A Clone High fanfiction starring Joan and a 25-foot tall JFK, known as JFKong.

Adventure / Thriller
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A Little Background

Joan was an actress in Toronto until the day she arrived to find her theater closed down. She tried to get the performers back together, but her stage partner encouraged her to try out for a part in a stage show by her favorite writer Noah.

Joan tried to get an audition the producer had already cast someone else, and redirected her to a burlesque theater. On arriving, Joan considered going in, but thought better of it and walked away, eventually trying to steal a cookie stand and being saved from the stand owner by Chris McLean who bought her dinner and proposed that she join his movie crew filming in the far east.

She was initially hesitant, but agreed when she heard that Noah was writing the script. At the docks, the captain made her nervous with the implication that there would be a great risk involved in making the picture, but all the same she got on board. Joan, excited to meet Noah, practiced greetings in her mirror before donning one of the film costumes and going to breakfast. There, Chris introduced her to the film crew, and she mistook the sound recordist for Noah, much to her embarrassment.

While filming on deck, Joan was forced to improvise when one actor went off script. She apologized to Noah, who praised her performance. Over the course of the voyage she and Noah grew closer, and one night in his cabin he showed her a stage comedy he was writing for her, and the two shared a passionate kiss.

In the night, Joan went on deck to find the ship lost in deep fog. As it headed for rocks, Noah came to steady her, and in the morning the film crew set out to the shores of Skull Island. Joan was afraid and looked to Abe for comfort before they were attacked by natives and Joan’s screaming prompted something in the jungle to roar back at her. They made it back to the ship. Now here comes the interesting part.

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