A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Steel Cables


We were all sitting around the fire, talking with one another. Tonight was the night where we would all hear the legends of our ancestors again. My Grandpa Billy was going to be telling us the legends again, along with the help of my father.

"Okay, now that everyone is all here, we can begin." Billy started. "We'll begin with the legends. Now, we Quileute's have been a small people from the beginning. And we are a small people still, but we have never disappeared. This is because there has always been magic in our blood. It wasn't always the magic of shape-shifting...that came later. First, we were spirit warriors." Ever since I could actually understand him, I'd never known Billy to speak with such authority. Or, maybe it had always been there and I had never noticed it before now.

"In the beginning, the tribe settled in this harbour and became skilled ship builders and fishermen. But the tribe was small, and the harbour was rich in fish. There were others who coveted our land, and we were too small to hold it. A larger tribe moved against us, and we took to our ships to escape them.

"Kaheleha was not the first spirit warrior, but we do not remember the stories that came before his. We do not remember who was the first to discover this power, or how it had been used before this crisis. Kaheleha was the first great Spirit Chief in our history. In this emergency, Kaheleha used the magic to defend our land." I leaned in closer to hear better. The first time I'd heard the legends, this was my favourite part. Something about the spirit warriors excited me, and the fact that I was now a shape-shifter made that excitement intensify. I listened closely as Billy went on with the legend of how we came to be shape-shifters

"When did you say the girls were coming?" Blake, Marko's twin brother, asked as we all leaned against the wooden rail. It was only five more days until Christmas, and I could only guess where the girls would be right now.

"Kayla called and said they would meet us here at three." I looked back at my phone and saw it was nearly four. One day I would really need to set the alarm clock on her phone so that she would at least be on time.

"Well it's nearly an hour past that time!" Kolden gave an exasperated sigh, pushing himself off the railing and checking his phone.

"They'll show soon, calm down you two." Marko warned from his place beside me. I looked at him and smirked. If they weren't here soon the two of us would most likely be running back to get a pair of clothes for Kolden and Blake. As I was about to call her, I looked up to see Kayla, Nikole and Ava walking towards us. When they go closer, Ava looked up at me and smiled before waving, I looked up to meet her eyes and something happened.

I could see nothing other than her; it felt as if steel cables were connecting me to her. I couldn't bring my eyes from her; I'd never noticed her in the way I was now. She was my description of perfect; I pushed myself up and walked over to her. A breeze blew off from the beach and I saw her shiver in the shirt she was wearing. I looked at the sweater in my hand and was glad I'd brought it, even though I knew I wouldn't have needed it myself. I walked over to her and offered her the sweater.

"You look like you could use it." I said and smiled as she took it and put it on, zipping it up before looking at me. Her dark brown eyes held me in a trance I never wanted to break free of; it was as if Ava was the only thing that mattered right now.

"Aiden!" I heard Kayla shout my name and shook my head. I looked over to her and cocked a brow, what was so important that she needed to take me away from Ava? She had both hands placed on her hips, giving me a steady glare.

"Yeah?" I asked, half dazed from what had just happened.

"I said we need to get back home. Dad said so." What? I looked back at Ava and smirked before forcing myself to move towards Kayla.

"I guess we'll have to hang out after Christmas. See you guys later." Blake nodded towards me and I nodded back. With one last look at Ava, I walked away from the beach with Kayla.

"So, what was that about?" She asked when we were nearing the house. I'd been thinking about Ava this whole time, so I was surprised I'd even heard her.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, trying to pay attention for a least a few minutes. She shook her head, the long brown waves whipping around her face.

"I mean, why were you acting as if you're a blind man who could see again? Seriously, when you saw Ava you went into your own little world." She explained, this time it was my turn to shake my head.

"I don't know. It's...as soon as I looked at her, something just snapped and the only thing holding me there was her. It was if steel cables connected me to her in some unknown way." I was trying to figure out what had happened myself. Whatever it was had happened so fast that I had no time to even think about it. Kayla stopped walking and looked right at me with wide eyes, I turned back to face her and gave her a confused look.

"Didn't dad say something about feeling like that when we imprint on a person?" She said slowly as if she was saying the words were in a foreign language. I thought back to the talk we'd had when we had dinner the day we turned into wolves. I remembered him saying something about how it was a type of irresistible pull that brought us to our soul mates. What I felt at the beach felt like more than just an irresistible pull. My eyes widened in the final realization of what had really happened only a few minutes ago.

"Kayla, I think I just imprinted on Ava." She nodded slowly before we both started to walk again. Ava was my friend, but now...she felt like so much more. I wanted to see her and keep seeing her.

"You better tell mom and dad about this," Kayla interrupted my thoughts. Well, of course I was going to tell them! I didn't know what I was supposed to about this.

"Sure, sure." I said, walking up the steps and unlocking the door.

"You're the Alpha now, where do you want us to patrol?" Blake asked me as him, Kayla, and Kolden stood in the forest. He was right; I was the Alpha of this pack, with Kayla as my Beta, so I better make a decision.

"Kayla and Blake, head west and run the perimeter. Kolden and I will run north and we'll meet back here. If you sense anything, howl and we'll be right there." Kayla and Blake nodded before running off to the west. I looked at Kolden, whose black fur nearly blended in with the darkness. He nodded at me before we began to run north.

Before long, I felt my mind drift away to thoughts of Ava. The way she looked at me when she walked towards me today. The almond shape of her chocolate brown eyes, the way she smiles. Dad had said this would happen, and he would love to hear how right he was. I still couldn't believe I'd imprinted on her, apparently you imprint on the girl who gives you the best chance to create new wolves. Still, I was actually ok with imprinting on Ava she was nice and she was beautiful to me.

"What!" Kolden's thought ran through my head, it was filled with anger. I stopped running; I suddenly remembered how we wolves could hear each other's thoughts.


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