Sixty Degrees


Levi’s a dick. Eren likes dick. Eren likes Levi’s dick.. Eren likes books!

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

For as long as he can remember Eren was always interested in books. In no way would he be classified as a stereotypical book nerd, because Eren only ever reads on occasion; while he’s lying on his bed just before he goes to sleep, while he sits in a café drinking coffee on a lazy day. Eren is intrigued by the stories people can tell, how a jumble of twenty six letters could ignite such strong emotions within him. He’s amazed by the courage and determination of the characters, how they put themselves on the line for love, to win a war and everything in between. Okay, so he’s a total book nerd, so what.

In fact his fascination with stories is what is urging him to write his own novel, so when he saw that the university on the other side of the country offered the perfect course for him to hone his creative writing skills; he knew he had to go.

And that’s how he finds himself standing outside the airport with two over stuffed suitcases and a duffel bag looking for some sort of vehicle that can take him to his dream school. He’s finally able to hail down a cab, how hard can it be to get a cab in this place? And after forcibly shoving his large suitcase into the boot, which was probably a bit too small for the task he gave it, he sits in the back seat duffle bag sitting next to him and tells the cab driver to take him to Hensullten University.

Eren tries to hide his excitement as he stands on the street after paying the taxi as he stares up at the huge University before him. Eren has looked at photos of it online sure, but they didn’t even come close to doing the University justice, it’s magnificent. Eren quickly closes his mouth, realising he was gaping, and sets about trying to find someone who can tell him where his dorm is. He walks through the wide front doors of the school, carefully trying to avoid the huge hoard of other students who are carrying their own suitcases. He makes his way out of the foyer and into the quad, his eyes immediately drawn to all the different stands that are set up all over the place. He lets his eyes scan over them looking for one that might be of use to him right now, soccer club, art club, writing club (he’ll come back to that one later), foreign exchange, drama club, and then his eyes spot the one he’s looking for.

Tour the campus

Eren walks over to the booth as best he can with his bags and looks down at the pamphlets laid out in from of him. He’s about to grab a map of the campus when a cheery voice startles him.

“Hey there!”

Eren lifts his head to see a young man about the same age as him with shaggy blonde bangs that reach almost down to his chin, the rest of his tick hair is pulled into a small ponytail at the back of his head, and big blue eyes smile kindly at him.

“Hey,” He replies.

“Your first year here?” The blonde asks him, his smile never wavering.

Eren nods his head, is it that obvious?

“Well in that case, welcome to Hensullten University, I’m Armin Arlert.” The man, Armin, sticks out his hand for Eren to shake. Eren places his duffle bag down onto the ground and shakes his hand firmly.

“Ah, Eren Yeager,” He’s shocked at the blondes genuine kindness.

“Well Eren since it’s your first day here you’re going to need a map of the campus, a list of all the clubs and societies we offer here -,” Armin rattles on while grabbing all different sheets of paper in front of him, but Eren’s focus is drawn to other things.

Eren’s gaze shifts to just behind Armin’s head, he doesn’t want to seem rude by not listening to the blonde but he simply cannot tear his eyes away from the man he’s spotted. He’s walking across the quad; Eren notices that people seem to shift themselves so they don’t get in his way, even at this distance Eren can see that he gives off a somewhat dangerous vibe. The long sections of his inky black hair move slightly with each stride he takes, Eren notices the bottom half has been cut into an undercut style shaved close to his head. He never thought an undercut could be so fucking hot. He notices his face next, his mouth set into a hard line, while his small eyes hold a bored expression that makes Eren wonder what he’s thinking about. He carries nothing but a set of keys dangling off of one finger and a laptop case tucked under his arm. He doesn’t even spare a glance at any of the people around him as Eren continues watching, before the man walks into another building and vanishes out of sight. He wants to see more of that man.

He’s snapped out of his thoughts by Armin shoving the papers he had picked out at Eren, seemingly done talking. “Oh thanks.”

“No problem,” He smiles.

When Eren doesn’t move Armin gives him a questioning look. “Is there something else I can help you with?”

He still needs to find out where his dorm building is. “Ah actually, I need to find my dorm.”

Armin’s smile returns to his face. “Sure thing, which building are you in?”

He kneels down to grab the sheet of paper he’d printed out earlier with his details, out of his duffle bag. “Ah Building H.”

Armin’s excitement doubles upon hearing his words. “That’s my dorm building as well; if you give me a sec I can walk you over there now myself.” He turns around to speak with a girl with dark brown hair worn high in a ponytail, she nods at whatever he says before he turns back to grin at Eren. “Okay let’s go.”

Armin comes around to Eren’s side of the booth and grabs one of the suitcases out of his hands.

“Hey, Armin you don’t have to do that.” He protests.

“As if I’d allow you to carry all three bags for another minute. Come on, it’s this way.” Eren has no choice but to follow after him, mumbling something under his breath about him being too nice.

The blonde rattles off about what all the buildings are used for and where things are on campus while they walk to their dorm. Eren tries his best to listen to what he’s telling him, but the guy talk’s way too fast and Eren can’t help but be distracted by the beauty of the buildings surrounding him.

When they reach Building H, Armin reaches into his pocket to grab a card that he swipes against a black box on the wall, a green light flashes as the door makes a clicking sound and they walk inside. The inside is even better than the exposed bricks of the outside. Eren looks around in awe as he stands in the doorway; the walls are painted a white that is just a bit off stark, as to not make the space feel like a hospital, the floors are a dark chestnut that runs as far as Eren can see. There’s a staircase off to the left side tucked away almost out of site. On the right side is another room that looks like it holds couches, but he can’t be sure.

Armin ushers him further inside and tells him to set his bags down. “What’s your room number?”

Eren looks at the piece of paper scrunched up in his hands again. “Ah, Room 419.”

Armin nods, his grin growing wider. “That’s just down the hall from me. Before we go up I’ll show you what’s down here.” He leads Eren over to the left side of the room first. “So here you have the staircase, just to let you know there’s no lift or anything so we’ll have to carry those bags up,” Eren shudders. “Next to it we have the bathrooms; there are common bathrooms on every floor for convenience.”

Eren nods.

“Now on the right side we have our common room, this is where you can watch television, study, do whatever you want really. It’s where all the people in the dorm usually congregate.”

Eren can now see the room fully as he steps past Armin looking inside. There’s a large flat screen television set up against the far wall, with three large couches facing it. A little further in is a large dining table surround by chairs. Armin leads Eren through a door at the back of the room, and Eren is gobsmacked. Before him is a fully set up extremely large kitchen. Complete with benchtops lining the far wall, two double doored fridges, an oven, and a breakfast bar in the middle of it all lined with stools. Eren can’t believe this.

He realises Armin has begun talking again when the blonde shakes his shoulder gently. “Huh?”

“I was saying that you’re in charge of your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any food you buy you can put in here, just make sure you label it all so people don’t snatch it.”

“Okay not a problem.” He doesn’t have a clue how to cook, but he smiles anyway.

“Alright that’s about all there is to show you down here, let’s head up to your dorm.” Armin says, beginning to walk out of the room to grab the bags.

They manage to make it half way up the stairs before Eren collapses, leaning over his suitcase as he tries to catch his breath.

“Ho- How much further is it?” He manages to get the words out between pants.

“It’s on the top level; we’re only on the second.” Armin replies, sympathetically.

Eren lets out a heavy sigh.

Armin looks down at him pathetically draped across his suitcase. “Come on, once we do this you’ll never had to do it again, so let’s just get it done.” He kicks the suitcase a little to rouse the brunette.

With those words Eren jumps to his feet ready to get this hell over with. He has a fleeting thought that maybe later he should start hitting the gym.

They reach the top of the stairs moments later, both bent over slightly to catch their breath.

“Wh-Which room was it again?” Armin asks between breaths.


“Okay that’s this way,” Armin grabs the suitcase and immediately begins to walk down the hall. Eren stares after him, wishing he’d given him another minute to get himself together. He reluctantly picks up his remaining two bags and trudges after him.

Armin’s standing outside Eren’s dorm room by the time he gets there. He quickly grabs his key out of his pocket and opens the door. There’s a king single bed pushes against one side of the room, right opposite to a study desk and black swivel chair, a television hangs on the wall in just the right position so he can watch it from his bed. There’s a small bookcase tucked into the corner of the room, which Eren is happy about, now he won’t have to put all of the books he brought with him in piles on the floor. There’s a double door right at the end of his bed which Eren assumes is his closet, and a small square mirror hangs in the short entry way. The last thing in the tiny room is a little bar fridge which is oddly convenient. He chucks his duffle bag onto the unmade bed and places his suitcase on the floor next to it while Armin places the other suitcase he’s still holding beside it.

“So the bathrooms, which have toilets, showers, etcetera are just down the end of the hall, my room is three doors down from yours, number 416, so don’t hesitate to come knocking if you need anything.”

Eren nods, suddenly very tired.

An awkward silence passes between the two as Armin stands there not sure what to do next.

“Ah, okay well I’ll leave you to it so you can get settled in. I’ll come find you later and show you around campus properly,” Armin says with a smile, before turning to leave.

“Thank you, Armin,” Eren says, sincerely. He’s glad he met this guy.

The door clicks shut as Armin exits and he finally collapses on his bed. He’ll start his university life after a quick nap.

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