Scars & Secrets - D.M


In a world where Voldemort won and Harry Potter is dead. The world isn't the same, everything has changed. Death eaters are in the charge, muggle-borns are dying everyday Arabella and her friends are hiding from the death. But until when will they be able to hide? ─────•~❉᯽❉~•───── "Go ahead. Kill me. 'Cause if you don't then I'll kill you" "On a quickly movement he pressed me against the wall and put his sword on my throat. He didn't said nothing, neither did i. We staid in silence, looking at each other's eyes for a considerable time. He then look at my lips and bit his." "Fuck it" "Dropping his sword he aggressively connect our lips." •┈┈┈••✦🤍✦••┈┈┈• PLEASE do not read if you're under 16 This book contains: mature content / rape / high violence / self-harm / mature language / death / drugs&alcohol / torture / and a lot of kinks Please do not report my book, i give you all the warnings, read with caution. I just own the following characters: Arabella Rivers, Elara Rivers, Amara Rivers, Aidan Corlett, Caliban Corlett, Lilith Grevera, Catelyn Neith. All credits goes to J.K Rowling

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:


Hello darlings,

First of all, I'm Brazilian so my first language isn't English, it's Portuguese. So I'm really sorry about my future grammar mistakes. If you want to help me with that you can comment on the paragraph where the mistake is, it'll help me a lot really. That's all thx.


Inspiration by: The Hunger Games, Acotar, Tog, Shatter me, The Hundred, Maze Runner, Divergent. And some others books like those.

I don't own the Harry Potter characters. All credits goes to J.K. Rowling.

PLEASE do not read this book if you're sensibly or under 16 years old.

PLEASE do not report my book, i give you all the warnings, read with conscience.

This book contains:
Mature scenes/ language
Dark Themes

And a lot of kinks

Kinks Warnings: Breeding, knifeplay, chocking, slapping, blood, overstimulation, pain, daddy kink, sensibility(as ice, wax, etc), bdsm, degradation.

Update: I made a Spotify playlist. So if you want to listen to it while reading the link is on my description. Feel free to suggest musics.

Ps: The first chapter will be out tomorrow (March 2)

Love, Mary

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