A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Black and Gold


This was the most amazing place on earth.

I swear the Cullen's knew how to choose great vacation spots, or should I say honeymoon destinations. We were on an island, with a dream like white beach and clear blue waters. The home itself was beyond what we expected.

As I was thinking about this place, I was lying in the most comfortable bed ever. Well not as comfortable as the one Jacob and I had, but it was just as amazing. Jacob was bringing in the suitcases and when I heard two bags, drops onto the floor I was thinking of whether to open my eyes and nearly tackle Jacob or just stay in my relaxed position.

The second option sounded just so much better.

It wasn't long though before I felt the other side of the bed go down because of Jacob sitting down on it. I knew he knew I was awake because he had lifted my top to where my bra began and started trailing my stomach with his lips. I just moaned to myself as he started to go below my waist.

"You really want to try this again Jacob?" I asked him. He knew what I meant by it, I did not want to get pregnant again when I already have two cute and bouncy babies waiting at home. He just smirked and pulled a packet from his jean pocket.

"I came prepared for this Leah," he said and I just laughed as he slowly unzipped my jean shorts and threw them to the floor before he started on his mission.

"You're going to cook again?" I asked Jacob as I walked into the kitchen. I was only wear panties and a long t-shirt as I leaned against the wall. Looking at the clock on the wall, I saw it was around 10:30 p.m.


"Yes, what I can't cook for my sexy wife?" he asked wearing my favorite smile and I just rolled my eyes and smiled back at him. After putting the chicken on the pan, he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist as I leaned my head against his shoulder. I felt one of his hands begin to cascade up and down my back and I closed my eyes. I wish we could just stay this way forever but then the stove would catch fire and we would be in shit.

"Tired?" Jacob's soft voice broke through my thoughts. I just sighed and nodded against his shoulder and his laughter filled the air. I started to smell the delicious aroma of chicken as he gently pulled away from me and went back to the stove.

I just leaned against the counter beside him and put a hand on my stomach. It felt unnatural not to feel anything there anymore. It was not long before my mind wandered to how Aiden and Kayla were doing. Seth and Nessie offered to watch them for us for the week. I closed my eyes and Aiden and Kayla immediately came into my mind.

They were just so cute! It was almost too hard to leave the house after our wedding but after I held each of them for a couple of minutes, I felt a lot better about not seeing them for the week.

"Ready to eat?" Jacob asked, breaking me out of my thoughts once again. I smiled a seductive smile at him as I wrapped my arms around his neck ad crashed my lips to his. Soon enough out lips parted as out tongues danced with one another.

I had a feeling we would not be eating anytime soon.

Jacob's POV

I knew I was holding Leah in my arms, and she was comfortably asleep. I smiled as the memories of last night slowly flooded back into my mind. I brought my hand up to push the hair away from Leah's face. If Edward ever found out what we did last night I'm sure he'd never left Renesmee within a ten-mile radius of us ever again.

I let my hand run up and down Leah's spine as I looked at her sleeping form. She looked so peaceful, as if nothing could disturb her slumber.

Except me that is.

I gently pried her off me and set her on the pillows of the bed as I got out and walked to the other side of the room. This place was beyond perfect and I swear I would never be done thanking the Cullen's for all they have done for Leah and I. As I opened the curtains, I heard Leah stir and knew it would not be long before she woke up.

What surprised me was that even though five minutes had passed, Leah was still sound asleep. I smiled as I opened the curtains about halfway and let my eyes adjust to the rays of sun pouring through the branches of the trees that lined the island. I never thought I'd ever be here, with Leah of all people.

I guess one night can change everything.

I did not feel as if doing this was a huge burden. I started falling in love with Leah, and that is why I asked her to marry me. No one would father our children expect me, and that was it. I turned around and walked back over to the bed. As I sat down on the bed I let my hand cup Leah's face. I still could not believe I was married. I mean of course I believed it because it happened, but when I got married, I always thought it would be to Renesmee, not Leah.

"Jacob….what are you….doing?" I heard a sleepy voice ask. I turned my attention back to Leah as she started to slowly wake up. The smile returned to my face when I heard her voice. I never thought I would say that. About Leah Clearwater of all females.

Well, now Leah Black.

"I'm touching you in the most appropriate way I know how," I responded back to her as her eyes blinked open. For some odd reason when I looked into her brown eyes, they were so different from Nessie's. Leah's held that sweetness, but if you looked closely, you could see tints of hurt.

I wanted to make those disappear.

I got up to let Leah sit up and stretch. She smiled as she looked over at me and I could not help but return the favor. This moment was more then perfect, in fact perfect was not even the word for what I was feeling right now.

My dad would die of laughter if he heard me say that.

"Jacob, can I ask you something?" Leah asked my thoughts breaking as I looked up at her. I just nodded for her to continue.

"Did you marry me just because I got pregnant?"

I backed away a couple of inches from her when she asked me that. I thought I misheard her, but when I looked back up, I could see she was dead on damn serious. I just looked down; I mean had I just married her because of what had happened?


"Leah, what happened did bring us closer and I started to like it, then I started to love it and realized the it was you. Leah, I fell in love with you not because I was the one who got you pregnant, but because of you," I told her and I meant it all. At first, I was only with Leah, because I felt it was my job, and then I realized I started to have feelings for her and it just happened.

I got closer to her and gently kissed her. That was enough to tell her I was not lying or saying it because I felt the need to.

"Thank you," she whispered while our foreheads were still pressed together.

"No, thank you,"

"Okay Aiden, you see that girl surfing out in the ocean?" I asked him, he just looked up at me and smiled, making gurgling sounds as I rocked him back and forth. I just smiled, as I continued with my talking.

"Now, I know you have this in you, because you can do this I will say it and you shall do it…imprint now," I told him and he just gurgled some more.

"No, come on you can do it, okay let me help you. Now, imprint on her," I held him out at arms length in the direction of the girl and all he did was kick his legs. I started laughing at how cute he looked.

When I brought him back and he grabbed my finger I heard Nessie laugh. I looked up and saw her with Seth, their hands intertwined and I smiled at them before I looked around to see Leah with the twin stroller and Kayla inside looking sound asleep.

"Jacob, please don't tell me you're contaminating my son," Leah nearly whined as she came and stood beside me. I gave her a mock shocked face and heard Seth and Renesmee laughing.

"Hey, um we're going to head elsewhere, we'll see you two later," Renesmee said as her and Seth walked off. I just smirked as I continued as I held Aiden.

"Our son Leah and no, I'm teaching him how to be more like me," I defended myself. Leah just rolled her eyes and Aiden hit me with his fist. His violence must come from Leah.

"Yeah, contaminating," she said and I just shook my head. It was almost sunset and the sun had become a huge orange orb on this amazingly nice day. I saw Leah reach for Aiden and I gave him to her as she took him into her arms.

I smiled, Leah actually looked like a mother when she was holding Aiden or Kayla, and I had to admit that I liked the fact of how this all turned out. She laid him down beside Kayla in the stroller and put the pacifier into his mouth as he started to drift off to sleep.

How could she make them sleep, but I cannot?

I wrapped my arm around her and brought her up against my side as I looked into the sunset. She leaned her head against my shoulder and I just rubbed her arm. This all seem trivial and it was done without any kind of effort at all, but I knew it was just so much more then insignificant.

"So, was this a bridge too hard to cross?" I asked her and she turned her head to look me straight in the eye. I just smirked as I looked into her beautiful eyes. She then turned her gaze over to the waves crashing against the rocks on the shore and sighed.

"Yeah, but it looks like we crossed that bridge," she answered as I cupped her face and tilted it towards me before bringing my lips to hers. This just led us into yet another passionate kiss and I enjoyed every living second of it.

"It would seem so, and I couldn't be any happier babe," I told her as I hugged her. I guess that's all love really is. Finding the one who makes you happy, the one who can always bring that smile back to you face no matter how shitty you're feeling.

You see, I never knew that one decision could affect my life so much. Hell, it changed it completely from simple to complicated and then to amazing. Life is like that, one little thing can lead to a huge thing and you might not like it, but when you learn to live with it…life becomes that much better.

I looked over at the two sleeping babies, covered in blankets to keep them warm and smiled. It was still so hard to believe I was their father that I was married that I was even in this situation at all. I was though, and it made me glad to know that in the end I made the right choice and went with the right one.

Let that be a lesson to everyone.

I smiled as the sun was only about a minute away from setting. I kissed Leah's head and brought her into a full hug, wrapping both my arms around her waist and watched the sun go down, as her arms wrapped around my neck.

Cause if your not really here

then I don't want to be either

I want to be next you

Black and Gold, Black and Gold, Black and Gold

That's how I knew both Leah and I felt.

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