A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Losing Her Strength On The BattleField

Leah's POV

"You fell?" Carlisle asked. Jacob and I were currently up in his medical room getting on with the check-up. Jacob and I had already told him about my latest accident.

"Well, the babies seem to be fine, they're strong for their stage of development, which worries me" he said, wait what did he mean by that? Was something wrong with them, with me?

"What do you mean Carlisle?" Jacob asked I could hear the concern leaking into his voice. I was pretty confused about this too I mean what could be wrong.

"Well, with Leah losing her werewolf strength the babies will be a tad stronger then she is, basically for the next couple months until delivery, Leah will need to be taking more of an easy then before" Carlisle explained, I felt Jacob calm down a bit.

"It's not going to be something like Bella's pregnancy right?" I asked nervously. I mean thinking back to the images both Seth and I saw in Jacob's thoughts were horrible.

"No, it won't be like that, it's just that since both parents are werewolves the babies are stronger then a usual human baby" He said. I sighed in relief. I got up and a sharp shooting pain ran up my spine.

I gasped and bent over abit, Carlisle was beside me and so was Jacob. Fuck that hurt worse then a bitch.

"Leah, are you okay?" Jacob asked, frantically. I straightened up a bit and nodded weakly.

"This was what I meant; the fall you took wasn't good for your condition and with you losing your werewolf strength the babies will seem strong for the next couple months," Carlisle said. I nodded.

"This won't kill her will it?" Jacob asked I could hear concern mixed with anger in his voice.

"No, she won't lose all of her werewolf strength but she will lose most of it, like I said Leah will need to take an easy" Carlisle said once more. I felt better and we walked out of the room down the stairs.

"I heard a noise! Are you guys okay?" Alice rushed up towards Jacob and I. I laughed a bit; she gave me a near heart attack.

"Yeah, it was nothing" Jacob said, of course it was a lie but he knew better then to strike up something like with Alice. We walked out of the Cullen residence and made our way into Jacob's rabbit.

As we were driving back, I felt a sudden jolt of pain spike up my chest. I gasped which made Jacob look at me.

"Leah, what happened?" He asked. I was getting by breath back when I answered him.

"Nothing, it's just a pain in my chest, where I got the cut" I said, he nodded and turned his eyes back to the road. I could still his eyes on me every few minutes. Sheesh I could not wait for my werewolf strength to finally come back, this just felt horrible

Jacob's POV

I watched Leah's still body lying on the bed. If it wasn't for the sheets gently going up and down I would have thought she was dead. It was true Leah was losing great amounts of her werewolf powers.

Her skin was paler and I grew worried. I place my hand on her forehead her temperature felt the same. It was my fault she was like this; I knew she always wanted kids but if was the cost of it…

She hadn't improved by much by the time we got back to the house; in fact I think she got worse. I had no one to blame but myself, even if it makes her happy I still feel guilt. Carlisle told me I shouldn't worry about it Leah would pull through. This just brought0 back some unwanted thoughts about Bella

Shifting my eyes down to the round ball coming out from her hips I felt a smile make its way on my face. I knew it wasn't their fault they were strong no it was my fault for not thinking that night. Leah and I had way too much to drink and I took advantage of her in such a dirty way.

Thoughts ran through my head that I would never think about around Edward or my pack. They were my feelings for Leah; I loved her as much as I didn't want to admit it. Right now, it was as if I'd imprinted on her.

We could pretend that we are friends, tonight And, in the morning, we wake up, and we'd be alright'Cause, baby, we don't have to fight...

That was how I was feeling, this love between Leah and Nessie was more like a war and neither side was winning. I knew I would have to break one of their hearts and it made my guilt intensify at the thought of having to choose.

"I'm sorry Leah…for doing this to you I don't want to be the one to break your heart again, I don't want to hurt Renesmee either but I'm just so confused. I don't know who I'm going to choose but you have to know how much I'm in love with you, and how much it feels as if it's you holding me down, keeping me on this earth. I love you Leah Clearwater," I said, I doubted she could hear me but it was worth a try.

I turned around and started to walk out of our room when her voice made its way to my ears. I whipped around and went right to the side of the bed.

"Jacob" She said her eyes were opening. I smiled, she seemed much better some of the color was making its way back to her face.

"Stop blaming you're fucking self, sheesh we need to bring you to a shrink or something, plus I never knew you were just a good speaker" She said, I blushed so she had heard what I had just said to her.

"I'm just trying to protect you, against myself"

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