A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Time for a Brief Explanation


I almost forget to pull my clothes back on after I phased back. Two new wolves had just phased, and it didn't take much to figure which two. They were my own kids, and from what I know right now they phased inside the house. I pushed my legs faster, I needed to make sure that they were both okay and we're not biting each other.

'Leah is going to kill all me if I let anything happen to our children.' I thought as I neared the house, slowing down as to not look weird. What was I thinking? Aiden and Kayla had just transformed into wolves, running madly into my house would be considered normal right now. I nearly flew out of the forest as I saw my house come into view. Lucky for us, our house is right near the forest otherwise, I would have busted my legs running.

I came up to the step and threw the door open, breaking it off its hinges in the process. I would fix it later, right after I handle this situation with my new wolf children. As the door smashed into the wall, two wolves turned to stare right at me. I could tell who was who; Aiden resembled Seth's wolf form in so many ways. He also had the russet color of my fur. Kayla was just behind him, watching me with scared eyes. Her fur was more of a blackish grey, and she was a bit smaller than Aiden was.

I took two steps towards them, they both tensed obviously scared. They probably thought that I would be having a heart attack right now, seeing them like this, but I was fine.

"Aiden, Kayla you two need to go to your rooms right away. As soon as you get there I want you both to try and calm down." I said in a calm and steady voice, not taking another step closer. They did as they were told and went off to their separate rooms. I ran my fingers through my hair and paced the length of the room. How was I going to explain this to them? I knew the real explanation would take place at the bonfire, but what am I supposed to say until then! Leah should be here, she should be explaining some of this to Kayla...wait! I grabbed my cell out of my pocket and hit speed dial number one, hopefully Leah could come here for a while.

"Calling my phone now, Jake? What's the emergency, and who's dying?" I could hear the sarcasm dripping from her words. I shook my head and listened for a second to make sure that Aiden and Kayla weren't coming down yet.

"They phased Lee, they phased in the house." I heard the gasp of her breath and immediately tensed.

"I'll be there in a few minutes." With that, I heard the click as she disconnected. I shut my phone and sighed, well at least they weren't hurt. The kitchen was still in one piece there was a dent in the breakfast bar, but that could be fixed later. I heard the padding of two sets of footsteps and was greeted by two extremely confused teenagers when I turned around.

"What happened to us, dad?" Kayla's voice was so low, that I thought about just hugging her until everything made sense again. I wasn't about to do that though, Leah would be here soon so the whole explanation should wait until then.

"Your mother is going to be here shortly. This is something that both of us need to explain to you." I said slowly, looking between both Aiden and Kayla. I couldn't blame them for feeling so confused and even scared, I'd been like that the first time I'd phased too.


"You mean we can transform into wolves?" Aiden asked cautiously from his seat on the couch, leaning forward a bit. I nodded at him, it was true. Both he and Kayla were seated on the couch across from me and Jacob. I leaned into Jacob and looked up at him, I'd rather be explaining about the birds and the bees than this.

"So that means those legends we heard are actually true?" Kayla asked the confusion evident in her facial expression. I never ever wanted her to end up phasing, I wanted her to live a normal life and not be a part of the pack.

"Why did I phase than?" She asked, staring right at me with sad brown eyes. I felt Jacob tighten his arms around me.

"The wolf gene is extremely strong with your mother and I. Since us both are able to shape shift, when you two were created," What a nice way to put it, as far as they were concerned, we had been in love, not drunk. "You had both of the genes inside of you already." Jacob explained, it would of course be more detailed when we had the bonfire. Like I said, I never wanted Kayla to phase. The one thing I feared most about this was that there was a chance she might imprint. Or maybe one of the other guys will imprint on her.

"What about Kolden and Marko?" Aiden questioned. I'd seen Blake, Marko's twin brother, already phase. I'd also seen Daniel, Emily and Sam's boy in wolf form too. It wouldn't be too long before Marko and Kolden phased along with them.

"Soon enough they will phase too, and then you all will become a pack with Aiden as the Alpha." Jacob smiled at Aiden who straightened up and looked happy at the thought. I shook my head, men and their oh so joyful guy power.

"What about me than?" Kayla shot a look to Aiden and then looked back and forth between Jacob and me. I looked up at Jacob and arched a brow this was his decision to make, he was reining Alpha.

"You're the Beta of the pack. When Aiden can't be Alpha for whatever reason, you step in and take control." He explained and smiled down at me. I was still his "Awesome Beta" as he liked to call me. Kayla leaned back and crossed her arms, giving Aiden a smug smirk.

"Like we said, when the bonfire is held everything will be explained to you." I told them again; no doubt they had a million or so questions running through their heads.

"Wait, what about the whole heat thing? Does it go away, or will we always have it?" Aiden asked this was a question that could be easily answered right here and now.

"As long as you can shape shift your body temperature will always been one-hundred and eight." Jacob said as both of our kids relaxed back in their seats. I'd have to call up Rachael later and ask about Marko, than I'd need to call Embry about Kolden. This seemed to be a smaller pack than it was before, which was strange because there should be more wolves. Maybe others will join up in a week or so, right now we all needed to focus on making sure Aiden and Kayla were capable of controlling their anger.

"There is one thing though; we both think you two should stay home again tomorrow. We need to make sure that both of you can control your anger since phasing happens through that. No one else can know that the legends we are told are actually true." I explained to the both of them and looked back up at Jacob.

Both Jacob and I caught the small grins on Aiden and Kayla's face. "Oh, that doesn't mean you two won't be doing homework." Jacob said, pulling off his winning smirk. They both groaned and fell back against the couch.

"Now, I think it's time we eat. I hear wolves have a big appetite." Jacob let go of me as I got up and walked over to the kitchen. As I turned to get something from the cabinet I noticed something that shouldn't be here.

"Why in hell is there a huge dent in my breakfast bar?" Aiden and Kayla looked away from me as soon as those words came out of my mouth.

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