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Chapter 1

9 years old

Hi im ellussa and i like a boy his name is anthoney and he is so hot he ilkes me to 😊my sisters name is cameron she likes cole hes ok but i like anthoney more i like anthoney 99%more then colecameron is my fav sistershe is the best i love her 😚she is PRTTY HOT i look like her so im CUTE this si me on fier im hoter then the sun my outher sister neme is alexas cameron @ alaxas is my 1st fav .............

It is Decimber19 my B_DAY

alexas cameron cassie @carrie is hear i have a big cake 2foot tall i love it it was so good iloved it it was the best now night rime good nighti hace a dog his name is FAT SOi love him we just went to the doter and cami got a shot 😷

Gess what i had sex to night i love it

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