Yandere father ceil x daughter reader


I have it on wattpad. It was my first story. I have some abuse. Their is no incest

Fantasy / Horror
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

(Third person POV)
Ceil was waiting to see his wife Lizzy, who had just gave birth to a baby girl. The doctor walk out of her room and said to Ceil , " Sir I'm sorry but your wife passed away after your daughter was born."
"What? Is the daughter ok? Why did Lizzy die?" Ceil said to the doctor with sadness. His voice was cracking.
" Sir we believe it was blood loss." The doctor said calmly. " Your daughter is fine."
"Can I see my wife then?" Ceil asked the doctor.
"Yes, she in the room." the doctor said.
"Ok thank you." Ceil said, then we walked in the room to see Lizzy on the bed, dead. " Lizzy why did you have to die. I can't do this alone." Ceil said to Lizzy dead body. Ceil saw a you in a basket and saw a baby girl with (you pick Lizzy hair or ceils hair color) colored hair and ( green or blue)eyes. "I'm not going to let anything happen to you like me. Thoughts doctors messed up so that's why your mother died" Ceil said to you.
The doctor walked in and asked ceil,"What will you name her?"
" Y/N, Y/N Phantomhive." Ceil said as he picked up his daughter. The doctor nod his head and wrote your name on her birth certificate and left.
" Sebastian!" Yelled Ceil, still holding you in his arms
"Yes my lord?" Sebastian ask walking into the room.
"That Lizzy body down to the cellar. We can't have her stay up here. And contact the undertaker for a coffin." Ceil told his butler, " Lizzy dead so we also need to contact her family as well"
"My what a tragedy, your child not growing up with out a mother" Sebastian said picked up Lizzy from the bed she was on.
" I didn't ask for your opinion!" Ceil said with anger, " I will raise my daughter the best I can. She doesn't need a mother as long as she has me in her life."
"Yes my lord." Sebastian exit the room.
Ceil looked at you again and said in a sweet and calm voice, " You don't need Lizzy as long as you got me. I will make sure you are protected."
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