A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Stray Emotions

Jacob's POV

I was just watching some mindless T.V show when I heard a thud on my door. Getting up I was wondering who it was. I opened the door and Seth and Embry were standing right there, I swear I must have jumped a bit.

"Hey guys, what's up?" I asked letting them in.

"We wanted to ask you a question," Seth said, in a low voice. Was something wrong?

"Go ahead" I said leaning against the kitchen doorframe. Seth and Embry looked at each other before Embry spoke up.

"We just wanted to know, with what happened what's going to happen with Renesmee?" Embry asked. I swear this hit me again like a ton of bricks. Quil had asked me about this earlier. Truth be told I didn't know what I was going to do. I was confused and aggravated by all of this.

"I have no idea Quil was just talking to me about it not too long ago," I said, the anger dripping in my voice. I could tell that they noticed, because they immediately took a step towards the door.

"Guys, it's fine, I'm just confused and yeah I really have no idea what I'm going to do about this whole situation, sheesh I don't even have a plan for what's going to happen when the kid's are born" I said, in a rush. Now I knew how Leah felt, one crappy thing after another.

"Yo man, it's going to be fine, we're going to be here for you guys, plus you have another nine months to worry about this" Embry said, he was only half right. The pack was there for us but I would need more then nine months to figure this out.

"Yeah," I said, as I was pushing them towards the door. I really wanted silence right now. Sheesh I needed to put up with Leah in just an hour, I'd need whatever was left of my sanity for that.

They left and I leaned against the door. I swear this was more of a problem then when Bella got pregnant. I really had nothing planned, nothing at all. Even if I didn't want to do this, I knew that if I didn't things wouldn't work out.

I would have to ask the one person who would know what to do.

Leah's POV

I had just gotten back from Emily's house. Looking at the time on my phone, I saw it was 7:35. Seem Jacob would be coming back soon. I felt myself smile at the thought of having Jacob here with me again.

"At least your daddy's taking someresponsibility for us," I said, placing my hands on my flat stomach. I sighed and went to grab something to eat. I made Raman noodles, nice and hot, I almost ate them before they were done. They smelled that good.

Seth was out with Embry and wouldn't be back till I guess tomorrow morning. My mom called saying she was going to spend the night at Charlie's house. Great. I slurped my noodles. Yes, I slurped my noodles in a rude manner.


I swear a jumped back at least a foot. I put down my noodles and looked out the living room window. Shit it was raining, and not just raining but a thunderstorm. Still looking out the window, I saw someone walking up towards the house. I had to see the lighting strike to figure out who it was.


I opened the door just as he came inside. He was drenched in water from head to toe. I swear to God he better not act like a dog when they're wet.

"Seth, what on earth happened to you?" I asked.

"It just started raining, I'm soaked down right into my skin," He said, going up the stairs, I guess to get some dry clothes to where. Something struck me. I was being way too calm, way too nice.

"Seth!" I shouted, he ran down the stairs wearing dry clothes.

"What's wrong?" He asked, in a panicked tone.

"Have I been acting abit weird lately?" I asked, he gave me a look as if he thought I was going out of my mind.

"You haven't been as bitchy…" Seth said, backing away a bit. Well backing away towards the door was more like it.

"Hey, when's Jake stopping by?" I asked, just as Seth was heading out the door.

"Around 8:30, why you miss him?" Seth said making kissy faces. I smacked him upside the head and pushed him out the door. Okay, maybe I was a somewhat excited Jacob was coming. I couldn't believe what I was thinking!

It's just hormones Leah, nothing to worry about after they come you'll be back to normal I thought to myself. I looked at the door, almost expecting someone to come and knock. Something was very wrong.

"That's not fair! Put it back!" I said to Jacob throwing popcorn at him. I was leaning against him on the couch, his arms around me. He had changed the channel I was watching. He just flashed one of my favorite smiles, and that did the trick.

"It's very fair, come on that show was stupid," he said, the show was House. I loved the show. He decided wrestling was much more suitable. He held the remote high over his head.

"Give it! It's my house, so my remote dumbass" I said, jabbing him in the side. The shock of that made his arm come down and I grabbed the remote. Sticking my tongue out at him, I put it back on House.

"How can you watch this?" Jacob asked, lowering his arm and wrapping it around me. How can I not watch this show? It was awesome.

"This is where I learn all my sarcasm form Jacob," I said, he just rolled his eyes. He also took the popcorn bowl away from me.

"Hey! I was eating that, what is it with you and taking the things I own!" I said, as he ate the popcorn. He just smiled. My god that boy could get out of being arrested with that timeless smile. It was almost like the one who used to wear with Bella and Nessie.

"You were just holding it Leah, my mouth was just watering for something to eat," he said, still not giving me back my popcorn.

"We're hungry," I said, he looked down at me with a puzzled look. I pointed to my stomach. He just rolled his eyes again.

"You know I have to go back to the Cullen's place in a couple days right?" I asked him, he shot me a look. After the events of the last visit, I really wish Carlisle would come here.

"Relax Leah, Nessie said that her mom would say she was sorry and that she wouldn't go all Rambo on you next time" Jake said, with my head against his chest I closed my eyes. Letting sleep take over my body, resting in Jacob's strong, protecting arms.

Edward's POV

"I know, but of course she was irritated about what happened," I said to Alice. We were just sitting on the porch talking about what had gone down between Bella and Leah.

"I feel bad for Leah, I mean she's going to be having twins and she really doesn't have a house for them, we should at least do something," Alice said, looking at her I saw where she was coming from. I chuckled

"That's a fine idea, we just have to clear it with everyone else," I said. She piped up, and when I say that I mean she got up and started jumping up and down.

"Alice, calm down, you're most likely freaking out your husband," I said, laughing lightly.

"Fine, but when Leah comes back here in a couple days nothing better happen to her, I love Bella but I also like Leah very much and if anything were to happen to her it would be very bad" Alice said, sitting back down.

I shook my head as her idea popped back into her mind; I guess I could say it was like a gift from the Cullen's

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