Chapter 1

She stared at her reflection in the mirror, the woman staring back was nothing but beautiful. Her long brown hair, blue grey eyes , perfect nose and pouty lips matched her small, round face . Reaching in her pockets , she retrieved her phone . "One picture won't hurt ", she thought and proceeded to take pictures . It was her 18th birthday and her family were throwing a party , not a normal one , but one for the elites . Tonight she'd be coming across at least a hundred guys who'd ask her parents for her hand in marriage . She posts 4 photos on Instagram with the caption " Chapter 18" .

"Miss Moore" , comes the sweet voice of Violet , her maid.

She opens the door revealing the 20 year old woman about the same height as her . Her pink and white uniform hugging her tiny frame in all the right places. Her blonde hair complimenting her big , blue eyes . In other words , her beauty was ethereal.
Madelyn stared at her for a little while before answering "Yes man?" . A tinge of pink formed in her cheeks . "Please don't call me man, call me Violet like everyone does " . A smirk forms on Madelyn's face. She decided to tease her more .

She steps closer to the now fully flushed woman and whispers in her ear ,"I'd like you to call me something else " . "Anything Miss Moore" , she nervously stated.

"Call me mami", Madelyn goes on , "I'd like that ".

Violet nodded , still flushed .
" Don't nod, answer me " , her smirk now full of mischief.

"Yes Mami" .
Her smirk turns into a smile.The woman was surely cute .

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