all you need is love.


Rebecca is just an ugly, fat worthless girl from Doncaster. She has never been loved in her life, even by her own family. So why will that change when she bumps into One Direction in the center of Doncaster?

Romance / Drama
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All my life I have noticed that I have never really known what it has felt like to be loved. I know what it is to love just not what it is to be loved.

I live with my dad. My parents are divorced and I haven't had contact with my mum since forever. I guess you can't miss the things you have never had. But that doesn't mean I don't wish she was here, because I really do. Maybe she wouldn't treat me how my dad has done and still does. I'll tell you what I mean.
Ever since I can remember I have been physically abused. I wasn't brought up in the best of ways. I mean I used to go to the park all by myself ever since I was five or six. I am now sixteen. God knows what could have happened. Especially since I never went with any friends because I never had any. My dad has never kept the house wasn't very clean. I was about six or seven when I was in my bedroom crying because I was in trouble for something and as I was sat on my bed crying I suddenly saw a rat run across my bedroom floor. Now I am traumatised and have a phobia of rats. Talking about phobias I also have a phobia of glass because I while playing tag with my brother and his friends I fell on glass. I was only five at the time. But I did that at my nanas house. Anyway I went a little off track there. So back to the subject. I sleep on a mattress. There was no bedframe just a mattress. I also get a lunch for tea, by that I mean something like beans on toast for tea or dinner. Whatever you call it. But the weird thing is I only recently knew that it is wrong to abuse your child. All my life I thought I was getting a relatively normal upbringing. But I wasn't.
I guess you could say I have had a pretty hard life. I don't know why my dad doesn't just get a job. I have a part time job at the restaurant down the street.
Life at school isn't the best either. I get told on a daily basis that I smell, I'm better off dead, I'm too ugly to look at, I'm not good enough, I'll never succeed and that I will never have any friends. And I guess that it's true. Except the fact that I am smart. I must be to be in top set for ever subject. I always do really well on my tests.
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