A Bridge Too Hard to Cross


Jacob's Pov

Edward and I were standing in the room beside where Leah where Leah and the twins were. My thoughts radiated concern as I thought about Leah being alone in the room.

"Don't worry, I have Alice in there to make sure everything is okay, but I would like to talk to you about Renesmee and Seth," He said. I looked him in the eye and raised an eyebrow.

"Sometimes when one thing happens it can everything, this is just one of things that it's changed, so I have no right to complain." I sighed digging my hands into my pockets. Edward nodded, as he understood where I was coming from.

"Well I do, why do all the mutts have to be attracted to my daughter…" I heard Edward mumble, looking up to smirk at me.

"Now, get in there and go be a father to you kids," Edward said walking out and going down the stairs. I spun on my heel and walked back into the room where Leah, the twins and Alice currently were.

Renesmee's Pov

"Seth!" I shrilled as he walked through the door and into the living room. I ran up to him and hugged him, his arms soon wrapped around my waist.

"It's nice to see you too Ness," He said as he swung his arm around my shoulder as we neared the stairs.

"So I guess you heard, seems like news travels fast with you wolves," I said leaned my head against his shoulder as he held me tighter against his warm body.

"Yeah, that's why I'm here, other then to see you though," He said, planting a kiss on my head and I turned a shade of crimson as I let my bronze curls cover my face.

"Well, then! What are we waiting for; you have to see the twins! They are just so adorable and small!" I said a huge smile taking over my face as I led Seth up the stairs and into the room where Leah, Jacob, Aunt Alice, Aiden, and Kayla were.

Leah's Pov

"Hey there little bro, hi Nessie," I said as they both walked in the room, Seth's arm around Renesmee's shoulder. I looked over as Jacob and saw that he looked at them for a moment and titled his chin up to signal a hello and went back to holding and slowly rocking Kayla.

"Hey sis, so how painful was it?" Seth asked walking over to the side of the bed and smirking. His eyes fell onto Aiden and then up to Kayla.

"You don't want to know, but I think I'll need Carlisle to check out my hand I don't think it should feel this numb," Jacob joked and we all laughed.

"Before you ask Seth, we named them Aiden and Kayla, simple names," I said smiling at Aiden who just gurgled in response.

"Nice names, did you pick them just now or did you two think about it?" Renesmee asked a small smile on her face as she looked at Aiden and Kayla.

"Kind of on the spot names, we did think about them but only for about a week," Jacob said, leaning against the wall as he played with Kayla. I looked up to see Seth smiling at me.

"Jacob! Could you come here?" I called from the nursery as I picked up a crying Aiden. We had taken them both home about a week ago and now I wish they were still inside me. Kayla would cry and cry and she would just not stop for five minutes. Aiden always needed something.

"Hey babe what's up?" Jacob asked putting his arm around my shoulder and looking down at Aiden.

"I really have to go to the bathroom so could you please just take care of Aiden," I said, sounding a bit harsh as I handed Aiden over to Jake and ran to the washroom. After I was done my business and washed my hands, I looked at myself in the mirror.

"Damn, I look awful…" I complained to myself. My hair was still nice and kept but my face looked odd. I had grey circles under my eyes and they stood out a lot. The twins didn't let Jacob and I sleep much, so five times every night one of us would take turns going to the nursery to see what was wrong.

I walked back to the nursery to see both Aiden and Kayla sound asleep in their cribs. I looked at Jacob and he just shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me.

"Bed. Now." I said and walked out of the room and into our room.

"Leah, you okay?" Jacob asked coming up behind me and wrapping me in a hug. I sighed into his chest as he rubbed my back.

"Fine, just tired they don't let us sleep I wouldn't be surprised if I passed our right here," I told him turning my head and resting it just below his shoulder.

"I know, but I guess that's what you get when you're a parent," He said as we walked over to the bed. I unwrapped myself from him and got into my pj's which were just a baggy t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Just as Jacob pulled back the cover, we heard a sound we wish we could hear tomorrow.


"For crying out loud!" I said, exasperated. I went into the nursery and picked up Kayla. My anger left as soon as I looked at her cute little crying face. I held her and rocked her but it made it worse.

"Oh…I get it, your hungry," I said taking her out of the room and into ours. I gestured for Jacob to take Kayla as I took off my shirt. Yes I breastfeed both of them, only because I did not trust those bottles at all.

"Jacob, can you go and make sure Aiden is okay?" I asked as I undid my bra. Jacob just rolled his eyes and handed Kayla over to me.

"Sure, sure Leah," He said walking out of the room. I adjusted Kayla as he mouth latched itself to my boob. I was not surprised she was hungry now she would not eat before.

"You're lucky you're so adorable," I said as she finished up and I laid her on her back so I could get my bra and shirt on. When that was done, I got up and grabbed her, holding her against my chest with her head over my shoulder.

After she had been burped, I walked into the nursery and saw Jacob leaning over Aiden's crib. I walked over to Kayla's crib smiling as I laid her down and she went to sleep.

"We should go before they do something else that will keep us up the rest of the night," Jake said as we walked out of the room, leaving the door open.

Just as I made it to the bed, Jacob stopped me. He grabbed my forearm and turned me around. I looked at him with confusion and he just smirked.

"Wait here, but close your eyes I have a surprise just for you," He said. I did as he said and closed my eyes and waited for Jacob to come back into the room. Keep my eyes closed did not help me stay awake it just made me more damn tired.

I heard footsteps come into the room as Jacob came closer to me. I just rolled my eyes and kept them shut it was better not to spoil Jake's fun.

"Okay you can open your eyes now Leah," He said. As I opened them, I gasped and placed my hand on my chest. What was in Jacob's hand made my heart stop.

He had a ring.

"Leah Clearwater, I've loved you for who knows how long, and I'll always love you. I will never leave you and I will always be right beside no matter what. Leah will you marry me?" Jacob asked, still on one knee.


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