The Devils Daughter The Chaotic God and Assassin

Chapter Seven:

'Loki...Loki.....wait!' I ran after him. He was determined too keep walking and carry on. So I threw a knife at him missing his ear by millimetres. He turned around harshly his eyes flickering red.
'What is it y/n? What do you want? Hmm. You want me too be vulnerable so you can hurt me? News flash I'm a monster and a bad person.' He suddenly yelled at me walking towards me I walked backwards until I felt my back hit the wall.
'Loki you are not a monster. You are a powerful, funny, sweet and loveable god.' I yelled back at him matching his firm tone.
'Y/N I killed 80 people in two days. I am a monster and you should stay away from me.' He said warningly moving so our mouths were millimetres away from each other. I could feel his warm minty breath on my face. This was what I craved to be this close to him but this wasn't about me this was about him. I could see him losing control of his form. I grabbed onto his arm and teleported too my room. He turned into his jotun form and i turned into my demon form. He started too shake and shiver and cry.

I pulled open the bed sheets and laid him down. I walked around the other side of the bed and got in too. I pulled the bedsheets over us and pulled him into the crook of my neck and I cradled him until he fell asleep. The good thing about sleep is that you can escape whatever your world is even for just a few hours it's nice. Sometimes you need it. I played with his hair and breathed in his minty scent. I wanted too stay with him like this forever. I kissed his head and snuggled him into me. Not long after I fell asleep.

In the morning, I felt Loki's cool body against mine and I looked down at him. He's beautiful. The way he just lays with his head muffled into my shoulder. The way he smiles. Even his laugh gives me butterflies. Even though i spend so much time with Loki I still can't quite figure out why I keep thinking about Bucky.

'Morning darling.' He said to me in a groggy morning voice while his eyes fluttered open.
'Morning LoLo.' I smiled at him. I brushed some of his hair out his face and he turned back into his usual form as did I.
'How did you sleep?' I asked him while biting my bottom lip and staring at his mouth.
'I slept well my dear. How did you sleep?' He asked me while inching closer and closer towards me.
'I slept the best I've slept in a long time.' I gave him a small smile our lips almost touching. I put my hand on Loki's face and caressed it. He put his hand on the back of my head and brushed his soft lips against mine.
'I love you y/n more than anything.' He told me honestly while intertwining our fingers.
'I love you more LoLo.' I kissed him again.

I heard a small gasp and someone say awwww from the air vents. I knew it must be Clint their isn't anyone else who climbs through them. Me and Loki both chuckled.

We both got changed using magic into lounge wear and we both walked down into the kitchen. We got some wolf whistles, some eyebrow raises and some winks off the team. I just rolled my eyes and grabbed a bowl of cereal and a mug of British tea. My head started too tingle so I stood up suddenly. Then I blacked out. Everything was warm and sunny. I was in some strange place. Then I realised he's here. He's here in America and I need too go to him. He's at Lux.

I opened my eyes and I was in the medical bay. I turned to my left and saw Loki and Bucky sitting their almost panicked.
'What happened?' I asked them.
'Y/n you had a nosebleed and passed out.' Bucky said almost sighing of relief seeing I was awake.
Suddenly Thor bursts through the door.
'Brother what is this about you being in love that you called me down here too talk about.' I raised my eyebrows and sat up and looked between Thor and Loki until Bucky realised it was time he left.
'Get better soon doll.' Bucky patted my hand before he left.
'Thor why can't you be quiet for once y/n is extremely ill you oaf.'' I laughed at Loki's concern.
'It's ok LoLo. Thor make your brother eat something before he ends up Ill.' Loki took my hand in concern.
'Are you sure you'll be alright my love?' He tucked some of my hair behind my ear. I nodded he kissed the hand that he was holding and escorted Thor out of the room. I felt like a was in a fairytale. I'm a Princess who got the prince of her dreams although he's not technically mine and oh shit I forgot about fucking Bucky. I need to talk too him.
'Hi y/n how you feeling?' Bruce walked in with a smile.
'I'm feeling good just a bit of a headache.' I smiled back at him.
'Ok I'll give you some more pain meds get some rest and I'll discharge you tomorrow.' He told me.
'Thank you Bruce.' I gave him a sad smile. He pumped some more pain killers into me and I fell back asleep.
I woke up the next day with Loki by my side. It was just me and Loki it was nice. He was reading out loud too me and sipping a cup of tea. It took me a moment too realise what he was reading but when I did I realised it was my favourite Wuthering heights.
'I love you LoLo.' I said with my eyes closed.
'Awake are we?' He said with a slight smirk.
I opened one eye and said 'Maybe.' I let out a small giggle and so did he.
'I love you too y/n/n.' He smiled at me. I haven't been this happy in well ever but I still need to talk too Bucky. Bruce came in we had a chat and he discharged me.

Loki walked me too my room and left, I got changed and wrote down to look into 'lux club'. It must mean something. I opened my decanter and poured myself a large brandy. I was going too need it for what was going I was going to do next.
'Friday ask Bucky too come to my room.' The AI responded and did as I asked. Five minutes later their was a knock on my door.
I sat on my thrown and yelled 'come in.' He walked in and ran a hand through his long hair.
'How are you feeling doll?' He asked with a sympathetic smile.
'Much better. Drink?' I asked him he nodded in response.
I walked over to my drinks trolley and he asked 'what did you want to talk about?' He asked with a cute smile. I gave him his drink and sat in the chair opposite the throne. I felt like some all powerful mob boss or something.
'We were never forever you know that right?' I asked him while taking a swallow of my brandy.
'I know y/n. I know.' He said to me with a sad smile.
'We had a good run though didn't we.' I smiled at him and laughed at some of the memories.
I smiled he fished his drink I walked him too the door I hugged him and breathed in his scent.
'Bucky? should have this back.' I opened his hand placed the bracelet in it and closed it. He nodded and he left.

I grabbed a bottle of wine with a glass and walked too my en-suite I poured myself a bubble bath and took a long hot steamy soak. Suddenly I felt something tickle the inside of my nose and my upper lip. I smeared my hand over my face and had a look at it. Shit I've got another nosebleed. I jumped out of my bathtub not thinking and ran down the hall completely naked until I reached Bruce's lab. Bruce turned around and saw me.
'Oh-um y-y/n your naked.' He said then the room started too spin and I blacked out.

A/N I know it's a short one but I wanted a cliffhanger. Why does y/n keep having nosebleeds? What's Lux and why did she dream about it? Who's L and who's the necklace from? Come back too find out. I'm going to post every Friday. This book will have between 15-20 chapters but I'm going to do a book two as-well.

~Rhea ✌🏻🥀
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