A Bridge Too Hard to Cross



"Dad…" I groaned letting my head fall back in the process. I was what, about 21 years old and he still would not take the parental lock off me. Today I was going to hang out with Seth, my boyfriend.

Yes, boyfriend.

Seth and I had been going out for about 11 years now. Before that, I guess you could say that we were just getting to know each other. My dad did not mind the fact I was dating Seth, in fact he rather liked it. Something about being able, to freak him out about vampire things if he gets out of line. Not that anything like that would ever happen, though.

"Renesmee, I'm not saying you can't go with Seth. What I'm saying is that I don't want you to spend another night there for the next week," he told me, his voice calm holding no anger towards me. I sighed and showed him I was content with the idea. He smiled and tilted his chin to the door, hugging him I walked out and ran to Seth's house.

Did I mention he had his own place?

It was a three bedroom home. Two story's high with everything a person needs in a house. I always questioned why he had such a big house if he was living alone. He simply told me that he does get visitors who stay overnight sometimes. I knew Aiden and Kayla loved going over to his house. They also enjoyed having separate rooms according to Seth.

He also told me that if I were to ever come and live with him, he would have the room.

I walked up the path that led to his house, walking up the steps I did not even get the chance to knock on the door before Seth opened it and welcomed me with a werewolf-sized hug.

Laughing I said, "Nice to see you too boyfriend," I said as he put me down when we had gotten inside the house. He smirked and I looked over at the living room, I could see a soccer game on.

"I never knew you liked soccer," I told him, giving him a grin, that looked odd because I was trying to keep myself from laughing. He just wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

I hope my father does not find out.


I sat lounging on the balcony that was leading out of my parents' room. It was a cloudy and kind of cool day but I was feeling pretty warm. It was almost as if the cold had no affect on me. Aiden and I had raked up all the leaves in the yard and that leaved us tired.

"Kayla?" I snapped out of my little dream world to see Aiden with his hand on my shoulder. I looked straight up at him and gave him a questioning look.

"Do you want to go down to the beach with Ava, Nikole, Marko, and Kolden?" he asked. I just nodded and got up, pushing past him a in a sisterly way and got my sweater. The beach would not be crowded; I mean it was about 10 degrees outside.

"Come on, it will be nightfall before you're ready Kayla," I smirked over at my brother before we put on our shoes and ran out the door towards the beach.

I was walking along the shoreline of the beach, talking with Ava and Nikole. Ava along with her brother Kolden, were Embry's kids. They were only about a year apart, but they could have been twins like Aiden and I. Nikole was an only child, who was Jared and Kim's child. Marko was not an only child he had another twin brother. He was Uncle Paul and Aunt Rachael's kid.

I call all my parent's friends and family members by their names. It makes no difference, they are still who they are at the end of the day.

"So I was thinking we go start Christmas shopping this Sunday, get some of that out of he way and then maybe do some actual homework," Ava suggested. It was December 7, the holidays just looming around the corner.

"Sounds good to me, I need to buy something for Aiden and I know just where to get it," I said and we all smiled. Each of us was shopping for each other, other friends, and our family.

"Plus, going to mall next weekend gives us a chance to do boy watching," Nikole added in and we laughed. A cool breeze blew from the water and sprayed light mist on our sweaters. Just the thought of boy watching made me want to get to next Sunday already, though I could do without the homework part.

"Maybe we should take the guys, you know leave them with a bunch of girls and pick them up later," I said.

"Yeah, wouldn't they just love to be surrounded by a hundred girls? I say that should be their Christmas gift," Nikole suggested, as another cool breeze swept onto shore.

This time, it didn't seem to affect me.


I was going to murder Kolden.

I wasn't sure what person in their wrong mind would even bring up a topic such as my ex-girlfriend. I mean, many people knew what I had broken up with her, in the end she just liked me because of money. I broke up with her when I found out, I hated being used by people who are only there because of the money, and not because they actually care.

"Relax Aiden, I didn't mean it literally no need to kill me," Kolden smirked, holding up his hands in defense. I shoved him, which caused him to fall onto the rocks.

"Fuck you Aiden," he swore under his breath as he got up and took off his sweater. Good thing that it was long enough to cover his butt, because then I would have had amazing blackmail footage.

"Kolden! How dare you say you want to have Aiden in bed with you!" Marko nearly exclaimed faking shock. We continued walking until we reached the cliffs. I'll never know why, but watching the waves crashing against the rocks made everything seem almost invisible.

"Dude, we gotta go back now," Marko said, I realized in between the conversations that we had been standing on the cliff for around an hour. I took out my phone and checked the time, 7: 36 p.m.

"Yeah…I gotta go and eat dinner in like 10 minutes so we should get the girls and head it back," Kolden said as we walked down the path to get back onto the beach.


Aiden and Kayla were finishing their homework upstairs, when Leah came in the door crying. I was watching 100 Ways to Die, and as soon as I saw her, I ran up and wrapped my arms around her shaking frame. She dropped her purse and rested her head onto my shoulder.

"Mom?" Kayla's voice came into the room. Aiden was not there, I guess he did not hear anything. I saw Leah look at Kayla, and then bury her face into my neck. I stroked her back trying to get her to calm down.

"Kayla, can you get your mother a water bottle please," I told her, and she nodded before going to the fridge to get one. I brought Leah to the couch and sat her down keeping one arm wrapped around her. Kayla gave me the water bottle and I nodded, she looked worried.

"It's okay Kayla, how about you go upstairs and finish your homework I'll take care of mom," I said and she just nodded and ran upstairs. I opened the water bottle and handed it t Leah, who drank half the bottle before setting it on the coffee table.

"Jacob…." She started off, as more sobs racked her body. I held her tighter against my body.

"You saw one of them there?" I asked her. She knew what 'one' I was talking about. More tears streamed down her face, I couldn't do anything but hold her and try to calm her down. I saw her nod her head and I started to run a hand up and down her arm.

It would not be long now.

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