The Devils Daughter The Chaotic God and Assassin

Chapter eight:

I woke up in the medical bay trying too gather my memory's. Ok so I was in the bath then I had a nosebleed then I ran naked to the medical bay. Wait am I naked now? I looked down and I was covered in a blanket.
'Ah good your awake.' Bruce gave me a kind smile and walked over to me. Are you going too tell me why you keep passing out and having nosebleeds or is it a mystery?' I laughed lightly at his humour. Bruce is a nice guy the others don't see it because they only use him for the hulk but he funny, smart and sweet and it's also pretty clear that Nat likes him and he likes her.
'He wants me back.' I gave him a sad smile.
'Who y/n? Who wants you back?' He asked me with concern in his voice.
I breath heavily and whisper 'my father.' His eyes widen with surprise. 'You can't tell anyone promise you won't tell anyone. I'm sorting it out and it'll be fine just don't tell anyone. Especially not Loki.' I say and grab his hand.
'I promise I won't tell anyone y/n but please get this sorted.' I nodded and got changed. He discharged me I summoned some tea and walked too the library. I sat down, summoned a book and started too read on one of the leather sofas when I heard some footsteps.
'Who's their? I will turn you into ashes if you don't show yourself right now.' I threatened. The footsteps got heavier and I created a fire ball.
'It's me love.' Loki stepped out of the shadows chuckling with his hands raised. I smiled rolled my eyes and chuckled. He walked over to me grabbed my waist and pulled me in for a hug I breathed his scent. He smelled different today like cinnamon. I relaxed with his arms while I was cradled in his embrace.
We sat down on the sofa and we read and drank tea for about three hours.
'Miss Morningstar. Miss Romanoff wishes too speak with you. She is in the lab.' Friday spoke.
I stood up said goodbye to Loki kissed his cheek and left. I wonder what Nat wants too talk to me about. I haven't done anything wrong have I?
'Y/n girls trip you have an hour to pack!' Nat said excitedly.
'Me,you, Wanda with booze on a beach. I'm in.' I say too her and I run to pack my stuff. I throw some clothes bikinis makeup and other bits into a bag and run downstairs.
You ready Wanda asks me.
Born ready. I responded. We were about to leave the tower when Tony stops us.
'And where do you lady's think your going?' He asks.
'Girls trip.' I respond innocently. Wanda nods in agreement.
'San Diego. To your mansion.' Nat say as she smiles and Carry's on walking.
'Wait we are going too where they do comic con?' I ask excitedly. Wanda furrows her eyebrows and Nat laughs.
We walk too Starks garage which felt like a show room and we walked around. In the end we chose a white jeep. We got in the car and Nat started driving. I called Tony.
'Hey Tony I need a favour.' I say innocently.
'What do you need?' He asks me.
'Theirs a car that's in England. It's really important to me and I was wondering if you could get it shipped over? It's a 1981 Audi Quattro in red.' I tell him. Nat and Wanda look at each other then at me. Tony agreed and we said our goodbyes.
'What's so important about this car?' Nat asked.
'It was an old friend of mine Gene Hunts car. Best DCI I ever got too work with. He loved that car and I was surprised when I received it in his inheritance.' I smiled at the distant memory of an old friend.
'Was this Gene Hunt good looking?' I asked me with a giggle.
'He was an alcoholic and a smoker.' I chuckled at the thought of him.
I opened the back of my phone case and pulled out a picture. That's him and that's the car.

I show them the picture and they smile.
'He was my best friend. Even though I hated his opinion on women. His motto was maid in the living room, cook in the kitchen and whore in the bedroom.' I laughed. Nat raised her eyebrows and Wanda just looked shocked. 'I have you guys now and your not a misogynistic bastards.'

We arrived at the mansion and it was huge. We all claimed a room threw our bags down and put on bikinis and shorts and tops over the top. We grabbed some drinks, some towels and an umbrella and set of to the beach. Luckily it was only a five minute walk to it. When we got their we set out the towels and the umbrella. We open drinks and lay down chatting and tanning.

I told them about the whole Bucky and Loki situation and I told them that me and Loki are in that awkward place where you don't really know what you are. Friends? Lovers? Soulmates? I mean I don't know I doubt Loki knows. They both said play it cool see where it goes. Just enjoy it so that's what I plan on doing.

A dark shadow stood in front of the sun that sent shivers down my spine. I lifted my sunglasses and put them on my head.
Tony, what in Satan's name are you doing here?'
I asked with furrowed brows. Squinting slightly.
'Nothing in his name.' We both chuckled.
'I thought it would be a nice team bonding experience.' He smiles at me innocently. Nat rolls her eyes and huffs. Before I knew it the whole team was here laying out towels.
'Y/N the car should be at the tower in three days.' He says with a smile.
'Thanks Tony I owe you one. It's a big deal for me.' I smile at him. 'I'm going in the water. You coming Wanda?' She looked smiled and nodded.
I unbuttoned my shorts, pulled them over my arse and put them on my towel. I noticed Bucky and Loki eyeing me. So I pulled my shirt over my head. I flipped my hair grabbed Wanda's hand and we went into the ocean. It was calming and romantic. Wanda turned around and elbowed me.
'Did you know he had abs?' Wanda asked me with a smirk. I turned around.
'Oh shit. No i didn't.' I started staring slightly.
'Enjoying the show?' Loki shouted at me I snap out of my trance and blushed. I turned around and stared out into the ocean.
'I'm gonna go talk too vision.' She said too me. 'okay.' I smiled and nodded. I sat down in the ocean the sun was starting too set it looked beautiful.
'Hey.'someone came and sat down next too me and turned to my left and saw Loki sitting next to me.
'Hey.' I replied and scooted closed to him. He put his hand on the ground and I put mine next too it.
'The sunset is beautiful.' He said I nodded in agreement. 'But not as beautiful as you.' He took my hand and I looked down at my lap and blushed a heavy red tone. I look at him and he smirked at me.
'Loki? What are you thinking?' I could see a glimmer of mischief in his eye. Shit what's he thinking. Before I could think he picked me up bridal style ran further into the ocean and dropped me into it.
'Loki oh my Satan what the fuck.' I scream as I'm gasping for breath. I laughed at me and I could here the laughs of the rest of the team. I conjure up a big wave and throw it over Loki. He ends up falling backwards under the water. I cackled at him.
'Y/n you are so dead.' He shouts at me once he had steadied his breath and he started chasing me and I ran and kept running until we got nearer to the others. Then he tripped me over but in turn he fell over too and all of a sudden he was on top of me. My breath hitched slightly at the movement. He bought his face towards mine and stared deep into my eyes it was like he was burning a whole through my soul (well if I had one). My legs curled up around his waist as he kissed me passionately.

For one moment it was like it was just him and I. No one else in the world. Just us. That was until we were disturbed by wolf whistles along with many other comments. Especially from stark. He made one joke about us being bonnie and Clyde. Me and Loki both chuckled at this comment. We pulled away from each other before we gave them the full display of love.

Shortly after, we decided too go back to the beach mansion.
'Tony how come you have a nickname for everyone except me?' I ask him while he was looking at a Cantonese delivery menu.
'Well I haven't decided on one for you yet.' He responded with raised eyebrows.
'When we first met you, you said that you had a true form and that your current form was a glamour. Can we see your true form?' Nat asked curiously.
'Y/n you don't have too if you don't want too.' Loki said worried and quickly walked over to me.
'It's ok Lohk. Are you guys sure? Cuz once you see it theirs no going back.' They nod. I stand up from where I was sitting on the sofa and moved away from them slightly. I closed my eyes and felt my skin change too red, my hair go shoulder length and black and for my horns poke through my hair. Peter ran over to me and hugged me. I was very taken back by this. I thought of all people he would be scared. I hugged him back.
'Y/n your so pretty.' He said as he squeezed me tightly. I didn't expect him too be so kind. I smiled at him.
'At least I know what I'm gonna call you now, Red.' Tony chuckled and so did I.
'My father would love you.' I say too Tony he smiles and calls for the food. 'Anyone want a drink?' They all agreed I made cocktails.
'Now spidey yours is a mock tail.' A smile give him his drink and wink at him. He smiles at me understanding that that wasn't true. I passed them out too everyone.
'Y/n these are really good.' Nat complimented me and I nodded in response.
'So red why did you want that car so bad?'
Well I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met a DCI Gene Hunt in Manchester then we moved to London. I helped him bust some cases. We became really close. He went too a sight alone one day. I told him too wait for back up but he didn't. He was shot twice once in the head once in the heart and they buried him. In a shallow grave. In his will I received the Quattro.' My eyes filled with tears and Tony pulled me into a hug. He was warm and comforting scent to him. Then strangely I felt another set of arms around me. It was Peter. It made me feel more comfortable in my true form. Then I felt two more sets of arms wrapped around us it was Nat and Steve. Before I knew it everyone was wrapping their arms around as a little group hug. Everyone except from Loki. My dark black eyes still filling with tears I look at him and give him a sad smile
'Please.' I whispered to him. He nodded and joined the group hug.
'Looks like Frosty the snowman has a heart then.' Tony laughed while still in the hug.
'Only because the she devil thawed it.' We all laughed at Loki's comment. No one really thought he was such a comedian. Slowly people started too peel of until it was just me and Loki. We didn't let go we couldn't we needed to hold onto each other. Loki pulled away from me and cupped my face.
'I love you y/n.' He said looking in my eyes then down to my lips.
'I love you too Loki.' He put both of his hands on my cheek and caressed them. He leant close to me and lightly brushed his lips against mine.
'Awww frosty and red sitting in a tree
k-I-S-S-I-N-G.' Stark starting singing and I flipped him off. Stark laughed at my action. 'Peter why don't you put a movie on and we can chill and eat when the food comes.' I said as
'Yeah okay.' He responded. He puts on a movie called suicide squad by a company called DC. It was a strange movie. Stark kept comparing me and Loki to Harley-Quinn and The joker. The food came and we ate everyone looked really tired so I mumbled some words and everyone was wearing their PJs.
'What the fuck did you do?' Bucky asked
'I put everyone in what they sleep in so we don't have too get changed duh.' I rolled my eyes and chuckled at his stupid comment. Loki cleared his throat.
'Y/n?....... '
I um sleep naked.......
'Oh shit sorry' I giggled slightly. I summoned a blanket and covered him over but made sure I got a peak at it. Damn that things massive like it would destroy you.
'Y/N Y/M/N MORNINGSTAR WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU??' Wanda yelled at me. Oh shit I forgot she could read thoughts. Then I remembered Loki can too....
Loki and Wanda started laughing and I blushed furiously. I flashed an arkwad smile and ran off to my room. That was the last they saw of me that night.


lots of plot development here. I'm debating on whether Loki and y/n at some point should have kids. Obviously not soon they ain't together yet. But tell me if that's something you'd be interested in. Also I have a major surprise coming soon. TYSM for 75+ reads. Every time I see a new read it makes me smile like I'm doing something important. My personal IG is Rhxa_c if you want too check it out no pressure. If you need to talk too someone my dms are always open. Tbh I need more friends. 😂 Comment vote and watt not.

Love all of you.

~Rhea 🥀✌🏻
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