A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Alpha Female, Imprint, Or In Between

Edward's POV

"Jacob, there is something I must discuss with you, it's rather imperative and I think we should step out of the room for it" I said, walking towards the door. After looking down at Leah for a couple more seconds Jacob followed me into the hall. I brought him to my room; no one who had a brain would come in there if my door were closed.

"What's up?" Jacob asked. There was no easy way to ask him about what he was going to do about my daughter, if there was I would think of it by now. I had already read in Jacob's mind about Seth and Embry asking Jacob the exact same question I was just about to ask him.

"Jacob, I know you've been asked this previously, but what do you plan on doing about you and Renesmee?" I asked. Suddenly Jacob's thoughts went from calm and collected, to worried, panicked, and out of control. I never thought one question could have such influence on a person, or should I say shape shifter.

"You're the mind reader; do you see any answers to what you just asked me in my mind?" He asked, looking closely into every thought I saw nothing. I had to admit, if it were I in this particular situation I would be perplexed about what to do also.

"No I don't see any answers in you're thoughts, but she needs to know, who your going to choose Jacob, and I promise I will not hold you're choice against you" I said. His thoughts were starting to become slightly more organized.

"I have no idea right now, I know that sounds dumb, but this is a really tough choice to make and I just haven't made it yet, I'm sorry" He said. He didn't have to be sorry, of course I understood how his choice could change many things. He would however have to decide, and decide soon.

"It's okay, I know it's a tough decision, but you're going to have to make it one day, and I hope you choose the one you want, not the one everyone else wants" I said, walking out. I turned around and saw Jacob go back into the room was Leah was. I smiled as I walked down the stairs.

Leah's POV

Jacob opened the door to our house. I went right inside, still sorta getting over the fact that five hours ago, I was attacked by a vampire. My chest still hurt where I got the gash. I was glad Jacob came when he did, I could have been dead by now.

Looking at the time on the T.V. I saw it was only around 7:30. My stomach grumbled I heard Jacob bark out a laugh from behind me. Whipping around I glared at him.

"A couple someone's sound hungry" He said, walking over to the kitchen. I shook my head, I doubted Jacob Black could cook anything more then grilled-cheese.

"Of course we're hungry, I haven't eaten a thing since eleven this morning, what I'm worried about is your cooking" I said, taking a seat on the couch, closest to the kitchen. Well, more like I lay on the couch and just stared at the ceiling.

"Oh, I can cook, what is it you want?" Jacob asked, I thought about this. Hmm, what to eat, what to eat?

"Chicken and Waffles" I said. Jacob looked at me with a bit of shock on his face. What, it's just food, an I do suddenly have a crave for chicken.

"Are you sure Leah?" He asked me. Well if I wasn't sure would I have even said it in the first place?

"Yes," I said, giving him a questionable look. What had happened while I was sleeping? I got up, walked to the kitchen, and leaned against the counter. The fridge was fully stocked with everything, including chicken.

My mouth was watering as Jacob put the chicken in the pan. He looked at me and laughed, shaking his head.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"You stare at the chicken as if you haven't eaten in weeks, I never knew you were that hungry," He said, flashing a smile. I sighed, smiling a bit too. He left the chicken to make me some Eggo Waffles. I swear I would have grabbed the sizzling piece of chicken right off the pan were Jacob not watching me.

"You know, if you try and eat it now, you'll end up getting food poisoning and it will feel as if morning sickness never left" Jacob said, trying to hide his smile.

"How much longer, I'm hungry!" I said, sounding like some impatient child.

"Only five more minutes, calm your hormones," He said, putting the waffles on a plate, and flipping over the chicken. The smell was amazing, I mean I'd had chicken a million times, but it seemed so different now.

Jacob's POV

"You tired?" I asked Leah. We were sitting on the couch and she was leaning into me, eyes trying to stay open. It was around 11:30, and even I was feeling tired. She nodded, tiredly, and got off me.

She stood up and stretched, and I smiled. This was most likely the calmest I've ever seen Leah in a long time.

"Let's go, before you fall asleep on the carpet, how about we go to the bedroom," I said, supporting a sleepily Leah. She was losing her werewolf strength so that just added to my worries.

It was a good thing Leah was already in what she called her pj's. I called them short shorts and a tank top. Not that it didn't look good on her though. I smiled as I pulled the covers back and she fell right into the bed. I tried my best not to laugh, 'cause if I did I would have to put up with a very cranky Leah.

I got into the bed right beside her; the next thing that happened surprised me a lot. She moved closer to me and was leaning on my chest. I smiled, putting an arm around her as I fell asleep.

"Why didn't you just wake me up, so I could help you?" I asked Leah, somewhat angry. She had woken up before me, and she was hungry. Therefore, she went to the kitchen and opened up the cupboard that had the plates. She wanted a specific plate, which was right in the middle of the whole stack.

When she tried to grab it, at least ten plates on top fell right down, pretty much on top of her and broke into many pieces.

"Because I know how to do things myself too Jacob" She shot back. I sighed, picking up the plate pieces from the floor. When I heard that crash, I swear my heart stopped. It reminded me of what happened yesterday with Leah and that vampire.

"Well next time take the plates on top out before you grab the one right in the middle, you scared the living hell out of me when I heard that crash Leah" I said, she looked right at me, getting the point of what I thought that crash meant.

"Sorry" She mumbled, I threw the last pieces of glass into the garbage and walked over to her. I wrapped her in a hug, and sighed.

"Use whatever you may have left of your brain next time" I said, she smiled.

"I have more smarts then you do Mr. Alpha" She said, getting onto that topic I started thinking about something.

"So what, does this make you my Alpha Female?" I asked, trying to make her laugh. It worked, she was laughing so hard I had to let go of her fearing I might suffocate her.

"Jacob, that's only in your dreams, sheesh I think you're the one who needs to see Leech Doctor, you need a head examination" She said, after she controlled her laughter. I rolled my eyes.

"Sure, Sure"

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