A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

PART TWO: A Path too Hard to Walk


"No! That isn't fair I told you it's mine, so keep off!" I shouted at my sister. Here she was again trying to take my cell phone when she had one of her own. I swear she was just the most annoying thing ever born, I did not even understand how we could possibly be related.

"Yeah, but remember Aiden? It's not charged yet so I need to borrow yours," she shot back at me and I just sighed as I ran my fingers through my nearly black hair. Kayla could be described as the kind of girl who was smart, stylish, and a girl that just could not be stopped.

"Are you going to kill it, because I need it for later when I go out," I said to her and she just smiled and nodded at me that she would take care of it. I pulled the phone out of my pocket and handed it to her.

"Thanks Aiden," she said before slipping on her coat and walking out the door. I knew whom she was meeting up with; her friends from school. They were going to the movies or something like that. I sighed as I walked over to the fridge to get something to eat.

My mom and dad were out at work so I was alone. I nearly started laughing at the thought. This was one of the only nights I was not hanging with the guys, talking with the girls or going out for that matter. I kept thinking about this as I put a pizza pocket into the microwave.

I heard the phone ring and walked to pick it up. I looked at the call display and saw it was my mom calling me from the hospital. She is a doctor, so I am a little surprised she managed to call twice today.

"Hey Mom."

"Hey Aiden you doing okay?" she asked, I could hear the slight bit of concern in her voice as she asked me that. I was fourteen now, but to her I was still just the four part.

"Yeah, I'm fine Kayla already left with her friends,"

"Oh, that's good. Listen, I will not be home until at least after eleven tonight something came up, but your dad is going to be home real soon," she said and I forced myself to not laugh. Do not get me wrong, our mom is one of the best with her and dad letting us have our space, freedom and all that but she worries a little too much sometimes.

"Mom, I'll be fine I'm fourteen, if you want I'll even call you when Dad gets here," I told her, hoping she would realize I was just joking.

"Ha ha, very funny Aiden and yes I do know how old you are, I was the one who gave birth to you and Kayla," she said and I made gagging noises, I didn't need to think about that. I heard my Mom laugh and I frowned; glad she thought that was funny.

"Oh and Aiden, when your sister comes home tell her that she needs to rake up the yard tomorrow, and that you're helping her," she said and I groaned.

"Do I have to Mom?" I asked her.

"Yeah you do Aiden, now I'm being called so I need to go, love you honey," she said and I said the whole 'love you, bye' before we disconnected. I took the pizza pocket out of the microwave and stuck it in the freezer to cool down. I saw the headlights of my Dad's Toyota as he pulled into the driveway. Both Mom and Dad had nice cars; they had high enough paying jobs to own them. Mom earned about $75,000 a year at the hospital, which was a really good income.

Dad owned his own car business selling parts, fixing cars, bikes, and anything else related to vehicles. He expanded it, it's a pretty large shop, and it has a lot of business too. He makes about $65,000 a year, add it all up and that's about $140,000 total income. I took my now cooled off pizza pocket out of the freezer and took a bite it was heaven in pizza.

"Someone looks like they're having fun," I heard my dad say sarcastically as he walked into the house. I put the pizza pocket back on the plate and rolled my eyes at him.

"Yeah, pizza pockets: heaven on earth put into pizza form," I said and my Dad smiled before coming over and ruffling my hair. I hated it when he did that but when I looked up to glare I saw him laugh. I am so glad he thought this was funny.

It was then I knew what he was going to ask for. Report cards had been given out at school today and our parents were not like some others who want their kids to get straight 85's. As long as we were at % 70 or above, they were fine with it. Still it felt weird when your parents looked at your report card, you think you did amazing and then they tell you that you didn't.

Simple fact of this thing we call life.

"So, son how about you let me see your report card? Kayla has yet to show it to me and I know you got them today," he said and I bit my lip. I did not do badly but something about showing your report card to your parents made me feel odd. I left the plate on the counter and walked to my room to get it. I pushed open the door and walked across the beige carpet and over to the desk in the corner.

"Here," I said when I walked out and gave him the slip of paper he opened it and smirked.

"Since when did you start getting an 80 average?" he raised an eyebrow and I just shrugged. Both Kayla and I were always getting %70-%80 on our report cards.

"Since first term dad, you know ever since we got more girls in our class I've learned to love going to school," I smiled and my Dad's eyes followed me over to the counter where I ate my pizza pocket.

"Again I'm going to say, since when did you stop thinking girls didn't have cooties," he joked and we both laughed. That is why I loved my dad, he was not like all the others who were uptight and all. No, he was not afraid to act like a kid and just have fun. Hell, he even started teaching me how to ride a motorbike.

"Hey Dad, mom said she's going to be home at eleven tonight something came up at the hospital," I said and he just nodded.

"This weekend, you want to take the bikes out for an actual ride?" he asked and my head shot up.

"Yeah, sure of course," I said and he smiled. As I said, over the last two months, he had been teaching me about riding a motorbike, but he never let me go on an actual ride. He nodded and we both went to sit on the couch. I grabbed two bags of chips and he grabbed coke.

There was a huge football game on tonight.


I put on a t-shirt and pj pants as I rolled a thought over in my head. It was not something I liked thinking about but it is not as if it's going to end up going away. I saw Jacob's face turn into one of concern as he walked over to me and brought me into a hug. I let my head rest on his chest and closed my eyes.

"When do you think that they're going to start phasing Jake?" I asked. He rubbed his hand up and down my back; he knew I did not like the thought that Kayla would become a wolf.

"Who knows, probably soon though," he said and I just nodded into his chest. His hand continued to cascade up and down my back in a sweeping motion and I started to feel really tired. When I pulled away from Jacob, I got in under the covers and turned off the light. Within a minute, I was leaning into Jacob's chest, his arms around my body.

"When they do start, we'll let the others know plus it can't be long before Sam and Emily's boy phases," he said and I just nodded. Emily had also had a girl in the last fourteen years. The only thing with Kayla was that since both Jacob and I had phased she would probably phase too.

"Yeah, since the Cullen's are still here I don't think we're going to get lucky Jacob," I said, before letting my eyes close and welcoming the much-needed sleep take over my body

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