A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Coming To The Real World

(Third Person)

Bickering upon bickering fills the Cullen house. Bella, being held back by Edward looking as she was about to rip Leah's head off from her shoulders. Leah on the other hand was slightly behind Jacob, Bella was freaking her out and not even she had the guts to stand up to her.

"Bella…can't you control yourself for a minute? 'Cause if you attack Leah, I'll attack you and being a vampire won't matter anymore," Jacob barked at Bella. This was understandable I mean wouldn't anyone feel the need to protect the ones they love more then the world itself.

"I don't agree with Jacob touching you whatsoever but Bella love, you need to calm down it was no wonder Renesmee ran out after what she saw," Edward told Bella, his voice stern giving her no sign of softness.

Bella's body fell limp, she didn't pass out but something struck her. With such force, it could have very well knocked her into a coma, if she still possessed a heartbeat. It's something everyone has to deal with every single day.

It would seem reality has finally fallen upon Bella Swan.

(Leah's POV)

"I know, it does seem odd that my brother and Renesmee are a thing," I said, talking to Jacob's back from my position on the couch. Jacob was acting extremely calm about all this, and it made me wonder if he was just a ticking time bomb.

"It's not that I'm mad or anything I just thought it wouldn't happen so soon, I mean I'm happy for the both of them but I'm just worried about the whole imprinting thing," Jacob said turning to face me with both his hands on the counter edge.

"Well let's hope he ends up like you and fights for her, and with Seth I'm sure he will or we can beat his damn face right into a tree and then a rock and then the grass" I said with sweet sarcasm. Jacob smiled and shook his head.

"I'm sure you'd go pretty easy on him seeing as he's your brother and all," Jacob said, walking over to sit at my feet. I put my head back and rested it on the edge of the couch. Jacob's thumbs going along the muscles in my feet soon followed. I had to sit up just to be able to look at him damn I was huge!

"Yeah I know…but are you sure your fine with it all? I mean this whole thing is my fault anyways…" I trailed off at the end as tears fell down my face and I stood up.. Damnit Leah! That Bella Bitch has gotten to you, regardless of her new attitude she would enjoy looking like this.

"No Leah! It's not your fault it just happened babe, don't worry none of what happened is your fault," Jacob said, walking over to me and wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me closer. The twins kept us from hugging the normal way.

Jacob wiped the tears away from my closed eyes with his thumb and kissed the top of my head. We walked into the bedroom and soon I was lying into a shitless Jacob. Not that he even wore a shirt today but still.

"Leah, I broke up with Renesmee because I wanted to be with you, I wanted to be yours and I wanted to be there for our kids. You have no idea how crazy I am for you, the fact that you got pregnant was is and never will be your fault no matter what anyone tries to make you believe. Just remember that I'll always love you." Jacob said, kissing the top of my head.

Before long, I felt myself sinking into dreamland, nothing ruining my perfect dreams about whatever I pleased.

(Jacob's POV)

I watched, as Leah lay sound asleep beside me in our bed. It was around 8:30 p.m. she had been asleep for two hours and yet I couldn't leave her. She was safe and if anything did happen, I would be there in a heartbeat.

I still couldn't leave her.

If someone told me seven months ago that I would be in this house with Leah, broken up with Renesmee and going to a be a father I'd tell them to give their head a shake. But here I was watching Leah's chest go up and down with every breath. Looking at the round bulge that jutted out from her stomach that had our babies safely inside.

I sighed as I look at her face, the one that was flooded with tears not long ago. I felt anger plus through me but I wouldn't phase and wake Leah up. She needed the sleep more then anyone right now. I just couldn't get over the fact that Bella, the girl who was my best friend would get such a thrill at seeing Leah scared and in pain.

I also couldn't believe how much I'd matured in these past months, I guess that's how it works out when you're a father to be. Even though I had no idea what they looked like yet, I loved them more then anything in this whole wide world.

Reason to that being because I loved Leah more then anything.

I got off the bed gently and walked out to the balcony to get some air. I opened the glass door and closed it as I leaned over the railing just staring. From a distance, I could hear a wolf howl, almost as if it was calling to me.

I looked back into the room at Leah's sleeping body. A run would help clear things up, so I took off my clothes and placed them on the table on the balcony. That way Leah would know I went into the forest.

'Jacob?" I heard a voice enter my head as soon as I was in wolf form. I knew the voice and slowed down a bit so Seth could catch up to me.

"Hey kid," I said as he slowed to a walk on my right side. I already knew what he was going to say. He was going to wanna know if I was okay with him and Nessie being together.

"You read my mind, but really Jacob I don't want their to be any bad blood between us if you don't think Nessie and I should do something like this right now then we'll wait," Seth said, sounding like a wise man. When did he start growing up?

"Seth…you don't need my permission to go and date Nessie I'm fine with it because I want to be with Leah. I also don't want you to think that you have to hold off on parts of your life because you don't know how it's going to affect everyone else, you gotta think for yourself and make some of those tough decisions by yourself. If you love Renesmee then I would be an idiot to say you shouldn't go for it," I told him. It was true I mean he had a life of his own to live and he should live it his way or else it's not his life anymore.

This was probably the most serious talk I've had with Seth ever. We always joked around, talked, and just did guy stuff, but with this whole situation, I guess we both might have grown up in different ways.

"Thanks, that means a lot to me Jacob. Hey you better get back to my sister soon I'd just hate to hear her voice if she doesn't figure out where you are," Seth said, I could hear the smile in thoughts as he ran back towards his own home.

"I'll always wonder how on earth this could have happened," I said. Leah and I were standing in front of the kitchen cabinet. A couple more plate pieces were still lying on the counter when I'd walked in here.

"Sorry, but I was hungry you weren't home and I wanted the one plate I like to use when I eat" Leah said, crossing her arms just above the bulge. I shook my head and grinned.

"It's okay, we can clean up later, I had something else in mind for us," I said, as I moved closer to Leah and pressed my lips to her's. Biting her lower lip gently as if begging to explore her mouth.

"Jacob…" Leah said as our lips parted. I wrapped an arm around her shoulder and cocked an eyebrow.

"Bella left me a message,"

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