Story of a God


Taehyung woke up in the middle of the forest. Literally, from out of nowhere, he was just there. When he meets the lovely people of a small village, he immediately wants to stay there. And so he does, but what happens when "monsters" from another dimension begin to appear and people begin to go missing? What happens when a magic being from long ago is discovered?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hello, this is a pre-chapter to explain a few things. So, back in 5th grade, I became obsessed with a Youtuber named "Aphmau" go check her out. She made a serie (that is now discontinued) called "Minecraft Diaries" And I based this Fanfiction by mixing BTS and Aphmau... Don't judge me. Lmao. But anyways... I really hope you enjoy the story. I already have who's who picked out. I'll make a list for you!

Characters related (who they're based on)

Taehyung = Aphmau/Irene
Jungkook = Aaron/Shad (depiction)
Yoongi = Dantae
Jimin = Nicole
Hoseok = Kawaii~Chan
Seokjin = Katelynn
Namjoon = Travis/ Enki (depiction)
Taemin (SHINee) = Lucinda
Kibum (SHINee) = Zoey
Minho (SHINee) = Laurance
Jinki (SHINee) = Zane
Jonghyun (SHINee) = Garroth/Esmund (depiction)
More to be added... (I hope you guys enjoy!)
Just refrence this for added characters!
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