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Dark and Light

By badguthrie

Romance / Fantasy


Dark. It's so dark. And cold. Alone. I'm so alone. Help. Dark. Cold... Sparkkit is blind-but she wasn't always like that. She used to be normal. Then a fire came and everything she knew was taken away from her. How can she be a Warrior and defend her Clan, when they don't even accept her? Can her newfound friend help, or will he leave her like the others? Will she cope, or go mad? It isn't Smokepaw's fault that he isn't his sister Sagepaw. It wasn't his fault that sometimes his Clan doesn't let him eat because he can't hunt. It isn't his fault that he can't be like Sagepaw; that he isn't that good. But then Smokepaw met Sparkkit. Then Sparkkit met Smokepaw. Can the two help each other accept themselves? Will Sparkkit dismiss me for just another weak-link? Will Smokepaw scorn me like the others? Follow these two cats through their journey. Through hardship, fear, darkness, love, and friendship, this is a story to remember.



Leader: Lionstar - Powerful golden tom

Deputy: Ivypool - Silver and white tabby she-cat

Medicine Cats: Jayfeather - Blind grey tabby tom

Alderheart - Dark ginger tom


Thornclaw - Golden-brown tabby tom

Berrynose - Creamy tom

Whitewing - White she-cat

Briarlight - Brown tabby she-cat, paralyzed in her hindquarters

Cinderheart - Dark tabby she-cat with white patches

Mousewhisker - Gray and white tom

Dewnose - Gray and white tom

Fernsong - Yellow tabby she-cat

Snowbush - White, fluffy tom

Sorrelstripe - Dark brown she-cat

Bumblestripe - Very pale grey tom

Dovewing - Pale grey she-cat

Poppyfrost - Pale tortoiseshell and white she-cat

Molewhisker - Brown and cream tom

Cherryfall - Ginger she-cat

Hollytuft - Black she-cat

Slashwhisker - Black and white tom

Barkfoot - Brown tabby tom


Honeypaw - White she-cat with yellow splashes

Larkpaw - Black tom

Blossompaw - Mottled brown she-cat

Cloudpaw - White she-cat

Darkpaw - Black tom


Cinderheart - Dark grey tabby she-cat (Mother to Sparkkit - Dark grey she-cat with black and white flecks and blind blue eyes, Stormkit - Black tom, Aspenkit - Light ginger she-cat, and Birchkit - Pale grey tom)

Crowshine - Black she-cat (Expecting Dewnose’s kits)


Cloudtail - White tom

Brackenfur - Golden brown tabby tom

Leafpool - Light brown tabby she-cat

Graystripe- Long-haired grey tom (oldest cat in the clans)

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