A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Feeling Numb

Leah's POV

"Emily I thought we discussed this over the phone! I'm not taking any stupid damn test!" I told my cousin trying my best to stay composed with her, but man was she making it complicated.

She was trying to make me take some damn pregnancy test, I mean what part of I'm a werewolf, I can't have kids did she not comprehend. I stayed calm enough to ensure I would phase right in front of her, no need to give her a heart attack now.

"Leah, please I mean it's just to check," She pleaded for the hundredth time. Man I could really see how her and Seth could be related. They were both so painstakingly persistent!I groaned my god why was Emily going to force me into doing this. I mean really me being pregnant. HA!

"Emily you can't make me take one of those stupid tests" I told her, yeah that was right.

"Maybe I can't, at least not alone but if I had some help…." Knocks filled the air. Oh, I can't believe she called for help! Being out-numbered was never really something I took well to.

As Emily opened the door in walked Rebbecca, Rachael and Kim. Oh, crap! No matter how much I whined or fussed, they would force me into taking that test.

"There's no way out of this Leah," Rebecca said, well I already knew that. Wow never thought my four closest friends would turn on me.

"If there was do you think I would still be here?" I asked her as I could see the thin rectangle box in her hand.

"We only do this because we want to make sure your ok Leah, really" Kim said, yes they did care about me and when friends care a lot for you they force you to do things you would rather get run over by a truck then do.

"Guys…I moaned letting my head fall back against the frame leading into the kitchen. Fine if it would shut them up, I would do it.

"Hand me that fucking stick," I said and they smiled as Rebbecca handed me the stupid box. I trudged over to the washroom and took the test. Just to wait two minutes to prove I was the last person I had slept with was Jacob, and come on it's not I can have kids so there was zero risk in any of our fun that night.

Two minutes later I checked the stupid stick. I swear my eyes got much larger when I saw the little plus sign mocking me. I yelled for the others to get in here.

"No this can't be right," I said, as the air was getting harder to push up my throat. This couldn't be happening I mean I'm menopausal for crying out fucking loud!

"I'm sorry Leah but it's not wrong, it would seem you're pregnant" Emily told me. The rest of them were just as shocked, and as it became harder and harder to breathe, I started to feel numb all over. My vision blurred as jet-black dots filled my eyes and after that, I sank into the world of unconsciousness.

"Hey I think she's coming around" I heard Kim's worried voice say and then footsteps getting closer to me.

My eyes fluttered trying their best to get used to the light. Opening them, I saw the four girls looking at me with worried expressions. In addition, that I had been moved to the couch, how they did that I don't want to know.

"Well it seems you're pregnant Leah," Rachael said. Yeah now, I remembered. Fuck, I was damn well screwed over now. No way in hell would Jacob understand this mess.

"Leah who did you last sleep with" Kim asked, well it was now or never right? What an amazing question Kim, just damn great!

"Jacob" I said, and heard their shocked gasps. Was it really that hard to consider? I mean come on where did they think Jaob went two weeks ago?

"You slept with our brother?" Rebbecca and Rachael said at the same time. I nodded my head. Didn't I just say that?

"Well we have to tell him!" Rebecca said raising her voice. No! We couldn't do that!

"Please no, he has Renesmee he won't want to be held back because he fucking knocked me up" I pleaded. Judging by the look on all their faces they understood where I was coming from.

"You're still going to have to tell him," Emily said. I nodded, in time I would tell him just not now; I can't fuck up his life no matter how fun it would be. I sighed and got up.

"You going back home?" Rachael asked me, I nodded and she offered to drive me back. Sure why not I mean I didn't want a run in with Jacob and the rest of the pack.

"Listen, Leah I know this is really hard on you right now but it's going to work out and Jacob is going to be there with you or he's getting his wolf ass kicked" She told me, I just nodded, my head placed softly in my hands.

When we were at my house, I had to ask Rachael something. "Rach, would you mind telling your fucking stupid brother to meet me in the forest off First Beach in two days?" I asked her she nodded.

"Of course what time?" I thought maybe around 9:30 p.m. better to get it over with at night then during the day while he was with that spawn child.

As soon as I neared the door, I heard Seth call that it was open. When I walked into the house, I saw Seth on the couch watching T.V

"Go figure you didn't want to get of your lazy wolf ass" I commented, he turned around looking oh so very shocked.

"Seth what time is it?" I asked, I was so fucking out of it because of that stupid Jacob Black.

"7:30 p.m. where were you all day?" He asked, well he should know he's going to be an uncle right. Even though he would most likely kill me and Jacob, and the baby...I thought about it lightly. While he wasn't looking I took a glance at my sotmach. I couldn't believe that I was prego, this was just a mess. As if my life wasn't already messed up enough!

"Seth I was at Emily's and I have something to tell you, and when I do you have to promise to understand OK?"

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