A Bridge Too Hard to Cross


Leah's POV

You little two faced whore, your just dragging everyone else down to your personal hell because you want them to feel bad for you. You're a disgrace to the female population, you're pretending to be affected by this and your pretending that you were so shocked to find out you got pregnant. How stupid do you think I am? You aren't fooling me, you hated the fact that Jacob and Renesmee were together from the time she was born.

Therefore, you decided to play this trick, get both you and Jacob drunk then sleep with him knowing all the while you were going to get pregnant from it. Now your brother is with MY daughter? I do not think so…

Let this be a warning to you Leah Clearwater. When your babies are born, you had better keep a very close eye on them. One day they just might go…hmm how can I say this, go missing and return in pieces.

Rot in hell you whore,

Bella Cullen.

I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I squeezed the note in my hands. I wanted to go right to Bella, tear her limb, from fucking limb, and burn her. How dare she have the damn guts to call me a whore?

"Leah, it okay no worries I'll straighten her out. She had no right to call you a whore or say that you getting pregnant was your fault, because it was just something that happened, we couldn't control it," Jacob said pulling me in closer to him and kissing the top of my head.

"Oh someone is going to damn straighten her out if she even comes within twenty meters of our little babies I will start the fire for her. She will not touch our children….she won't kill them…she…" I trailed off and started crying. Jacob rubbed his hand up and down my arm as the tears rolled down my face and slipped to the floor.

"She won't touch them or you, I'll tell Edward about this because I'm sure he doesn't know that Bella sent to the house," Jacob said, his voice holding a threatening tone. I smiled that Bella Bitch was gonna get what she deserved.

It wasn't my fault Jacob broke up with Renesmee, did Bella even listen to what Nessie said to her Jacob wanted to protect Nessie's feelings so he let her down easy then and they are still best friends. No damn harm done, but try telling that to Bella.

"I think she's probably the most thick-headed vampire I've ever seen," I said crumpling up the note and giving it to Jacob.

"You can show this to Edward, there's no way I'm going back to see that whore," I said smiling as I walked back into the bedroom. I closed the door behind me and walked over to the bed. Sitting down on it, I placed my hand on my stomach.

"Shh, its okay babies I'll never let anyone try to hurt you Jacob and I will always keep you safe from the likes of Bella," I told them as they both kicked gently. It was strange but to me it was as if they understand far more then they should.

Guess they got the smarts from me.

"Your father and I will always protect you no matter what, you have my word on that because if Bella tries anything I'll kill her myself," I said as I lie down and fell into the world of dreams once more.

Jacob's POV

"I have to agree with Jacob on this, Bella love Leah is eight months pregnant I'm sure she doesn't need to worry about you trying to kill her unborn children," Edward said, sounding pissed off.

"Bella if you saw what she was already going through when we got home, you would have never sent her that stupid letter in the first place. Her getting pregnant is no one's fault okay; it happened we both got drunk she did not trick me into it or anything. Oh and if you think your going to touch any of our children you better be prepared because I will let Leah hurt you," I said to her. Edward looked at me, for a minute I thought he would be glaring at me for saying that to his wife. However, he wasn't.

He was smiling a bit at me. I smirked back, Bella needed to hear this and hearing it from her own husband and friend would maybe knock some sense into her. I was hesitant about leaving Leah alone back at the house. However, when I checked on her she was sound asleep with her hand on his stomach, as if protecting our little nudgers.

"I don't care, I don't care about Leah or those monsters I hope Leah dies when she's giving birth I couldn't care less if she did," Bella said looking right at me with glaring eyes. I growled at her, she deserved to have me phase right into of her and knock her off that couch.

"Shut up! I don't know who you are but you're not Bella you're a monster in her skin. Don't you dare tell me you want something bad to happen to Leah during birth because I'll kill you by myself if I have to, don't you dare say shit like that about someone you barely even know. Oh and the part about dragging us down to her personal hell? Real cute Bells very cute even, but let me tell you she can't drag anyone down to hell because she'll too far away from it," I told her. I was so angry with her it was amazing I still hadn't phased.

"Bella love, Jacob has many good points; you don't have any right to wish death upon anyone," Edward said. I kept my eyes on the floor. All my thoughts centered on Leah.

"Mom stop it. If something were to happen to Leah, I'm sure everyone would hate you because here you are wishing death upon her. So what she got pregnant it happened, yes I was upset about it but Jacob was at least manly enough to spare my feelings," Renesmee told Bella. I smiled about the me being manly part.

If I had blinked, I'm sure I would have missed Bella running up the stairs and slamming the door very loudly. I looked over at Edward and he rolled his eyes.

"Sometimes I think she is spending way too much time with Rosalie," He said and I tired to keep myself my laughing.

"I thought I'd never live long enough to see the say that you bashed on your wife," I said as Renesmee was laughing her head off. I smiled at her as she controlled herself before Bella came down again.

"I wouldn't call it that, no it's just the truth and it's not my fault it hurts but Bella does need to learn how to control her anger. I can promise you that she won't harm Leah whatsoever," Edward told me.

Leah's POV

"Get the fuck out!" I screamed at Bella, tears rolling down my face as I took another step away from the bed.

"You don't understand! I'm here to say I'm sorry about the letter," She said taking another step closer to me. Yeah right, I wasn't stupid, watch I let her get close to me and she slams me into the wall.

"Get out now!" I screamed again. Bella only came up right to my face and held my arms down by my side. I couldn't do much because I didn't want to hurt the little nudgers.

"Bella, let go," I told her as I felt two strong kicks and almost fell down. Bella still held my arms at my side.

"Then accept my request for forgiveness and I'll let go," She said almost sounding sincere. I sighed and rolled my eyes if she was going to get difficult…

"Fine! I forgive you all fucking ready just let go!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Seems I have great time because Jacob walked through the bedroom door and ran over to where Bella and I were standing.

"Leah! What's wrong?" Jacob asked as I leaned against him for support. I saw him give a worried glance over to Bella.

"Leah where does it hurt?" She asked, her tone telling me she was now worried. I gasped as a sharp shooting pain ran through me once more.

"My lower stomach area," I said in between gasps. I still had no idea what was going on, I mean the little ones had kicked before but those times were nothing compared to how much searing pain I was in now.

"Jacob we have to get Leah back over to my place," Bella said walking towards the door and going out into the hallway.

"Why?" Jacob asked, still supporting my almost limp body as he made it to the doorway looking more worried then ever.

"I think Leah just went into labor,"

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