A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

The Arrival

Leah's POV

"Okay Leah, when I count to three I'm going to need you to push okay," Leech Doctor said, as his hands were right under my open legs. Seemed the last time my legs were this open I was drunk tremendously.

"Whatever makes the pain go the fuck away, I swear Jacob next time you want to sleep with me you better use some damn protection!" I said to Jacob, raising my voice abit for extra emphasis.

"Sure sure just listen to Carlisle and it will be all over soon promise Leah," Jacob said pushing my sweat drenched hair away from my forehead.

"Okay ready… 1…2….3 push Leah," Carlisle said as I pushed as hard as I could. It felt like someone was tearing up my v-zone piece by piece. I moaned breathlessly as I could feel something making its way out.

"Okay, I can see the head clearly, you need to push one more time and the first one should be out," Carlisle said I could just see his hands grabbing at the head. I threw my head back and moaned again. This was just too much.

"Shh, its okay babe, it'll be over soon your doing great," Jacob, whispered into my ear and I believed him on it.

"Okay here we go 1….2….3…push," Carlisle commanded in a soft tone. I pushed with everything I could and was awarded with the sound of crying.

"Alice, would you mind cleaning her up, I'm not too sure the second one wants to wait any longer," Carlisle said, handing the naked baby over to Alice who smiled at me as she laid down our baby girl and cleaned the blood away from her body.

"Just one more, okay then everything will be fine Leah," Jacob said, wiping the sweat off my forehead as I felt a huge amount of pressure down below the waistline. I screamed a bit but not loudly, more like a mix between a moan and a scream.

"Again on three you'll need to push okay Leah," Carlisle said looking me right in the eyes. I nodded and let my head fall back on the pillow with Jacob pushing my hair away from my face.

"Okay, 1…2….3… push Leah," He said as I gave it my best shot yet again. I moaned as I felt a movement of what had to be the head coming out of me. I swear men are so lucky! They never have to feel pain like this.

"I can see the head; I'll need to just push once more Leah," Carlisle said as I felt an even larger build up of pressure. Instinct was telling me to push now.

"Leah! Stop don't push something's wrong," Carlisle said sounding worried. My breathing got a bit harder at the thought of something going wrong. I felt a tear trickle down my face.

"Shh, don't worry Leah," Jacob whispered softy wiping away the tear with his thumb. The pain was getting unbearable and I couldn't hold off any longer.

"Carlisle with you being a male you don't know how much pain it is giving birth to a baby, nonetheless having to stop in between. So please I really can't hold on much longer," I said, breathing a bit harder and closing my eyes as the pain kept building up.

"1….2….3 okay push as hard as you can right now," Carlisle said as I pushed harder then I ever have and finally heard the sound of a newborn baby. I propped myself up a bit while Jacob wiped down my forehead.

"Congratulations, their both happy and healthy twins," Alice said handing me our baby girl. I reached out and gently took her from Alice's arms. I brought her right close to my chest and looked at her.

"She's beautiful, just like her mother," Jacob said. I looked up at him and smiled as I kissed our daughters head.

"And here is your baby boy," Carlisle said handing him over to Jacob. As soon as he was in Jacob's arms, I saw his expression change.

"No words to describe this," Jacob said holding our boy close to him.

"Do you two have names for them? If you don't I can help you!" Alice chirped up coming beside the bed with smiles.

"I would say something, but I have a feeling Alice has already made up her mind," Carlisle said, laughing at Alice's excitement.

"Knock knocks! Hey there she wolf how you doing, we could you head you loud and clear from downstairs," Emmett's voice boomed into the room. Following suit came Rosalie, Edward and Renesmee.

"No Bella?" Jacob asked, looking confused or maybe worried that Bella was going to pull off a nana move and jump in from the walls.

"Her, Esme and Jasper are out hunting so we figured we could come and check out the little ones," Edward said with a smile on his face.

"As long as they don't end up losing their sense of smell then yes," Jacob said joking around with Emmett. They all came closer as Carlisle left for downstairs.

"Aww, they are so adorable!" Renesmee said with a huge smile on her face. Our little girl mewled in response to that and moved a bit in my arms.

"They are, they certainly look a lot like you two," Rosalie said, looking between Jacob and me.

"Hey, if maybe you'll have another case of the she wolf over here, bet the wolf boys will like that," Emmett said. Jacob and I laughed, if our little girl did phase it would be okay. Not normal but then again nothing was normal anymore.

"So picked out any names for them yet?" Edward asked. I shook my head.

"Trying to find the right ones, its harder then we thought," Jacob, said his eyes never leaving our baby boy.

"Hey, guys I don't mean to send you all away but could Leah and I have some alone time with babies?" Jacob asked. They all nodded and left to wait downstairs.

Jacob grabbed a chair and pulled it beside the bed. He gestured to hold our little girl while I held our bouncing boy.

"We should think of names Jake," I said, cradling the boy in my arms as I let my finger trail gently down his small dark face. He squirmed a bit then nestled into my boob.

"Yeah I know babe, have you thought of any names yet?" He asked holding our girl closer to him.

"I was thinking…for the girl maybe Kayla? Something simple yet nice," I said. Jacob nodded.

"I can see her as a Kayla, so what about for the boy, funny he was the last one out and now he is the last one named.

"Aiden? I'm not sure but it does sound nice," Jacob said. Rocking Kayla back and forth as his eyes was again focused on nothing but our babies.

"Aiden and Kayla…hmm I like it. Sounds good together," I said, as Aiden made more mewling sounds.

"Yeah just like our names," Jacob said pulling in closer to me and kissing my lips. I'm not sure how but we weren't even touching the babies while our tongues playing with one another.

We broke the kiss and I smiled at Jacob, He kissed the top of my head and pushed some more hair back away from my face.

"You look a lot better when we can see your beautiful face Leah," Jacob said. I turned a shade of crimson when he said that. I let my head fall back into the pillows and just stared at the ceiling thinking.

"Jacob, I was wondering if I could just speak to you alone," Came Edward's voice into the room.

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