A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

LOVE is one amazing four letter word

Jacob's Pov

"So, Seth if the fridge is empty when we come back I suggest you run for the trees, because I will know it is you seeing Nessie can't eat that much," I said to Seth, smirking at him.

"Yeah, yeah how about you two go and tell everyone else about your wedding already, I'm sure Renesmee and I can handle the twins," Seth said returning my smirk.

"Oh and by the way, there's milk in the fridge. I think four should be enough for now," Leah said walking into the room all ready. I looked at her and my eyes widened.

She looked so damn hot.

Leah was wearing black Lulu Lemon pants with a dark purple and white striped t-shirt. Over it was a leather jacket that went to her hips; she had pulled her hair back into a ponytail and was slipping on her converse.

"Jacob, close you mouth before your jaw falls out," Renesmee said, play punching me in the arm. I shook my head and came back to reality. Leah was smiling at me and cocking her eyebrow.

"Leah…how on earth did you get breast milk into bottles?" Seth asked, looking scared at what the answer might be. I had to admit that when I found out how you can do that my brain went into a twenty-minute shock.

"Don't worry about how I did it little bro, just make sure you feed them, burp them, change them and put them to sleep when they get tired. Oh! Also, make sure they are wearing clean clothing," Leah said walking towards Seth.

She hugged him and he hugged her back, after she hugged Seth, she hugged Nessie and said bye to Aiden and Kayla. I grabbed the car keys and we were out the door.

"Seth, you better remember to do all those things, I mean it man. Nessie, when Seth here forgets, remind him of what he has to do," I said before closing and locking the door.

Leah was waiting by the car door of the shiny black Lexus, the Cullen's had bought us it and said we would need it. I opened the door for Leah and then got in and started the car.

"Sam and Emily's?" She asked.

"Oh yeah,"

Seth's Pov

"Seth!" I heard Renesmee shout from the bathroom. I got up, ran full speed to the bathroom, and skidded to a halt just in front of the door.

"What's wrong?" I asked, a worry knotting in my insides. She pointed to Kayla who was sitting on the ground patty caking the floor. I looked from her and up to Nessie and cocked my head.

"I think she needs to be changed right now," She said covering her nose with her hand. I picked up Kayla and it hit me. I held Kayla out at arms length.

She reeked.

"Okay, up I'll go change her can you go check on Aiden in the living room?" I asked her and she just nodded and smiled at me. As she was passing, she grabbed my upper arm and hugged herself closer to me before walking to the other room.

"Come on Kayla, let's get you into something cleaner," I said as I walked over to the nursery. The room itself was big and could fit two more cribs, with enough room for each one. The farthest wall had a window that was slightly open with the white curtains floating.

I laid Kayla on her back at on the changing counter. I grabbed a fresh diaper, baby powder and Huggies wipes. I took pushed up Kayla's dress and took off the diaper. I whipped it into the garbage can as fast as possible. I took the wipes and well cleaned her up and disposed of those soon enough.

When I was putting on the powdered all she did was laugh at me and wiggle around. I sighed and laughed lightly.

"Ticklish, you gotta get that from your mommy," I said. As I said, it thought it was still hard to think of Leah as more then just a sister. Thinking about her as a mother was still pretty fresh in my mind.

I put on her diaper, pulled down her dress, picked her up, and headed over to the living room. As I walked in, I saw Nessie cradling Aiden and Aiden making mewling sounds. I found one of those baby rockers and set Kayla in it.

"Seth, about time I thought you died from the fumes," Renesmee said, getting up and placing Aiden in the second baby rocker and coming up to hug me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and titled her jaw upwards.

That is when it happened.

As our lips brushed together, it felt as if my world had just exploded. We deepened the kiss with our tongues fighting one another. The kiss became more heated with passion by the second. Finally, we broke it off and both of us were catching our breath.

"That was…" I started.

"Amazing," She said, looking up at me with her brown eyes. I looked down and smiled from under my nose.

Renesmee and I were lying on the couch watching Vampire Diaries. I had never gotten the point of the show but as long as I was holding Nessie close to me, I could not care if we were watching Barney.

We had the T.V. on a lower volume because we had just finally put Aiden and Kayla to sleep. You know after we feeding them and all that stuff. I felt Renesmee's body turn as her arms went around my back and her head now rested on my upper chest.

"Seth, can I ask you something?" She asked, breaking our silence. I snapped back to the real word and just nodded, running my fingers threw her long and curly bronze hair.

"Do you love me?"

Such a simple question I was not even sure whys he'd asked it. I stroked her back with my hand in a soothing gesture trying to come up with an answer.

"Of course I do Renesmee, I do love you why do you ask if I do?' I asked her, sounding confused but I just had to admit that I was. I mean she sounded so unsure when she was asking me, I felt as if something was wrong.

"I mean, really love me, as in if I ever need you for something you'll be there?" She asked her pleading eyes staring into mine. I finally got where she was coming from this was about Jacob.

"Listen, Nessie I know what happened between Jacob and Leah left you hurt and even heartbroken, but even though he has Leah that doesn't mean he's going to just stop liking you. He might not have the exact same feelings for you as he did before but he'll still always protect you," I told her as she sat up and moved into my lap.

"I know, but I'm in love with you and I just need to know if you really love me,' she said, her voice almost mimicking Leah's.

"Of course, I love you Renesmee Cullen," I said kissing her forehead as her head fell against my shoulder and her arms wrapped around my neck. I wrapped my free arm around her back and rubbed it gently.

It seems that Jake was not the only one who matured during these last couple of months. I am starting to believe that Renesmee and I also grew up a little when we were told what was happening with Leah and Jacob.

If someone had told me that right now, I had had Nessie cuddled in my arms I would call them crazy for thinking of something like that.

"I love you Seth Clearwater," Renesmee said as she sunk into a sleep I knew she needed.

Leah's Pov

"Okay, so now that everyone is here we can finally make the announcement," I said leaning on the armrest of the nearest couch. Everyone in the room looked anxious as to what this certain announcement was. I looked over at Jacob and smiled, a real smile not some fake one I always used to use. Well, that was before I'd gotten pregnant and realized I'd fallen for Jacob. He smiled back at me and I swear if I'd let myself I would have made out with him now.

"Well?" Embry asked, almost on the edge of the couch. I just shook my head and figured I might as well get on with it.

"Jacob and I…are getting married!" I said as applause filled the room and the females of the group got up. I opened my arms as I hugged my mom first. She pulled away and looked extremely happy.

"I can't believe my little girl…has grown up so fast," She said, her smile one of a proud parent. I just smiled back as Jacob's sisters gave me one big hug.

"Finally, someone to keep the boy in line," Billy joked, wheeling himself over to me as the guys were a bit busy congratulating Jacob.

"I'm pretty darn proud to call you my daughter-in-law Leah," He said. I just nodded and thanked him as he made his way over to Jacob.

"Congrats!" Emily said with excitement as she wrapped me in a tight hug. I hugged her back, when I looked over at Sam I could see him smiling at me; I smiled back and continued to hug Emily.

"I'm really happy for you and Jacob," Emily said, holding me at arms length and happy tears running down her face.

"So am I," Jacob said standing beside me and soon capturing my lips in his as our tongues danced in heated passion. Around us I could hear whistles and felt Jacob smile against my lips as we broke off the kiss.

"Save a little for the wedding there Jake," Embry teased with a smirk on his face.

"Yeah, don't want to waste you amazing kissing skills now," Quil, said.

"Yeah, 'cause you of all people know how sexy my kisses are," Jacob joked and we all laughed. I let my head rest on Jacob's upper arm and smiled.

Life was turning around for me; I just wished it had come sooner.

Renesmee's Pov

"Dad…" I groaned to my father on the other line. I guess he heard about me making out with Seth and just had to call me about it.

"Don't Dad…. Me Nessie, for now I just don't want anything too serious going on between you and Seth," He said, his tone holding the authority he had over me. I just sighed and put my hand on my face.

"Dad, I do love him…he loves me too and just because of what happened between me and Jacob you assume it will happen again. It's not that I don't like Jacob, it's just that him and I are best friends now and I can't just tell my heart to shut up when it's telling me I'm falling for Seth," I said, my voice strong as I said every single word. I'd meant it all too, I mean Jacob and I still had something that's holding us together but it's not wrong to follow where your heart is truly leading you.

"I'm not telling you to do that at all Renesmee, I just want to protect you," He said. I sighed again and put on a smile he could not see. He was always just trying to protect me.

"I know dad, but sometimes you have to let me try things on my own. I am never going to learn a thing if I do not make mistakes on the way there, it is almost like you and mom. You made a mistake when you left but you learned from it afterwards," I told him.

"I guess I see your point, when Jacob and Leah come back I'll ask that you call me," He said I told him I would and the line disconnected.

I thought about what I'd just said to him. How you learn from your mistakes. It was all the truth because if you never make a mistake, no matter how small then you're not trying your hardest. If your not doing that, then why even try?

"I'm going to try because I love you; I'm going to try no matter how many mistakes I'll make. Right now trying is the only thing I have to do," I heard Seth's voice say from behind me. I looked back and saw he was rocking Aiden in his arms and smiling at me.

I couldn't help but smile back, now I knew how Leah felt when she had Jacob by her side.

Complete and loved.

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