A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

I can't Feel it


Well, it would have had to happen sometime anyways right?

I mean, if you really do think about it then Leah and I should have expected this to start happening very soon. Speaking of Leah, I shifted my gaze over beside me where she was fast and sound asleep. I couldn't really sleep right now, not with while my brain was still working. My thoughts were racing every which way and I couldn't control what direction they decided to take.

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later with both Leah and I being werewolves I thought to myself and sighed. I swung my legs over my side of the bed and go up. As I was walking out I did a double take to make sure I didn't wake up Leah. I walked up the stairs which led to the hallway which was almost pitch black, expect for the one light hanging off the wall but that only cast out a small kind of glow. I crept with as much silence as somebody like me could down the hall to one of the two rooms I had made my destination.

I opened the door a bit more to Aiden's room and gently leaned against the door frame. He was sleeping with his school books on the floor surrounding him. If I were just a regular person I would honestly think he was normal, but I was a werewolf and I was beginning to see the signs. Over the past two weeks he started getting some muscle, and he grew at least 4 inches. He would start phasing soon, I just really hope it wasn't during school no that would expose the fact that we can turn into wolves.

I kind of smiled to myself, soon enough my son and more than likely daughter would turn into wolves. Something they thought only existed in the legends. I closed his door, leaving it open just a crack and walked across the hall over to Kayla's room. I thought that Leah would be the only generation of the female shape shifter, but I guess you could say that shit happens. I opened the door and just looked at Kayla who was sprawled across her bed. I had to keep myself from laughing that her brother looked more like an organized sleeper then she did.

The only thing that kept walking around my mind was how Kayla would deal with this. I mean Leah didn't take it too well, and I knew I never wanted Kayla to become cold because of the fact she would soon start to phase. A thing only some males of the tribe were supposed to do. I slowly and quietly shut the door as I walked down the hallway to the set of stairs. I walked down and wasn't expecting to come face to face with my wife.

"I thought I was the one who would end up paranoid," No matter how hard she tried, I could still hear the smirk in her voice. I sighed rubbed some more sleep out of my eyes. When I actually had my proper vision back, the first thing I had to look at was Leah. Her mid-back length dark hair was messed up in some parts. She was wearing dark sweat pants with a just right tight Hollister T-shirt. One day I will have to write to that company to thank them for making their clothing the way they did.

"Done staring Jake?" her tone was almost sugar sweet and I began to wonder if maybe I was dreaming about all of this. I shook my head and managed to pull off a last second smirk, I knew I was being too convincing as she knew where I had been. She sighed and uncrossed her arms, almost like giving up in defeat. Almost as if it were a natural thing I wrapped both of my arms around her frame, we didn't move for what felt like hours.

"Only a couple more days," she said into my chest.


The bright sunshine is what made me open my eyes, and blinded me for about a minute. I never liked waking up on a Monday morning; my reason was because I was always still tired from Sunday. I let the sun just rest on my face before I heard the all too familiar knock on my door I got from my dad every morning. I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes before swinging my legs over the bed and stretching. I went to La Push High, along with Kayla and all the other kids who lived on the reservation.

I opened my door all the way and walked down the hall, half awake. My sister was already sitting at the table eating her toast as my dad was getting ready to leave for work. He caught my eye and smiled, I just smiled back before taking my seat across from my sister. She ate in silence, almost like she was in her own little world. Which she probably was, she was never one for being a morning person.

"I'll see you two around seven, and Kayla cheer up a little you'll do well today," my dad said, and left out the door. After about two minutes I could hear him start his car as he pulled out of the driveway. I turned my head back to Kayla and gave her a look that told her to tell me what was going on.

"Huge geography test, I know I'm going to fail it," was all she said and I felt my eyes go wide. Kayla was the one who got 80's in geography. She did better than I did, if either of us is going to say we might fail a huge geography test it should be me.

"Kayla, you always say you will fail and then in the end you don't, it's not any different this time," I tried to tell her. It was true I mean I'm not sure if it's like this with every girl but they always worry more than they should about something they know well. I just shook the thought out of my head as I reached over to grab the box of cereal.

"You should hope your right Aiden," she gave a small smile as she got up and went to get dressed. I just leaned back in my chair and just looked confused. I was finally starting to understand why my dad had told me that the world of girls is a dangerous place. I poured the milk into my cereal and listened to it.

Snap. Crackle. Pop.


"I knew almost everything on that test!" I nearly exclaimed as Aiden and I continued to walk back towards our house. He just rolled his eyes and I narrowed my eyes towards him, he knew he was right and he was just silently enjoying it.

"I told you, Miss Overracter, watch when you get it back you'd see that you did a good job," he said, digging his hands in his pockets. I smiled to myself as the wind kicked in and started blowing my hair up and behind my shoulders. Though, at that very moment something seemed off, I barely felt the wind and I should be feeling a bit cold.

"Aiden," I said suddenly and stopped walking. He stopped just a couple steps ahead of me and turned to look at me. His facial expression shouting worry.

"I can't feel it."

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