A Bridge Too Hard to Cross



The signs were becoming more evident with each passing day.

With each day, a new sign would appear to indicate that both of our children would soon turn into shape shifters. Yesterday, Kayla wasn't cold and it was nearly negative twenty outside, even Aiden didn't complain about the cold/

"I say we give it a couple more days Jake." Leah murmured into my chest, I ran my fingers through her hair and sighed. Looking over at the clock on the bedside table, I saw it was around seven thirty. I'd just come back from patrols and was welcomed by Leah waiting up for me. She is still my beta but because of Aiden and Kayla, we need to take alternate shifts just so that they don't think we left in the middle of the night.

"Leah, it was bound to happen. I know you don't want Kayla to phase along with the guys but we can't control that." I tried to soothe her before she started to cry, only she could understand the vast reasons as to why being a female shape shifter was bad. She wanted Kayla to live a normal life out of the pack, the one thing we both didn't want was for her to imprint.

"I know," She snuggled closer into me and I ran my hand up and down her back in a sweeping motion. For the next few days we would just have to be a bit careful about our kids.


"Mom, I'm fine." I kept saying over and over again. One look at me and you would think I was more than healthy, but lately I'd been feeling hot almost like a burning sensation. Being the doctor she is, my mom went full out worried over me and told me I couldn't go to school today.

"You claim your feeling like you are burning up, and you still expect me to believe you're fine?" She whirled around and placed her hand firmly on her hips, oh no that meant game over. I knew when I was losing, and I also knew that if I kept going on with my verbal dierreah I would land myself in trouble again.

For some odd reason, both I and Kayla had begun feeling this way early this morning. I didn't feel sick at all, which was weird because I had a fever. I knew my mom wouldn't budge and let me go to school, so I sighed and turned back around.

"Love you!" I heard my mom shout before the door closing. I smiled and rolled my eyes; I walked over to the couch and flung myself on it. There was a soccer game on today, and I wasn't going to miss it, sick or not.


I opened my eyes and turned over in my bed. I had pushed the bed sheets onto the floor before I'd fallen asleep. I felt for my phone and when I found it, flipped it open and checked what time it was. One twenty-six, I'd been sleeping for six hours and still nothing changed, I still felt hotter than a pizza fresh from the oven.

"About time, how long have you been asleep?" Aiden mocked me while eating an apple, he stood there leaning against my doorframe smirking.

"Shut up, I'm tired okay." I swung my legs over my bed and stood up to set a glare on him. We both felt perfectly fine, but because we had small fevers, we had to stay home. Aiden was more than glad of course, there was a huge soccer game on today.

"I'm tired too, but you don't see me getting all annoyed," He shook his head, still leaning against the doorframe. Even though I love Aiden like a boy likes video games, he gets on my nerves with his oh so wonderful smart talk. I walked the length of the room and pushed past him, I was really hungry and I knew what I wanted. I nearly ran down the stairs and jumped off before I reached the bottom. Above me, I heard Aiden walking down calmly, and coming up behind me

I opened the freezer door and pulled out a mini pizza and a Jamaican paddy. This is what I wanted something spicy, and something mild. For my mom being a doctor, she sure had no problems buying junk food for the two of us to eat. As I put the plate into the microwave and beeped in the time, Aiden whipped the apple core in the garbage and gave me a half crazy look.

"What?" He was giving me such a weird look it was almost as if I walked in with a nose and eyebrow piercing. I'm sure both my mother and father would rip my face apart if that ever happened.

"Don't girls usually worry about their weight?" He asked, taking a few steps closer and leaning against the breakfast bar. He arched an eyebrow at me jerked his chin over to the microwave above my head. I didn't get it, what in heck was he talking about?

"Yeah, I guess we worry about our weight. What are you trying to get at?" The microwave beeped and I popped it open, grabbing my hot plate and placing it on the counter.

"I mean, that well lately you've been eating a lot more than usual..." He trailed off near the end of his sentence. Of course he was right, I was starting to eat larger meals now but it's not like I was gaining any real weight from it. Plus, he'd been eating twice as much as me lately too so he shouldn't start talking about my diet.

"So have you, you don't see me complaining about the amount of food you eat every day." I took a bite of my pizza and gave him a warning glare, he knew better than to venture into these waters. The one thing that the both of us swore to never comment on was the eating habits of each other, unless it was absolutely necessary.

"Calm down, I'm just saying you're eating a lot lately and I think you should stop it!" He stood up and glared back at me with fierce eyes. I'd never seen my own brother get so worked up over something so trivial.

"And you're telling me to calm down." I stepped a good couple paces away from him. Than something began to happen and it wasn't normal. Aiden began to shake, like almost as if someone was grabbing him and he was trying to get them off. I noticed I was shaking a little too, I felt like I was ready to explode on Aiden right now. My blood pumped through my ears with such force, it felt like my head was about to blow up.

I saw red, and heard the tearing of fabric. I felt forward and expected to fall flat on my face, but landed on something...furry and soft. I opened my eyes and glanced at my paws...what was happening to me?

"Kayla?" The worried voice entered my head, it sounded so much like Aiden. I looked up and almost had a heart attack at the sight I saw in front of me.

There was a wolf, staring right back at me with wide, hazel brown eyes.

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