Sirius/Marlene fanfic, after Hogwarts and during the war. "McKinnon," he greeted her, his voice sultry and raw and everything she wanted and nothing of the things she had. It wasn't soft, loving and s

Drama / Romance
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On The Sixty-First Second

Disclaimer: You guys know how this goes, I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters in this story. It all belongs to the flawless J.K. Rowling. Title of story comes from the highly inspirational band Sigur Rós and their song Brennisteinn which translates to Brimstone in English.


Chapter One
On the sixty-first second

His rough tan-from-the-sun skin pressed down on her pale hips, pushing her further into the bed. His hands traced over her stomach, down towards the edges of her waist while his lips pressed down on her neck, working their way up until his teeth found the place just behind her earlobe - that he knew, all too well, drove her wild.

Her neck and back arched, fighting to part from the mattress, but he held her down, smirking so obviously she could feel it against her ear.

He shifted only for a moment, his hands running down from her stomach, to her hips and his fingers dug into the skin.

She let out a mix between a gasp and a moan, eyes staying so forcefully shut she wasn't sure they'd ever open again.

"Marlene," he murmured her name into her collarbone.

She parted her lips, ready to meet her name with his but he uttered her name again before she could.

"Marlene," her whole body was shaking, she supposed it was from the feeling he gave her but it felt as someone was shaking her.

"Marlene—Are you okay?"

She shot up in the bed, blue eyes flying open as she stared wide-eyed at her boyfriend.

"Hey," she replied, taking a moment to compose herself before sitting up in the bed, though her body could still feel the imagined pressure weighting her down.

"You were squirming," Gideon said, ginger eyebrows raising on his forehead. "Moaning."

She felt her whole face go scarlet. "I—I... I was dreaming." she replied, in a far too shaky voice.

His eyebrows stayed furrowed for a moment, before he broke out in laughter. "Ohhhh…" he drawled out as if he'd come to a revelation. "I get you," he sat down on the bed beside her, large hands reaching out to brush hair from her face, hair that was sticking to her forehead because of her earlier fantasy.

She smiled at him sheepishly, the guilt rising in her chest as he reach forward and kissed her softly on the lips. "Anything I can help you with?" he mumbled against them.

She fought the urge to groan. Forcing herself to smile against his lips and shrug her shoulders. "Of course."

He started kissing her neck and she closed her eyes, though when she did it slowly crept over her that she probably shouldn't. With her eyes closed it was to easy to imagine.

To switch out Gideon's warm soft hands out for his rough burning-to-the-touch hands.

But it felt like cheating. And maybe it was cheating.

Gideon's arms wrapped around her neck, pulling her towards him as he deepened the kiss.

It wasn't like he was remotely bad. He was relaxed and easy and soft and lovely to her. The way he looked her in the eyes, and his fingers made smooth slow soft circles on the edges of her hipbones, it was absurd how she couldn't get the image of him out of her mind and that she could feel him so clearly with a simple move of closing her eyes.

"I love you,"

Gideon's murmured words caused her to shoot up in the bed again, pulling away she she did so and pushing him away by his shoulders.

He let one arm drop from her around her neck but moved one to rest on her shoulder, he gave her an apologetic smile.

"Gideon..." she started, sighing out his name.

"I know. Sorry." he replied with a shrug of his shoulders, but it didn't sound sincere. "Couldn't keep it in any more."

There it was again, the stabbing guilt in her gut. "Just," she paused. "I can't—" she was incapable of that feeling. Like he was. She knew she was.

"I suppose I can understand that," he told her, his voice never wavering from it's softness and his anger never rising. "Just like I can't stop feeling it. Keeping it in is work."

Of course she'd known for a while. By the way he looked at her and the way he spoke of her and the way he wanted to be in constant touch with her.

That was one of the things that made being with Gideon so easy, but also one of the things that made them so fucking hard.

"I'm going to shower," Gideon told her, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. "Don't be upset, love." he pressed another kiss to her head as he stood up.

She felt like apologising, but instead she said nothing. It wasn't until he'd disappeared into his bathroom that she fell back in the bed and let out a long frustrated sigh.

What the bloody hell was she doing?


The order meeting was cramped as usual, being held in a the Shacklebolt's kitchen, after Kingsley's parents died and he'd inherited the house (and his younger sisters) he leant them their houses for meetings every Wednesdays and every other Friday when his younger sister was at her shift at the Leaky Cauldron, he preferred to have her stay out of this.

"Tea?" Kingsley offered holding a kettle in the air before placing it on the mid table. It was only supposed to seat six but the fourteen cramped members that were able to attend the meeting that evening had concurred up extra chairs and somehow managed to wedge them in-between the original six. It wasn't spacious and Gideon had suggested Marlene would sit in his lap, but she had politely declined.

One, because she wasn't his lapdog. Two, because she didn't like public display of affection. Three, because she could already see the mocking look on Sirius's face.

"Caradoc, if you would please give us your report," Dumbledore spoke, he was the only one standing up, his eyes were kind as usual but his face looked worn down, his hand rested on the back of Emmeline Vance's chair.

The fact that there were only fourteen of them attending had Marlene slightly worried. She looked over the table spotting Kingsley, obviously, then Sturgis Podmore, who she made a mental note to talk to about the 'Gideon thing' after the meeting, next to him sat Mary Macdonald, catching Marlene's eye Mary wiggled her fingers in a greeting and Marlene realised how long it had been since she'd actually talked to her best friend, Lily Evans sat next to her with James Potter playing with her hair and Sirius Black next to him looking unamused as Remus Lupin whispered something in his ear and Peter Pettigrew leant towards them to try to listen it, next to Peter sat Emmeline Vance, looking up at Dumbledore along with Caradoc Dearborn, who was seated next Fabian, Gideon's twin brother, and then finally there was her and Gideon.

Alice and Frank Longbottom were clearly still on their honeymoon, even though they hadn't planned on going on one at first but after being pushed by Mary and Lily (and Marlene, halfheartedly) they'd allowed themselves a week of vacation.

Caradoc was now standing up and while Dumbledore hadn't seated himself, he was now resting his back against the wall, his long slender fingers playing with the edges of his beard as he listened to Caradoc's report. He, along with Benjy Fenwick who was missing from the meeting, had been on the order's latest mission, trying to track down Death Eaters from the latest murder (a family of one halfblooded wizard and his muggleborn wife and their three children).

Marlene didn't find herself half bothered to listen, she knew how it went by the mere look at Caradoc's face. They had no clue.

Gideon's finger traced circles on her thigh, so softly, she could barely feel them. To be honest, she wasn't even sure for how long he'd been touching her. She'd simply forgotten to pay it attention.

"Dorcas and Elphias are right now investigating a lead we got about possible future murder at tomorrow's Protest in the Ministry," Dumbledore was speaking again. "I know many of you have planned to attend, but I will have to remind you of the dangers that come with attending. As important as protesting the ways of the Ministry of ignoring what is important, it is more important that everyone keeps their lives. Reckless behaviour is not needed, of course we'll be warning people that are attending and if I'm correct, Dorcas and Elphias along with," he looked over the crowd until he spotted Sturgis, "And Sturgis are already working on safety measures?"

Sturgis nodded his head. "We've come up with a dozen of spells that will help us deal with the situation if it goes out of control, but from my last letter from Doe, they're not completely sure this isn't a false alarm."

Marlene leant her head on her arms, feeling bored out of her mind. Even with the thought of a potential fight springing out tomorrow, she still didn't feel the excitement that usually came with the danger. She wondered whether or not Dumbledore knew that half of the members of the organisation were reckless fools wanting to feel the rush of adrenaline danger and death offered them.

Were they suicidal?

"Any other matters in need of discussion?" Dumbledore offered, but everyone was silent.

"Fantastic then! I reassure you all that we will be there tomorrow to help out, incase something goes out of control. You're all welcome to help, but we do not ask of you to put yourselves in risk, staying at home might be in your best interest."

Marlene bit down a snort, looking up she met Mary's eyes again, they were big and slightly terrified. Which was probably one's normal reaction to a potential bloodshed.

Lily was grasping James's arm and they seemed to be bickering under their necks. Probably disagreeing on whether or not they should both attend.

Involuntary and on almost an complete accident, Marlene felt her eye shift to look over at the man seated next to James. And found him to be staring right back at her.

She tensed obviously and Gideon shifted next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Are you alright? You've been listening right? You don't have to attend."

Marlene wanted to scowl at him. How Gideon of him to think she was worried about having to attend and getting slaughtered. How Gideon of him not to realise she wanted the danger. How Gideon of him to be oblivious to the fact that she was sharing looks with another man. How Gideon of him to be so simple.

"Excuse me," Marlene rose to her feet, but it didn't catch anyone's attention bar Gideon's. Everyone else had already scattered around the kitchen, filling their cups with more tea and making more and attacking the tray of sandwiches brought by Lily, or discussing the matters further in low tones with Dumbledore and Caradoc.

Sturgis managed to grab her arm before she could flee the room. "Where you going?"

"Bathroom," she replied easily. "Don't be so worried, I'm not gone to hurl myself out the window."

"Are you going tomorrow?"

"What do you think?"

"One would think we'd become less in to it the more we witnessed of it."

"I suppose the more we witness it the more we need it to end." Marlene replied. "Besides, who doesn't love the thrill?"

She didn't wait for his response, Sturgis agreed with her for the most part. He sought out the danger like she did, but maybe not in as much of a 'I'm invincible' kind of way. She didn't want a reply to her question. How many of them were this insane? She didn't want to know.

The bathroom was locked, already in use and she kicked the wall in frustration. Why was she frustrated? She didn't even need the bathroom. She'd just wanted to stare at her own reflection for a while and repeat the name 'Gideon' as many times in her head as it took for it to stick there and become the only name she knew.

The toilet flushed and Marlene pressed her back against the wall on the opposite, staring expectantly at the door. The water in the sink ran, then stopped. The towel rack made an uncomfortable squeaking noise. The lock snapped, the handle turned and the door opened.

And there he stood.

She should've told herself it would be him, it was the icing on the cake. The needed push for her to fall over the edge.

"McKinnon," he greeted her, his voice sultry and raw and everything she wanted and nothing of the things she had. It wasn't soft, loving and sweet and he didn't look at her with affectionate kind eyes. His gaze was strong, boring into her skin and she was surprised it didn't leave bruises. But someone's gaze couldn't leave marks on the skin, could it?

"Black," she greeted him back, not making a move from the wall. Looking at him brought memories from her earlier fantasies to the surface of her brain, memories she wanted to bury back down. Things she shouldn't have thought about in the first place.

"Will we be seeing you and Prewett tomorrow?"

"I haven't spoken to Gideon about it," she replied, trying to sound more polite than annoyed. "I'll be there."

"Didn't think you wouldn't. Does Mister… Boyfriend was it? Approve?"

"Approve of what?"

"You attending a potential death trap."

"He has no say in it. I'm my own woman, Black."

"Of course."

He was mocking her, he always mocked her and sometimes she almost forgot why she hated him so much, but every time he spoke to her she remembered. That smug look on his face, staring her down like he knew her. Suggesting he knew her better than she even knew herself. And that teasing tone, telling her that she was wrong and he was right. The way he moved so victoriously—

"Are you done?" she asked him, tilting her head. Wether or not she was question if he was done using the bathroom or if he was done questioning her, she wasn't sure about.

"Why are you with him?" the question caught her off guard and for a moment she stared at him in silence.

"You're insufferable," she uttered out, unable to look away from his face.

He raised his eyebrows, slightly squinting his grey eyes. "How come?"

"Just," words failed her. "You. And your questions. The things you say, they're always so inappropriate and at the most inappropriate moments—"

"You want me to say something inappropriate?" his words came as a challenge, the smirk on his face growing and for a moment he looked younger than he was. Maybe fourteen or fifteen, the Sirius who messed around with words and teased everyone. Not grown-up-Sirius who was facing all the dangers of the world and had no time but to shag and drop just before he went out on his assigned mission and got himself in trouble for his reckless behaviour.

"Fuck off," she told him, pushing herself from the wall and going for the bathroom.

He stopped her before she could enter, having not yet moved from the door, by simply holding out an arm just before she could pass him, causing her to walk straight into him.

His arm snaked around her waist, pulling him towards him without her being able to fight. Or without her wanting to fight, the detail wasn't important.

"Leave me be," she told him, in somewhat a plea. Because she knew she couldn't resist if he offered.

"Why?" he challenged her, twisting her so she was facing him. His breath was on her face, he smelled like he always did of cigarettes and beer and she wondered if that was just a permanent thing or if he had been drinking before the meeting.

His hands held on to her hips, her own arms feeling weird and made out of jelly when the hung like that down her side, uncomfortably hanging over his. Sometimes he had more control over her body than she did. Sometimes, she thought that might be all the time.

"You know why," she told him, feeling pathetic that she couldn't stare in his eyes as she spoke. His fingers added pressure, not enough to hurt but definitely enough for her to feel it. For her entire body to feel it and need it and want it.

"You're not the type to settle," Sirius told her, a slight aggressive tone in her voice. "What are you doing?" one of his hands moved to her lower back, pulling her towards him in forceful movement and she let him, taking a few steps forwards until her chest was pressed against his.

He reached up, tilting her head to grant himself a better angle before lowering his lips to her neck. "Should I stop?"

Her whole body replied with a 'no!', her knees buckled and she leaned in to him for support, her neck tilting further backwards to make sure he could reach anywhere he wanted.

"Yes," she croaked out, too low and too late.

He bit down and she squirmed, biting back the sounds that wanted to escape her. How long had she been waiting for this?

Her body reacted to his without her being able to stop herself; arms wrapping around his neck, fingers sliding up and into his hair, tugging at his black locks.

His hands roamed down her body again, finding the back of her thighs and spinning them around, pinning her against the wall and swiftly and easily, lifting her up from the ground.

Her legs automatically reacted, wrapping around his waist like they'd known all along that they were supposed to. She had to face the possibility that while he knew her too well for her liking, she might—against her own will—know him, as well.

He wasted no time, roughly pressing his lips against her, demanding her to accept them.

She wanted to claim kissing him back was just a reflex and she had no idea what she was doing, but the way she kissed him back so fiercely and deeply, she knew she couldn't fool anyone.

His hands ran up her thighs going under her black skirt, that one skirt Gideon claimed was too short, everytime she wore it—


She tensed up, pulled back but Sirius didn't seem to notice it, his hands kept massaging her thighs, moving up further and further.

"I—" she said shakily, but he took it only as an encouragement as his fingers played with the band of her underwear.

"I've had enough!" she willed herself to snap and he stopped.

He stayed still, forcing her to unwrap her legs and slide down to the ground without his help. She breathed in deeply, looking anywhere than at him even if he stood so close to her still.

She was evil. They were still in the same empty corridor. In Shacklebolt's house. Against the bathroom wall. Anyone could've walked in on them. Gideon could've walked in on them.

"We're in a fucking corridor," she muttered, pressing her palms against her eyes and shaking her head. "And," she moved her hands, running them through her hair and sighing. "And there's Gideon."

"I'm taking it that you don't want to move somewhere more private?" Sirius said, his tone angrier than she'd been ready for.

"You're such a bastard." she told him, her own voice softer than she had been aiming for.

"Don't act so high and mighty, McKinnon. Don't act like I continue to use you and you have no say in it, it fucking drives me over the edge. If you wan't to fuck me, just do so. But don't pretend you're sad and alone because little Prewett doesn't know he's not satisfying you—"

"Shut up!"

He took a step back from her, shrugging at her. "If you need me for nothing why don't you run off to your boyfriend then?"

"Don't talk to me anymore."

He laughed. "You're impossible."

Ditto. She thought bitterly, turning around and stalking straight into the bathroom, throwing the door shut roughly.

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