A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

I Guess You Could Say We Talked

Renesmee's POV

"Why do I feel like I'm the mom here?" I asked. My mother and I were on the couch, Leah and Jacob would be here in just a few minutes.

"Maybe because I'm not being one" My mother mumbled, I shot a look at her. She was never this down in the dumps. How was saying sorry to someone that difficult. You walk up say you're sorry and then walk away.

"Mom," I moaned. "Now you're acting like Jacob with the whole self-blaming thing." I said, and saw her smile. I really did feel like the mother now, though my dad would have my head if he found out I was ever a mother. I laughed at the thought.

"Okay, now what's so funny?" My mother asked, turning herself to give me a questionable look.

"Just the thought of if dad ever found out I was a mom, I can imagine what he'd do to me" I said, my mother smiled. I on the other hand laughed. A knock came at the door; I jumped up and ran over, almost tripping over my own feet.

"Hello Jacob and Leah" I said, a smile crossing my face. One that only my family knew was just for show. I couldn't let Jacob see myself this hurt by his actions. I was like his best friend, and best friends are well, there for one another.

"Hey Ness" Jacob said, Leah just smiled. She looked paler then she was before. However, I would most defiantly ask her about that later. There was another matter that had to be taken care of.

"Mom, don't you have something to say to Jacob and Leah?" I asked, walking over to sit on the armrest of the nearest couch. My mother sighed and got up. She put herself right in front of Jacob and Leah.

Jacob's POV

The only reason I could think of as to why Bella was standing in front of Leah and I was because she wanted to say se was sorry. I took a glance over at Nessie; even through her smile, I could see her pain.

"Leah, I'm….sorry…for what I did….to you a couple days ago, it wasn't the right way to take things" Bella finally got out. I looked over at Leah; she looked as if she was trying to burn some holes into Bella's head.

"Okay" She said. I took another look at Nessie, and she smiled at me. Even behind her almost perfect smile, I could see the look of pain etching its way onto her face. This was al my fault, if only I had thought for one second what I was doing that night, things might have been different.

"Leah!" Came a bell like voice, I looked towards the stairs to see Alice almost glide down over to us. She smiled at me then fixed her eyes back on Leah.

"Hi Alice," Leah said, getting abit closer to me, I had to try my best to not laugh at Leah being freaked by something so small. I put my arm around Leah; she was leaning against me anyways so might as well.

"Leah, you look so pale!" Alice shrilled looking concerned. The reason behind the fact that Leah was pale was because she had been throwing up at least twenty times a day recently.

"I know, it's just because of the morning sickness" She said, the look on Alice's face didn't go away.

"Well, come on let's hurry and get you to Carlisle" She said, worry dripping into her usually perky voice.

Leah's POV

Jacob was following me to the stairs when I stopped him. He looked almost confused at the gesture.

"Stay here and talk with Renesmee, I'll be fine and she needs to be with you right now Jacob" I told him. He looked at me with the sad eyes that would have won me over but not today. I shook my head and headed up to Carlisle's room with Alice.

"Leah, are you sure that nothing else is wrong, I mean you don't look too well and I just can't see it being only morning sickness" Alice said, looking at her I could see how concerned she was. I shook my head, the past couple days had been hell for me.

We were in Carlisle's medical room, as I called it. When he looked at me, I could see the same worry that was on Alice's face. I sat down and Alice stood beside me. I felt like crap right now.

"Morning sickness?" Carlisle asked I nodded.

"Have you been able to eat anything in the past couple days?" He asked.

"Abit, enough to keep me alive" I said, he still looked worried. I looked over to the door and saw Edward leaning against the doorframe. I couldn't read his face and I'm sure as that I really didn't need to.

"Has anything else happened other then the unexpected rush of morning sickness?" Carlisle asked. I thought hard about that, I swear I was so tired and out of it, my brain probably left for La La Land long ago. I could still, for some odd reason feel Edward's eyes on me.

"Nothing really I've just been really tired lately," I said. Carlisle's expression softened abit.

"Looks like your old human traits are coming back," He said. Wait, did that mean I could never phase again?

"I'm sure you will still be able to phase Leah, I think what Carlisle is saying is that, because your pregnant some old traits might be coming back" Edward said, sometimes mind reading come in handy.

"That is what I meant by the old traits coming back, you'll still be able to phase" Carlisle said in his usual doctor voice. I sighed in relief. Edward chuckled to himself. I looked at Alice and saw a huge grin on her face

"Alice, I really have no idea what's going on between you and mind freak over there but it's creeping me out," I said flatly. Alice's grin softened.

"Oh it's um nothing just thinking about shopping" She said. I rolled my eyes, what else did she think about all day.

"You would be amazed at her thoughts after she's been shopping" Edward said, eyeing Alice.

Jacob's POV

"Listen, Jacob I'm really fine about all of this, you don't need to worry about me," Renesmee said for maybe the tenth time. We were sitting on a couch in the empty living room.

"Renesmee, something about this whole thing is bothering you, you can tell me about it," I said. She was as good as a lair as her mother used to be.

"Fine, it's just that I feel like I'm not special anymore, not that I'm mad at you or Leah but Jacob, what you did hurt me like getting my limbs ripped from my body and burned in a fire" She said, I felt as if someone had ripped my hear right out of my chest.

"Jacob, this was an accident I get that and no matter how much I would want you to be with me more often, Leah also really needs you, and I would have to be a heartless person to deny her of that," She said. Damn for a seven year old who looked like she was seventeen she was smart. She was defiantly a lot like Edward.

"Thanks Nessie, and listen I am really sorry for doing this to you, and even though I'm sorry, I can't say I regret what happened," I told her. I knew she knew what I meant. Leah always wanted kids and even though this whole thing wasn't expected, at least she was happy. And for some reason I felt like that was what mattered most to me now.

Well, you know aside from Renesmee.

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