A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

This Isn't An Equilateral Love Triangle

Seth's POV

"Believe me I feel like I'm in your shoes," I told Nessie. We were just sitting on a rock by the shoreline. I had stopped by the Cullen's to talk to her; I knew Jacob would have a real hard time talking to her about everything.

"It's just, I don't want to force him to be with me but I'm his imprint and it feels as if he couldn't care less about me" She said, just by the look on her face I could see she was more upset about this then everyone thought.

"Renesmee, Jacob does care about you; you're the person that holds his feet on the ground, but with what happened between him and my sister he's bound to spend more time with her and act different around her. She pregnant because of him and he feels guilty for doing that to her, but he still most likely loves you," I told her, her eyes met mine and I smiled.

"Thanks Seth, I think your really the only wolf I know who still has his head on right," She said and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I laughed lightly and she let go and smiled at me.

I started looking behind myself both ways and Nessie gave me a questionable look. I shook my head and smiled.

"I was half expecting Jacob to pop out of the trees or something, and hurt me for touching his Imprint" I said, she laughed so hard she almost fell off the rock we were sitting on. Now Edward would kill me if his daughter came back injured.

"You wanna head back to your house?" I asked, she nodded and hopped off the rock, landing gracefully on her feet.

"You must get your balance from your dad, 'cause if you got it from you mom you would have broken a leg by now," I said, she laughed as I slid off the rock.

"Yeah, my mom was such a klutz wasn't she?" Renesmee asked, I put both my hands behind my head and looked at the gray skies.

"From what I've heard from Jacob she was" I said and smiled as the sun started breaking out from above the clouds.

Jacob's POV

"That was not funny," I said to Leah in between bouts of laughter. We were in the kitchen and Leah was using the Magic Bullet blender. The Cullen's thought of everything when they made this house.

Back on topic, so I walk into the kitchen and Leah is putting some watermelon and strawberries into the blender. As I walk past her, she starts the blender, now she thought she put the lid on properly but she didn't. So when I walk by I get juiced watermelon and strawberry over me.

"Maybe not to you, but to me it was pretty hilarious," Leah said, wiping the last of waterberry juice off her face. I rolled my eyes and wiped the sticky red juice off my face.

"Yeah, but I'm not cleaning this up" I said, she looked at me with shocked eyes. I smirked, Leah couldn't kill me now because then she would phase and then the babies would get hurt.

"Fine…go ahead make me of all people clean this mess, I'll just be here alone cleaning up the whole kitchen by myself, all alone" She said walked slowly from me. I already knew what she was trying to do. She was trying to make me feel very guilt and then have me clean the whole kitchen.

"I'll help you, but I'm doing the whole job babe," I said, grabbing a dishcloth and wiping off the blender. I now know to never be in the kitchen when Leah is using that blender, it's just no safe for my appearance.

"We'll see about that Jacob….we'll see," She said leaning against the fridge. I gave her a puzzled look.

"I'm too tired to clean this up and my back still hurts from when you made me trip over the carpet and hit the hard floor" She said, I closed my eyes and sighed. Maybe I should give her a break; on the other hand, she should help me clean this up.

"I'll make you a deal, if you clean up the counter you can go and do whatever object in this house you please" I said as she whipped a dishcloth at me, was this becoming a habit of her's? First, she threw a sweat-damped cloth at my face when we were going to tell the Cullen's and now this.

"That's just wrong, I hope you're not mentally damaging Seth with that," She said grabbing another cloth and wiping off the counter.

"No…you already beat me to that point," I said smirking at her. She rolled her eyes and shook her head. I had already wiped off the blender; something was telling me that if I ruined any thing in this kitchen Alice would kill me.

"I'm done, you have fun cleaning this up" Leah said, sheesh the way she left I thought it was Rosalie with dark brown hair and tanned skin. Note to self, make sure Blondie is nowhere in sight when I bring Leah over to the Cullen's. Then again, Blondie couldn't have kids, so she wouldn't have a bulge jutting out from her waist like Leah did.

"I think I'm in love with this T.V." Leah said her voice almost made me jump. I hadn't known she was even still here, I thought she went to our room or something.

"I always thought something was wrong with you and you have just proved I've been right all these years," I said, getting up and smiling, right on cue 'cause she looked at me and just shook her head.

"Yeah, sure whatever Black" She said, in a sharp tone that sounded a lot like the old version of Leah Clearwater.

Renesmee's POV

"You want me to call Leah and Jacob to tell them about it?" I asked my dad. He nodded. I got up and grabbed my cell phone from my sweater pocket that was lying on the other sofa. I dialed their new number and Leah picked on the first ring.

"Hey Leah! It's Nessie," I said.

"Oh hey Nessie, what's up?" She asked I could hear some shuffling in the background and guessed it was Leah and Jacob moving.

"Well, my grandpa said that you need to come for a checkup on Thursday at 11:30a.m." I told her which was exactly in three days. I heard grandpa talking to Leah before about making an appointment to check out how the little ones were doing.

"Tell him Jacob and I will be there," She said and we hung up. I suddenly felt an odd feeling when she said Jacob and I. A sudden pang replaced my heartbeat. I put my phone in my jean pocket and walked back over to the couch.

My father had already left, most likely to go hunting with my mother or something. My thoughts were racing as I tired to remember Seth's words.

He most likely still loves you Nessie. Rang in my head. Most likely but not for sure. An imprint was supposed to be forever, not just a couple of years. I sank down a bit on the couch.

This was one messed up love triangle.

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