock it read 6:45. I was shaking they might not want me after this. I poured myself an extra large brandy I was going to need some liquid courage for this conversation. I swallowed it in one gulp and waited until the clock read 6:58 and I headed to the meeting room.

'So I-I um need to tell you something....' I told them. I looked too Wanda for a confidence boost. She nodded her head smiled and winked at me.
'In the year 1947 I had a fight with my father he banished me too Earth and stripped me of my powers. I found my self in Russia. I walked into a bar and I saw a poster for a singer. I decided that I would become a performer I would have a place too stay and a steady income. I didn't know that by signing up I would be a member of HYDRA.' I told them.
'You worked for HYDRA?' Stark asked while rubbing his hand over my face. Wanda stood up and walked around the long meeting desk and put her hand on my shoulder and massaged it slightly.
'I became quite the gem. I was the entertainer. Many men would come to the speakeasy. I loved working their i got too sing which made me happy. I never really connected with anyone hydra agents, mob bosses, prozzys. I didn't care about them. One day I had too cover a shift for one of the bartenders he was very sick. Then this man walked in. Full of charm and charisma. We hit it off. HYDRA found out about the relationship I didn't see him again. Father forgave me and I went back too hell.' I smiled sadly. I never saw him again. The half of my heart I had left ached.
'Lilith?' Bucky muttered.
'What was that Bucky?' I asked him with slightly furrowed brows.
'Lilith Carnell?' I posed it as a question that he already knew the answer too.
'That was my stage name.' I smiled.
'Then this must be yours.'he stood up and walked around too me, took my wrist and placed the bracelet on it. 'I thought you were dead!' He told me 'And I thought you were assassinated.' I smiled at him slightly. 'Does anyone have any questions?' I asked.
Everyone shook their heads. Except from Bruce.
'I'm sorry y/n but how is Bucky alive he should be dead the bullet went into his heart?'
I turned to Bucky and asked him 'Do you trust me?'
'Not really but what the hell.' I laughed lightly I put my hand through his chest and pulled out the half heart in his chest.
'He only has a half heart now. As do I.' I pulled out the half heart in my chest.
'I tore my heart in half so he could have a second chance at life. The only thing is we are linked as long as I'm alive. He will be alive. But if one of us dies we both die.' Their was a long pause.
'Y/N you did that for me?' Bucky asked me.
'Of course why wouldn't I? You were their for me when no one else was. Even when you were loosing yourself in the serums.' I smiled at him and pulled him into a tight hug. We stood and held each other for a moment until we were disturbed by a loud bang of a hand hitting the table. It was Loki he looked heartbroken. He walked out of the room mumbling something inaudible. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in and followed Loki out the room. I knew this would hurt him. I owe him an explanation or at least a conversation.

Hey you guys. Who do you think y/n should end up with. This was the first plot twist of many. So please come back to finish this up.

~Rhea 🥀✌🏻
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