A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Talking Really Does Solve Problems

Jacob's POV

To think it was seven months ago, we had just found out Leah and I were going to be parents. Despite what Carlisle had said Leah was actually looking like a regular women who was pregnant with twins. Sure, Carlisle had been right when he said she would lose some of werewolf strength but she seemed to be doing pretty okay.

"My god, I feel so fat," Leah said leaning against the counter. I laughed that tiny baby bldge had now gotten bigger. It was just last week we felt, both of them kicking.

"No, you're pregnant with twins, trust me when they are born you'll be thin again" I said, putting an arm around her shoulder. Alice had already taken Leah shopping; there must have been at least twenty bags and that was only the first load.

"Yeah, sure Jacob by the way are you still going to talk to Renesmee today?" She asked, looking at me with her dark brown almost black eyes. Today was the day I was going to talk to Renesmee, I laughed at myself because of the fact it took me about seven months to get the guts to this.

"Yes I am, in fact I got to go right now," I said, gently rubbing my hand across the round ball, as I liked to call it. I kissed her on the cheek and took off towards First Beach where I was going to talk with Nessie.

"Hey Jake" I heard her voice just as I stepped foot onto the beach. I looked around until I saw her long bronze curls bouncing up and down as she ran over to me. I smiled, and then remembered what I was here to tell her.

"Hey Ness" I said as we walked over to the cliff, yeah the cliff as in the one Edward did not know we were going on. We ran up there just because it was faster and I had a feeling this would be a hard thing to say.

"So what's up Jacob?" Nessie asked looking out into the distance where there were rays of sunlight hitting the ocean. I could not believe I was here with her to tell her something that would break her heart.

"Renesmee, you remember how I imprinted on you seven years ago?" I asked her. I had to let her down easy, no matter how much it would crush us both. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but looking around I could see this was no dream.

"Yeah of course I remember Jacob, what of it?" She asked in her almost bell like voice. She reminded me so much of her mother, with her chocolate brown eyes and her smile. It only made what I was going to do harder.

"Well, I'm not sure how but I just don't…." I could not get it out; the words were like knives stabbing at me from every direction. I couldn't tell her that I was in love with Leah. Breaking someone's heart was something I could never do.

She raised an eyebrow at me, but underneath that demeanor, I could see tears welling up. She spoke, but very quietly, so I wouldn't hear her voice crack. "Jacob, I know. And I understand" I looked at her, I felt as if someone had just stabbed me right in the heart.

"Renesmee, I'm sorry you have no idea how hard this was and still is for me, there is no way you could be fine with this. You could do whatever you want, hit me kick me something" I said almost sounding as if I was pleading for some type of punishment.

"Jacob, I'm not going to kick you or hit you or do anything that would hurt you, when I said I understand I meant it. I understand you're situation and I should have expected this sooner but I didn't but that doesn't mean…that me and you, you and I can't still be best friends." She said, a slight smile crossing her face.

I smiled too, just the fact that she understood this made me feel a bit better. Looking out beyond the cliff ledge we were standing on I saw the rays of light growing.

"Well, they do say a dog is a man's best friend, or in this case should a say a girl's best friend" I said, and she laughed and I wrapped my arms around her in a hug, she returned the favor and her arm wrapped around my back. As she pressed her head against my chest, I could feel the wet tears trickle down her face.

"But no matter what you'll still have a place in my heart" I said as I wiped the tears away from her eyes. She pulled away and smiled at me. With that, we headed back to the Cullen's; no doubt, Edward knew what had already gone down between his daughter and I.

Leah's POV

"Yes, this house is really nice" I said to Rachel. She and Rebecca came over to visit while Jacob went to talk with Renesmee.

"It's hard to believe your actually going to be a mother in like three months," Rebecca said. Yeah, hard to believe hell I didn't even want to believe it. I felt the tears well up in my eyes at the thought.

"Leah! Are you okay?' Both of them asked me both at the same time. I shook my head as I felt the two little ones kick.

"Shh, it's okay babies" I soothed them rubbing the bulge. Rachael and Rebecca each put an arm around me.

"What's wrong Leah?" Rebecca asked. I felt the tears overflow as they ran down my cheeks, falling of the corners of my chin.

"It's just…a lot to take in" I said, my voice cracking as more tears fell. What the fuck was wrong with me? This wasn't the first time I broke down like this either.

"Don't worry, we're all here for you, if you need something we'll make sure you have it without a question" Rachael said, I nodded the stream of water was stopping. A sudden thought struck me like lighting.

"Guys, where's Emily? Isn't she supposed to be going into labor any day now?" I asked frantically. When you get right down to it, she is my cousin so I do care for her.

"Yeah, we haven't seen her since yesterday though she told us she was really tired so we left her to get some sleep" Rebecca answered. I still remember talking to a three month pregnant Emily when I found out I was going to be having a baby, well two is more is like it.

"Don't worry Lee, if she goes into labor she said Sam would call and tell you guys about it first" Rebecca told me rubbing hand soothingly up and down my back. I leaned my head back and rested it on the couch rest. I closed my eyes and sighed.

"Oh" I said shooting up a bit. Rachael and Rebecca gave me looks of concern I shook my head.

"It's you have to feel to understand" I said, grabbing both of their hands and put them on the spot I felt the two sets of kicks. They kicked one more time and we all felt it.

"Wow, they do have loads of energy" Rachael said, smiling.

"Yeah just like Jacob" Rebecca said jokingly we laughed. I looked at the clock on the T.V. it was already 2:30 p. m. Jacob left around lunchtime and should have been back by now.

I shook it off, he might have just been talking to some of the Cullen's and who knows how long that could take. As I was thinking about it, the phone rang. Rebecca picked it up off the charger and handed it over to me. Sam was calling, I let it ring once more and put it on speakerphone.

"Hey Sam," I said, the girls listened in carefully I rolled my eyes.

"Leah, Emily just went into labor, we're at the hospital now" Sam said I exchanged looks between Rachael and Rebecca.

"We'll be right there" I said and hung up.

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