Heroes Meet Demigods


Midoriya, Bakugou and Todoroki are fight a villain with a prophecy quirk, but actually it's a greek prophet from the PJO universe that some how got to the MHA universe, the prophet tell them a prophecy and at the same time, Rachel at camp half-blood is giving the same prophecy. Before they know what's happening and what the villain is saying, they get sucked into a portal and appear in the camp, surrounded by demigods. The lore to this is the greek gods rule over many universes and the MHA universe were all demigods that kept having more and more children, mixing their powers and creating quirks, the gods then made a oath that they will not under any circumstance, have affairs with any mortal fearing their powers will get to strong.

Action / Humor
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Chapter 1

Unknown POV

Two dark figures were standing over a young male with blond hair and blue eyes, thus teen looked about eleven and had a brown jacket on. The room was dark and the figures were hard to see, only the boy was clearly visible. These three were deep in conversation.

"You have the power of prophecy demigod" one of the figures said to the young boy "your father somehow let this happen and we plan on using this to our advantage".

The young demigod looked scared but stood his ground, "what do you want me to do?" He asked.

The other figure started talking "I will send you to the land of quirks, a place the gods once ruled tell things got out of hand. There you should meet three heroes and you shall tell them a prophecy, then I'll do the rest" the figure said with a raspy breath "now go son of Apollo!".

The figure reaches out, pointing to the ground, a portal opens underneath the demigods feet, he falls in screaming and the portal closes up, the two figures then disperse.

Off to the side, two translucent figures we're watching this play out, a teen with black hair and sea green eyes, with a orange shirt and beeds around his neck, the other figure was a teen with green hair and green eyes, he has a uniform on. The two look at eachover, confused on what just happened, and all of a sudden, they get pulled out of their sleep.

Midoriya's POV

I woke up startled, what was that? Who were those dark figures? What are demigods? Who was that guy next to me? One of the figures voices sounded familiar...a little to familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. I here a notification from my phone and I look over and see it's a text from Kacchan.

"Hurry up you danm nerd! Your late for patrol!". Oh no...I rush around to get dressed, I was supposed to meet Kacchan and Todoroki at the front of UA to start patrol and I'm late! I fling on my custom, a green suit and a face guard with a hood, I run out the doors.

"One for All..5%" I mutter, green lighting starts forming around me and I start to head towards the entrance of UA.

"Where is that damn nerd!" I heard Kacchan yell, I turn the building and see him yelling at Todoroki.

"Right there" Todoroki says while pointing at me, Kacchan turns around an mini explosions pot in his hands.

"Where were you Deku!!!" He yelled furiously while walking towards me.

"I-I slept in K-Kacchan" I stammer "We should get going, people might need help" Kacchen scoffs at me, Todoroki walks up next to me and we all start walking around the city.

Kacchan had his gauntlets on that resembled grenades, Todoroki was in his blue suit. All of a sudden we here people screaming from inside a building. We look at eachover and start running towards the building, it looks like a bakery and smelled heavenly.

Inside there was a boy...the exact same one I saw in my dream, blond hair and blue eyes, his brown jacket still on him...impossible, that was just a dream, no way can he actually be real...right? The guy was throwing everything around and causing mayhem. Kacchan raised his hands and Todoroki's left side caught on fire, I held up my hand and was read to use my new move, Air Force.

"Stop right there villain!" I yelled and he turned to look at us.

"Ah yes, the three heroes I was looking for" the guy said with a smile, realization came to me that we were the three heroes that those dark figures wanted, mist started to come out of the guys mouth and he started talking in a deeper voice that sent chills through my bones.

"Three get sent against their will

a place where the twelve have turned ill

Trust they must be willing to learn

Or everything they have ever known shall burn

The ones in shakels will be set free

To try and merge both realities

Together is their only chance

For the last battle that will commence."

The blond teens knees buckled and then he passed out, before we even get a chance to question what he just said, a portal, like the one I seen in my dream, opens up beneath our feet and we fall through.

Hello people, this is my first crossover story and forgive me if I made any spelling errors, whenever I look for MHA and PJO crossovers, I always find the someone from the PJO universe go to the MHA universe, so I decided to swap it.

I hope you enjoy reading this, ask me anything if you have questions.

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