what never was; regulus black


“I still hate you” “Feelings mutual” Kind of “enemies” to lovers. Kind of a slow burn but not. A whole ass mess.

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:


Collaboration with mchpottr4 (wattpad handle)

All chapters have been copy and pasted from wattpad (handle is the same as it is here) so the pictures (that indicate who’s pov it is) won’t be included, instead it’s just text, and the italic writing (showing the pov’s thoughts) won’t be included either, it’ll just be normal text). I am purely posting these chapters on to inkitt as a way to store the book incase wattpad decided to take it down. I highly recommend reading the book over on wattpad. Though you’re probably coming from there anyway.


Sorry, this is going to BLAG.

Just to cover all bases.

This is the first book i've wrote - i've always loved writing but never good at it. I've improved a lot and somewhat satisfied with myself. As the book progresses the writing does. We started this in December of 2020, it's now been a month and the difference in writing from the first chapter to the eleventh is huge.

Thankyou for taking the time out of your day to read - any constructive criticism is more then welcome! either comment it, write it on the conversation board or message me.

This is a Regulus Black fanfic - i in no way own the character. That lies with JKR, along with any other characters mentioned in the harry potter books. We however, own the rights to our original characters - such as Ophelia Hart and any other characters that may come in to the book.

non of this is particularly based on canon, of course Regulus Black and his story line is cannon. however, we are sort of using Regulus and adapting him in our own way.

because let's be honest, Regulus is the real slytherin king!

i know my writing isn't the greatest, but i do feel as though me and the person that i've collaborated this book with (mchpottr4 ) have put a lot of time and thought into this and it can only get better from here.

this book is sort of 'enemies' to lovers - enemies is a very strong word, i'd better describe it as 'haters' to lovers.

considering this book is set in the 1970's and that was a very different time, there will be no use of homophobic or racial slurs.


mature content.
possible mention of sh
/self deprecating behaviour.
physical /emotional abuse.
drug use / abuse.
alcohol use / abuse.
family issues.
possible mention of non pleasant thoughts.

if anyone has any triggers that aren't listed comment them, or message me them and if they happen to come up in this book i'll add them to the list.

this list doesn't necessarily mean that all will be included, some will. I'm just covering all ground in case they do come up later on.

Other things to note

I'll be adding Regulus' point of view from chapter 13 - there will be a banner or a note at the top of each chapter letting you know who's pov it is. (it'll flip back and forth)

yes the first few chapters are fucking SHIT and i'm way to lazy to rewrite everything so the 13th is where the real story starts ig 🙄

Face claims

These are some face claims to the characters i thought would work well - in no way are you obligated to use these. If you have other images in mind of the characters, please, by all means, use them.

Although, i would love for you too acknowledge and accept that Ophelia Hart is a poc.

these will change as i add original characters or if the imagine i percept of them changes.

But i will tell you when i've added a character at the top of the chapter.

Timothée Chalamet as Regulus Black

Ben Barnes as Sirius Black

Aaron Taylor Johnson as James Potter

Andrew Garfield as Remus Lupin

Dane Dehaan as Peter Pettigrew

Lovie Simone as Ophelia Hart

Hunter Schafer as Lorelai Akers

(go onto wattpad) as Rose Evans

(go onto wattpad) as Megan Rider

Matt Czuchry as Tristan Butcher

Lorenzo Zurzolo as Enoch Wilkes

Evan Peters as Icarus Nott

Lennon Gallagher as Balfour Greengrass

(go to wattpad) as Mackenzie Gallagher

I in no way, at all, support JKR nor stand by any of the actors that portrayed characters in the films that haven't spoke up about the issues in hand.

I completely support all LGBTQ+ and BLM.

If you're reading this, and you don't support any of this please, kindly stop reading.

enjoy ig :)

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