A Bridge Too Hard to Cross


Jacob's POV

It was the day Leah and I were well, you could say moving into the house the Cullen's made for us. I have to say, it looked amazing, mind-blowing amazing. It looked like it took a lot of work.

"I knew this day would come little bro" Rebecca said, coming up from behind me. I smiled, yeah I was moving out of the house and in with Leah. The reason to that being, so that in case something happens, I'll be there.

"Yeah, now there will be more food in the kitchen" I joked. She laughed lightly. I was loading up the Rabbit with some of my and Leah's things. She already did the whole bye thing with her mom, but I sure didn't do that yet with my dad.

"Yo dad" I said as he wheeled into the kitchen.

"No need to call me Jake, I'm right here" he said, he's where I got my amazing sense of humor from. My looks on the other hand were all me. Rebecca left, getting the hint.

"So, you're finally moving out, no more chainsaw impressions and annoying teenage werewolf problems …I mean I'm going to miss you so much son" My dad said. I laughed.

"Nice save, yeah I'll miss this place too, but when the babies are born, I'll let you know ASAP" I said, going towards the door. I took one last look at my dad and smirked.

"I'll call you later," I said, as I put the rest of my things into the Rabbit. I pulled out of the driveway, and raced to the house. I would have taken my motorcycle, but we already had it at the house.

I pulled up into the driveway and got my things. Opening the door, I put my stuff on the couch. Yawning, I was thinking where Leah might be, I knew she already here 'cause the door was unlocked.

"Leah!" I called. No one answered maybe she went out. I looked down at the couch and saw her black sweater draped over the armrest. Yah I know black sweater on black couch shouldn't be noticed, but I notice many things these days. She could also just be sleeping; I mean that bed had to be the most comfortable thing in the whole world.

Nevertheless, she would have woken up; I mean I shouted her name, not even Leah could sleep through that. A shot of panic ran through me, I shook it off, where would Leah even be where she wouldn't be able to hear me. A sudden sound broke through my thoughts.


I ran down the hall and almost fell down trying to get to the bedroom. When I got there, I was lucky I hadn't phased.

There was a leech in the room, and not only that but it was hurting Leah. I ran at the thing, grabbing it and pinning it to the ground, its frightened eyes looked like they were half crazed. I didn't care less.

I tore the things arms right out of their sockets, the silence in the room was filled with an ear-splitting scream. I turned to the balcony and an idea hit me. Grabbing the thing, I pulled open the door of the balcony and whipped that thing right off it. Looking below me, I could see it running away, I didn't think it would get far but that didn't matter right now.

I went to Leah, she was still awake, and looking over at her, I saw the gash on her chest. My eyes widened, there was a lot of blood.

"Leah, I'm going to have to take you to the Cullen's," I said, putting one arm under her back and the other one under he legs. She groaned, I couldn't blame her this had to feel horrible.

"Okay…" She said, her eyes fluttering slightly.

"You have to stay awake, just for a while okay," I said, she nodded. That was good enough for now. I jumped off the balcony, yes I know no one should ever try that regardless if they are a sexy werewolf or not.

Edward, open the door, I have no time to knock and some vampire has just attacked Leah! I shouted my thoughts as I neared the Cullen house carrying Leah. As I walked up the steps, Edward opened the door.

"She was attacked by some vampire?" Edward questioned letting us in. I nodded, just as Bella, Blondie and Alice stepped into the room.

"What happened to her?" Alice asked, rushing over to us. For something so tiny, she sure was fast.

"Vampire" Was all I said, Leah had gone under only a minute ago, not surprising.

"We need to take her up to Carlisle, now," Blondie said coming closer to me, looking concerned. By now all, the Cullen's except Esme were in the living room. I saw Bella, Nessie, and Jasper a distance away from Leah.

"Yes, let's go" Edward said, as we all went upstairs, when Carlisle came, he looked shocked. I put Leah down on the bed; she was still breathing which was a good thing. My main concern though was if the little things were all right.

"I'm sure their okay Jacob," Edward, said reading my much-stressed out thoughts. I sure hoped that they were okay. Carlisle was cleaning the blood away from the gash that stupid leech gave her. I snarled, just thinking about it.

"Well, it was close, but luckily the cut isn't as deep as it looked" Carlisle said, disposing off the blood soaked tissues.

"What about the babies?" I asked, getting anxious. I was getting over the fact that some leech had entered our house and done this to Leah.

"I'll check right now," Carlisle said, smoothing some gel over Leah's stomach. I was silently praying that all three of them would be okay. Edward just chuckled at my thoughts.

"They seem to be just fine, it was lucky that you came at the time you did, or they would have been fatally affected by all of this," Carlisle said. I sighed in relief. At least they were okay, now how about Leah.

"Is Leah, okay?" I asked looking directly at Leah's sleeping body.

"Yes, she'll most likely wake up in a few hours, and then you two can go back to the house" Carlisle said, getting up and leaving the room. I took a couple steps closer to Leah and looked at the place where that monster cut her. It was stitched up, and looked a lot better already.

"Those babies must be really strong, they survived when their mother went head first into the floor, and now their still alive even after a vampire attack," Edward said.

"Yeah, they must get that their mother, now their looks they will get from me" I said, smirking, Edward chuckled. I kept smiling; yeah the little things were really strong.

"Jacob, I was wondering if I could also talk to you about something," Edward said, taking a step closer to me.

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