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Sixth sense


They say you know when you are going to die. Like a sixth sense. There can be no signs or anything indicated that you are about to die but you just know you will. Or, you can be face to face with death knowing you are going to lose. Either way, you can just tell when you are about to die. Right now, that’s what’s happening...

Romance / Fantasy
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“We’re going to be late, come on! The train leaves at 11:00, hurry up!” That’s my bloody brother, Caleb. He’s two years older than me and best friends with the Weasley twins. Not to mention he’s on the quidditch team and super popular. Though he is only two years older than me he acts like I’m five. We are basically complete opposites, he’s a 6th year Slytherin and I am a 4th year Slytherin. Even though we are in the same house, we still have almost nothing in common. Oh, shit! We are going to be late!

“Coming!” I call out to my brother from the top of the stairs of our manor.

I guess you could define our family as “perfect”... only if you didn’t know us. Though my family is one of the richest families at Hogwarts, my brother and I barely ever talk to our parents and when we do it normally results in my father yelling at me and then my mother doing nothing about it. My father will be like ‘Why aren’t you more like you’r brother, Alice?’ When ever he says that I just want to kill him, or myself. My parents aren’t around often, but if they are it’s most likely for a party of some sort that my brother and I will have to go to and have some rich snob be our date so we can marry them. It’s honestly barbaric, forcing you’r children to have some brat as their date to some where they don’t even want to go. Not to mention they will make you act just about the opposite of yourself so you look good in front of their rich people friends.

“Hurry the hell up, come on!”

“Jesus, I’m right here,” I stated dragging my trunk and owl behind me. He’s just pissed off because he hasn’t had sex all summer. My parents were home all summer so Caleb had no time for girls with our parents around.

Once we got to Kings Cross, I spotted the Weasley’s and ran over to them almost immediately. “Hey, there’s my favorite Larke,” Fred stated as I ran up to him and hugged him, along with his twin brother, George.

“Hey, Freddie. Hi, Georgie,” I said excitedly.

“Can you stop flirting and help me with this?” Caleb asked sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and went over to help Caleb with my owl and the luggage.

Once we were on the train, I sat with Ron in an empty compartment. Hermione and Harry ended up joining us. I wasn’t great friends with the three of them, I mainly only hung out with Hermione out of the group.

Once the train had stopped I got my luggage and left the compartment after the others. As I was walking down the isle of the train I ran into someone. I could tell they were taller than me because I’m pretty sure my head hit their chest. Now I was sitting on my arse on the floor. “Pathetic,” a deep voice scoffed.

“Sorry?” I reply with an attitude, looking up at them. He towered over me as I helplessly sat on the floor like a child. He had these oddly mesmerizing baby blue eyes. And a strand of his white hair was covering his eye from him looking down at me. He had a very defined jaw line and beautiful eye lashes. What the hell am I doing? Holy shit it’s fucking Draco! How the hell did I not comprehend that! Fuck!

“Enjoying the view?” Draco asked with his iconic smirk drawn on his face.
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